Almost 50 ACT healthcare workers who refused a vaccine will need to be redeployed

Lottie Twyford 2 November 2021 76
Nurse preparing COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine

Almost 50 healthcare workers have been redeployed after refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Forty-seven frontline healthcare workers across the ACT have indicated they will not receive a COVID-19 vaccine and, therefore, are not in compliance with the mandate currently in place.

Canberra Health Services interim CEO Dave Peffer told a select committee into the COVID-19 response yesterday afternoon that 23 of these workers have already been redeployed into non-patient-facing roles.

Speaking at a press briefing this afternoon (2 November), Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Vanessa Johnston said she wasn’t overly concerned about “47 out of several thousands of healthcare workers” refusing the vaccine.

She also said some of these people may only have been granted short-term exemptions, and these may need to be reviewed in six months or so.

For now, the ACT Government has committed to redeploy these workers; however, Dr Johnston said she imagined the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers would eventually be mandated under Work Health and Safety obligations, “for at least certain staff members in some settings”, as other vaccines already are.

As of last Friday, CHS was waiting to confirm the vaccination status of 327 people, but this was quickly whittled down to 60 by Monday.

Under the mandate, healthcare workers were required to provide evidence of the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by Friday, 29 October, and a second dose by Wednesday, 1 December.

Anybody who enters a hospital, a Canberra Health Services facility, hospice or is a patient transport worker is covered by the mandate.

Mr Peffer acknowledged some grey areas, but these are being worked through on an individual basis.

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ACT Chief Health Officer Dr Kerryn Coleman said despite high vaccination coverage of healthcare workers (more than 95 per cent are vaccinated), the impact of the introduction of a COVID case to healthcare settings could be “significant” and so a mandate was deemed necessary.

“We’re also aware that we have some very sick people, and they deserve and expect to be safe when they come into hospital,” Dr Coleman told the committee.

Mr Peffer added Canberra Health Services had an obligation to patients to ensure their safety, and a vaccine mandate had been one way to ensure this.

Dr Coleman said while the ACT had not gone down the same path as other jurisdictions with a widespread vaccine mandate, there are some settings in which the implications of having one or two people unvaccinated are significant.

One of the significant implications for healthcare settings, she explained, was the possibility of a workforce shortage if a positive case was identified.

Mr Peffer said the impacts of a reduced workforce attempting to carry a full load if several people needed to quarantine could negatively impact people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

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The ACT Government has mandated vaccines for disability support workers and teachers who work with children under 12.

The Chief Health Officer said no further industry mandates were being considered at this time.

At a budget estimates hearing two weeks ago, Dr Coleman said the current vaccine mandates are only valid until the public health emergency is stood down.

This comes to an end in mid-November but is expected to be extended by another three months, Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith said yesterday.

Today she said extending it is an “important step … in ensuring measures like isolation and quarantine continue to have effect” and noted the virus will continue to spread through the population despite the Territory’s world-leading vaccination rates.

Ms Stephen-Smith added that while some of the vaccine mandates are flexible, the one for teachers will end at the end of December, and will need to be renewed if it’s decided that it’s necessary next year.

“That’s about recognising that there is likely to be a vaccine available for children under 12 by this time,” she said.

Ms Stephen-Smith flagged once again that legislative amendments to the Public Health Act are underway so it can continue to be used to respond to the pandemic.

Dr Coleman said one consideration would be the lack of a vaccine for under-12s and what happens when domestic and international borders are fully open once more.

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76 Responses to Almost 50 ACT healthcare workers who refused a vaccine will need to be redeployed
franky22 franky22 9:04 am 05 Nov 21

Rosi I bet you wouldn’t be grateful to a healthworker who gave you covid because they were unvaccinated. And Nadia you should go back to school and learn about epistemology ie logic, rationality and sound reasoning instead of watching X Files.

Kent Gawler Kent Gawler 5:20 am 05 Nov 21

It’s crazy. The next thing you know they’ll be mandating that all Action Bus drivers will need to pass a driving test to keep their job…. Wait 🤷‍♂️

Acton Acton 7:45 am 04 Nov 21

It is alarming when workers in the medical profession refuse to take a vaccine for themselves when the rest of us have been told it is safe and beneficial. These people are highly respected and essential medical workers, not rabid antivaxers. So the real question is why are they refusing the vaccine??? Do they know something about it we don’t know? Is the vaccine worse than the disease? We need to know why a significant number of workers in the medical industry would put their own careers at risk rather than take this vaccine. We need honesty, not hysteria, rational analysis, not a moral panic.

    chewy14 chewy14 8:13 am 04 Nov 21

    What you just said is not remotely true.

