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Australia’s Verdict

By che - 18 May 2005 30

We’ve probably all heard that we Australians get to decide on Schappa’s verdict tonight, but the Indon court won’t make up their own minds until Friday. But it seems some people have already reached their own verdict and have found the poor buggers at the Indon Embassy in Canberra guilty and are sending in threats according to this ABC story.

If only we had an Australian Embassy in Canberra to send threats to influence all the decisions our courts make.

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Australia’s Verdict
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Samuel Gordon-Stewart 12:14 am 20 May 05

I did see the last few bits of it after turning off some random “Loony animals running a farm whilst stunned by drugs (as were the writers)” nonsense on the ABC.

Mike Munro seemed to struggle with that interview with the family, all they were saying was “She is coming home”.
Then that body language expert…how does somebody analyze body language from 5 seconds of over-edited footage?
That bloody worm thing…”The line stayed the same, so you don’t know what you are thinking”
Then the classic, Today is struggling behind Sunrise in the ratings, so guess where the phone poll results went to…yep, Today. Oddly enough, I heard the results on the 1am news