    A large portion of the healthcare workforce are lowly paid and not highly educated. You aren’t talking generally about experts here.

    As an analogy, I also wouldn’t trust the guy driving my garbage truck to be an expert on best practice waste management technologies either.

    And even then, you are talking about 50 people in the ACT out of thousands. If your claim was true, seems that 99% or so of healthcare workers think that the vaccine is safe and effective.

    Well done on shooting your own argument down.

    Acton Acton 3:22 pm 04 Nov 21

    Tolerance, logic and rational analysis are not your strong points as you so frequently demonstrate in sniping commentaries. Attempting to shut off debate shows a closed mind. It is your assumption that those refusing the vaccine are all lowly paid and uneducated. It is a false assumption that teachers, police officers and others refusing the vaccine are also all lowly paid and uneducated. It is an assumption based on the view that anyone having a different opinion must be wrong or lowly paid or uneducated. They may have a legitimate reason for their reluctance to vaccinate, which I would like to know because my mind is not closed to new facts, alternative views, or the views of minorities. Dismissing the views of any minority, whether it be around the table, in an industry or within a population is arrogance and has dire consequences. Your garbage truck analogy is nonsence because often it is those in frontline positions who first become aware of and report malpractice and corruption.

    chewy14 chewy14 7:51 am 05 Nov 21

    I never said they were all lowly paid and uneducated, reading is clearly not your strong point. But we already knew that.

    Direct quote from me:
    “A large portion of the healthcare workforce are lowly paid and not highly educated”.

    100% true.

    Your claim which I was responding to:

    “These people are highly respected and essential medical workers, not rabid antivaxers”

    Working in an industry does not suddenly give you super powers and make you “highly respected”.

    The facts are that the overwhelming majority of healthcare workers have been vaccinated.

    Yet you want to focus on the tiny minority as if they somehow have some special insight without a shred of evidence to back you up.

    And sorry, my garbage truck analogy is perfectly relevant. Because no, front line staff do not somehow gain extra qualifications or scientific knowledge because of their job. In fact they are often the ones most afflicted by cognitive biases because they can’t see the overall picture or data that’s available and wouldn’t understand it anyway.

    Your mind is closed to new facts because you’re attempting to clutch at straws to find anything to back up your predetermined position rather than objectively looking at facts.

    People like me on the other hand are perfectly open to new evidence and science.

    But sadly for you, all the actual evidence points to the fact that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective.

Clare Carey Clare Carey 5:37 pm 03 Nov 21

Working in healthcare and having a science background and refusing the vax is mind blowing.

    Nada Krstin Nada Krstin 11:44 pm 03 Nov 21

    Clare Carey yes, exactly have you actually asked yourself why the front line medical workers are still hesitant to get this particular covid vaccine option(s)?

    They may have seen or have access to more evidence than the 'scientific' info that is afforded to the rest of us with sanctioned & controlled media access?

    Read that again ... that is what is actually 'mind blowing' ...

Ivan M Peric Ivan M Peric 1:54 pm 03 Nov 21

I thought we where 120% vaccinated?

Linda Stapleton Linda Stapleton 1:36 pm 03 Nov 21

I get to choose what I do re my health. I refuse to judge a health care worker who does the same thing. If they have worked to assist others in times of need, to save lives, to be on the frontlines when I have not been, then who the hell am I to judge them.

Aldith Graves Aldith Graves 11:47 am 03 Nov 21

Haven’t these health workers realised these vaccines & their technologies were 20 or more years in development following on from the SARS, MERS & other outbreaks?

Research on accessing the virus spike & fighting coronaviruses has been ongoing for such a long time - even in Australian universities & medical research institutes.

How fortunate was the world that this important research could be engineered to make COVID19 a less debilitating killer disease.

Carole Ford Carole Ford 4:30 am 03 Nov 21

There are other essential government workers who aren't vaccinated that have been stood down too. Are we taking the mandate a little too far?

Linda Johnston Linda Johnston 10:57 pm 02 Nov 21

or asked to find jobs elsewhere

Lynette Clifton Lynette Clifton 9:05 pm 02 Nov 21

Isn't the ACT supposed to be the intellectual centre of the country??

    Matthew Beale Matthew Beale 9:41 pm 02 Nov 21

    Lynette Clifton we are, and that is why there is such a small subset of people (only 47) eho made a choice not to be vaccinated.

    Out of the many thousand, this would likely represent less than 1%.

    They are free to choose, but unfortunately work on an industry that requires additional safety precautions to protect the severely vunerable.

    Nada Krstin Nada Krstin 11:37 pm 03 Nov 21

    Lynette Clifton haha what has 'supposed' intellect got to prove with current covid vaccine choices, please explain?

    Such a superior attitude - what is 'intellect' anyway - a uni education, having 'common sense' or street smarts or knowing the sharp end of a screwdriver?

    This current covid vaccine has done nothing more than show just how fearful, hateful and discriminatory people can become against each other... (sadly not much has changed from past history)

    If you and your family are vaccinated - then you should feel safe - this being the point of this covid vaccine - right?

Josette Noble Josette Noble 9:00 pm 02 Nov 21

It’s their choice

    Halz Walcott Halz Walcott 9:11 pm 02 Nov 21

    Josette Noble but there are already many mandates for them regarding vaccinations and working in the health profession. It is still their choice to get it or not, their choices have consequences though (as they always have). Don't wanna get Hep B vax, no worries but you can't work in certain health professions.

    Rebecca Kate Rebecca Kate 11:05 pm 02 Nov 21

    Josette Noble yep it is and there’s consequences for these choices!

Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 8:21 pm 02 Nov 21

Bad form.. No to Mandates..

    Halz Walcott Halz Walcott 8:55 pm 02 Nov 21

    Daniel Duncan but there are already many mandates for them regarding vaccinations and working in the health profession. It is still their choice to get it or not, their choices have consequences though (as they always have). Don't wanna get Hep B vax, no worries but you can't work in certain health professions.

    Grant Hunter Grant Hunter 9:03 pm 02 Nov 21

    Stephanie Rushton or stop you passing it on

    Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 12:51 am 03 Nov 21

    Halz I said no Mandates not Vax is bad. please stop conflating the two.

    Halz Walcott Halz Walcott 6:33 am 03 Nov 21

    Daniel Duncan I was talking about the mandate 🤷‍♀️

    Nada Krstin Nada Krstin 10:44 pm 03 Nov 21

    Halz Walcott BIG diff between current covid vaccines (still in clinical trial & why so many diff pharma brands that are accepted in some countries & not others...) and years proven vaccines of Hep B etc (that are globally endorsed) ... and as Daniel mentioned above, point being "I said no Mandates not Vax is bad. please stop conflating the two"

Rosi Pletzer Rosi Pletzer 8:19 pm 02 Nov 21

They are amazing people who have served the community. They haven't changed just because they are taking responsibility for their own medical choices. I'm simply grateful for all they have done and continue to do.

I would continue to be grateful for their service vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Some of the comments say more about the person writing the comment than anything else.

If a sector of the community is labelled it is psychologically easier to discriminate against them. I find it appalling that we can stand by and allow our fellow Australians to be discriminated against, to lose careers, to be treated differently, to be penalised in any way when they commited no crime.

Maybe time to ask ourselves what sort of community we would most like to be a part of?

I would prefer a kind, inclusive, understanding and collaborative one.

    Montana ONeill Montana ONeill 8:36 pm 02 Nov 21

    Rosi Pletzer well said Rosi💙

    Stephanie Rushton Stephanie Rushton 8:59 pm 02 Nov 21

    Rosi Pletzer well said rosi discrimination is not ok in any way shape or form and I refuse to be a part of it.

    Shalini Nestor Shalini Nestor 9:14 pm 02 Nov 21

    Rosi Pletzer yes I fully support the healthcare workers who not only take responsibility for their own health; but the health of their patients, family members and community. I am grateful for them and the other 99.9% of Canberrans.

    Rosi Pletzer Rosi Pletzer 10:18 pm 02 Nov 21

    Shalini Nestor how do you feel about discrimination?

    Shalini Nestor Shalini Nestor 10:20 pm 02 Nov 21

    Rosi Pletzer discrimination is based on things you cannot change; ie your race, your disability… a mandate as a public health measure because we are in a ✨pandemic✨ if you haven’t noticed; is not discrimination. They still have a choice, there are just consequences. And I would seriously question anyone working in healthcare who doesn’t follow evidence based science anyway.

    Rosi Pletzer Rosi Pletzer 11:07 pm 02 Nov 21

    Shalini Nestor discrimination is actually the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people. Yes, we are in unchartered waters in unchartered times with an unchartered vaccine.

    I am grateful that these people have served the public for the past 18 months.

    I won't stand by and allow people to be treated differently when they have committed no crime.

    I have friends who are pilots of many years who have also lost their careers. Teachers who are torn over this mandate.

    It isn't as black and white as many are commenting.

    It seems as though many are speaking as experts, and have opinions as to what others should be doing. Fear seems to be overriding the willingness to try to understand why these educated and obviously caring people are choosing differently.

    And there is a judgemental element that is quite awful to witness.

    I have asked, and have heard some very valid explanations.

    I am truly grateful that I remain open and curious, willing to learn and understand.

    It seems as though you are adamant in your point if view.

    Shalini Nestor Shalini Nestor 11:10 pm 02 Nov 21

    Rosi Pletzer honestly, what’s awful is the sheer amount of privilege in comments like yours. We’ve been so lucky that our government has handled this to minimise death and long COVID complications; and I think you’re forgetting that. So are the people ignoring science, and public health. I think the community deserves people who take their job seriously; and there are already vaccination mandates that have existed for some time. To bring up “discrimination” now just seems like you have a particular agenda.

    Shalini Nestor Shalini Nestor 11:15 pm 02 Nov 21

    Rosi Pletzer also, they are being redeployed they haven’t lost their jobs 🤷🏽‍♀️ they are mitigating the risk of a breakout in a healthcare facility; we should all be thankful that the government is doing a stellar job with that. That’s not discrimination; unless you don’t care if disabled or elderly or really sick patients, or newborn babies are at risk. Who is really being discriminated against then? Don’t they deserve adequate healthcare?

    Rosi Pletzer Rosi Pletzer 11:23 pm 02 Nov 21

    Shalini Nestor my only agenda is to bring understanding and kindness to a situation that seems to have escalated to segregation. And a judgement of people who I think DO indeed take their jobs very seriously.

    I am asking these questions of myself also.

    How and who am I in regards to my fellow Aussies who are hurting, who are being mandated to make a medical choice that they are obviously unwilling to do.

    And they are being called all sorts. Which is simply untrue...selfish, when some of them are the most selfless people I know. Stupid when they are educated and obviously have a perspective born of conscious consideredation.

    So...My agenda is to ask the questions. To let them know in some small way that I appreciate them...vaccine or not.

    Sher Bee Sher Bee 11:30 pm 02 Nov 21

    Rosi Pletzer when someone’s decision can impact on the lives of others it’s going to cause problems. They made a decision, they need to accept the outcome. Perhaps in a few months we will have other options for those who aren’t vaccinated, until then we have to manage as best as possible

    Rosi Pletzer Rosi Pletzer 11:44 pm 02 Nov 21

    Sher Bee I am grateful that in the ACT it is deployment rather than termination of employment.

    I identify as Australian also...not just Canberran.

    Am seriously concerned at the outcomes for these people.

    At what stage do we decide that the outcomes are too severe...And who are we to make that judgement?

    All very weighty questions that I feel are necessary to consider.

    Richelle Spry Richelle Spry 8:35 am 03 Nov 21

    Beautifully said Rozi! ❤ Despite the hype the vaccines are not perfect for everyone. Compassion and empathy is what is needed, not the easy path of dismal, anger and discrimination. ❤

    Linda Stapleton Linda Stapleton 2:43 pm 03 Nov 21

    Rosi Pletzer absolutely... I prefer to know they are covid free than if they are vaccinated or not... this attack mentality when people see the whites of the eyes of those who have not vaccinated is wearing thin. We should not have to explain why we have not taken the vaccine, our medical records are private and these professionals have the right to privacy, just as we do.

    Nada Krstin Nada Krstin 10:36 pm 03 Nov 21

    Shalini Nestor following all the comments...have you actually asked yourself why the front line medical workers are still hesitant to get this particular covid vaccine option(s)?

    They may have seen or have access to more evidence than the 'scientific' info that is afforded to the rest of us with sanctioned & controlled media access?

    Lastly, as you would surely know, the current covid vaccines do NOT actually stop the spread of the virus (whether vaccinated or not), but will only reduce YOUR symptoms if you do contract the virus - so if YOU and your family are vaccinated, you should feel 'safer' - regardless of anyone else's vaccine status - right?

    Please explain why current fully vaccinated people that still test positive and still have to quarantine for 2 weeks? Why?

    How is this 'scientifically' proven vaccine working then? ...and then to enforce medical staff (or anyone else) to receive the vaccine if the results don't differ?

    eg YOU get vaccinated to appease your virus reaction - happy days - and those that won't get vaccinated will take their personal risk of a more severe reaction (incl these medical staff) - but note they cannot hurt your or loved ones, because all you are vaccinated ...

Carin Covid Carin Covid 8:07 pm 02 Nov 21

I’m glad to hear that. How is it that frontline healthcare workers aren’t vaccinated anyway??!! I had the jab before it was mandated for my employment and now I’m glad my vax hesitant co-workers have no choice. Yes, they should be redeployed.

Beth Mansfield Beth Mansfield 7:34 pm 02 Nov 21

I'm not entirely unempathetic, but I don't want unvaccinated people around my heavily disabled loved ones, my toddler, or any cancer patients. Sorry, but it's not worth the risk when the vaccine is so safe and effective.

    Nat Teh Nat Teh 7:39 pm 02 Nov 21

    Beth was ok last year though?

    Beth Mansfield Beth Mansfield 7:50 pm 02 Nov 21

    Nat Teh no it was no OK last year. There was no choice last year. Everyone had to take terrible possibly deadly risks last year. Now we don't and the risk is no longer worth taking.

    Nat Teh Nat Teh 7:53 pm 02 Nov 21

    Beth there was a choice last year, same as there is a choice this year.

    Shalini Nestor Shalini Nestor 8:01 pm 02 Nov 21

    Nat Teh when we had a vaccine? 🤔

    Nat Teh Nat Teh 8:04 pm 02 Nov 21

    Shalini ... what ...

    Robert Azzopardi Robert Azzopardi 8:15 pm 02 Nov 21

    Beth Mansfield so you think that vaccinated people can’t catch or transfer C-19 to your loved ones yea ?

    Shalini Nestor Shalini Nestor 8:16 pm 02 Nov 21

    Nat Teh how is it remotely comparable with last year? When healthcare workers were putting their own health at risk with no protection other than PPE…?

    Nat Teh Nat Teh 8:19 pm 02 Nov 21

    Shalini covid was around last year, vaccines were around last year there were still choices nothing has changed except for the "mandate". They didn't miraculously drop dead last year without using PPE but somehow you think they will this year..... 🥳 science

    Beth Mansfield Beth Mansfield 8:21 pm 02 Nov 21

    Robert Azzopardi nope, but the scientific studies show that the chances of a vaccinated person infecting others is less than a tenth of the chances of an unvaccinated person infecting others. Less then a tenth dude.

    Robert Azzopardi Robert Azzopardi 8:25 pm 02 Nov 21

    Beth Mansfield well I’d like to see a link that … in actual fact the viral load for a vaccinated or unvaccinated person is the same. Therefore they can equal catch or spread.

    Most vaccinated people think they are completely protected .. here’s the bad news, you’re not with this vaccine which is in its clinical trial stage … the vaccinated are the lab rats until the proper vaccine is distributed.

    Robert Azzopardi Robert Azzopardi 8:29 pm 02 Nov 21

    Beth Mansfield there are many articles on this subject (which of course most vaccinated people don’t research as they’ve been told by Premiers that safe) … try this one for starters ..

    Robert Azzopardi Robert Azzopardi 8:31 pm 02 Nov 21

    Beth Mansfield but don’t believe me .. believe all those on FB ..

    .. try this one from the BBC ..

    Jordan Williams Jordan Williams 8:32 pm 02 Nov 21

    Matthew Beale Matthew Beale 9:43 pm 02 Nov 21

    Nat Teh The general COVID-19 vaccination in Australia program began on 22 February 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    So, no. In Australia, vaccinations only started in late February.

    Nat Teh Nat Teh 9:46 pm 02 Nov 21

    Matthew you're right.

    Matthew Beale Matthew Beale 9:50 pm 02 Nov 21

    Nat Teh I freely admit I am not always right but I believe everyone should do a little just to fact check themselves prior to posting what looks less like an opinion and more like a statement.

    I am on the fence about mandates (opinion) as I can definitely understand why, given the risk to these vunerable people are higher.

    The article (statement) states that it is only for the period of the public emergency, which is likely to be extended for a period of 3 months at least.

    Nat Teh Nat Teh 9:57 pm 02 Nov 21

    Matthew the goal posts are constantly moving, I'm not ok with mandates that start a two tiered society, feels like we're going backwards somewhat.

    The other thing that grabbed my attention was get jabbed and you can win $1M, that doesn't scream this is your health at stake, it's just plain weird. It's alot to unpack to be honest, but as I said before if it were my life at stake the doctors or nurses vaccination status wouldn't be of concern to me.

    Cat Tyler Cat Tyler 11:06 pm 02 Nov 21

    Nat Teh as someone working in frontline medicine I’m taking a guess from your wildly ill informed statements that you aren’t employed in the same field?

    Nat Teh Nat Teh 11:08 pm 02 Nov 21

    Cat what part, were nurses dropping ?

    Nat Teh Nat Teh 11:11 pm 02 Nov 21

    Cat and what is it that YOU do exactly

    Cat Tyler Cat Tyler 11:12 pm 02 Nov 21

    Nat Teh well firstly there were no vaccines available to us last year when we were expected to risk the lives of ourselves and our families because some people didn’t believe in Covid and wanted to drink sheep dip instead of getting vaccinated.

    Nat Teh Nat Teh 11:13 pm 02 Nov 21

    I happily accepted i was wrong about that.

    Cat Tyler Cat Tyler 11:17 pm 02 Nov 21

    Nat Teh we call poison control a lot and be like “so this patient watched a joe Rogan podcast and didn’t want to get vaccinated and was advised that shoving a battery up the a$$ would soak up the toxins and I’m like “what surgeon deals with idiots that take medical advice from joe Rogan”?

    Vida Honnêteté Vida Honnêteté 4:58 pm 03 Nov 21

    Beth Mansfield maybe read a peer reviewed source from the LANCET before claiming unsubstantiated bs

Stephanie Rushton Stephanie Rushton 7:10 pm 02 Nov 21

Thank you to all frontline workers for risking their own health unvaccinated last year to save us 💕 you are appreciated and you are and always will be hero’s.

    Nat Teh Nat Teh 7:39 pm 02 Nov 21

    Stephanie I second that 💜

    Cat Tyler Cat Tyler 11:03 pm 02 Nov 21

    Stephanie Rushton and the second that this life saving vaccination was available I was the first to get it because I love my community and want to protect them.

    Stephanie Rushton Stephanie Rushton 5:52 am 03 Nov 21

    Cat Tyler you should also wear your sun cream this summer to protect them. 👏👏👏 and don’t forget your booster or you will be unvaccinated and also carry your umbrella to keep your community dry if it rains. Welll played hero

    Aldith Graves Aldith Graves 11:39 am 03 Nov 21

    Stephanie Rushton never joke about sunscreen..when you’re older you will realise its protective qualities as others suffer skin cancers

    Stephanie Rushton Stephanie Rushton 12:08 pm 03 Nov 21

    Aldith Graves not if you think if you wear yours it protects everyone else around you 🙄

デ スティーブ デ スティーブ 6:37 pm 02 Nov 21

Redeploy all of them to work in Access Canberra. Problem solved.

Carlos Santa Carlos Santa 6:10 pm 02 Nov 21

Covid -19

Shalini Nestor Shalini Nestor 6:08 pm 02 Nov 21

Why would you work in healthcare if you don’t believe in science 😅

    Jon Aqua Jon Aqua 6:09 pm 03 Nov 21

    This kind of science?

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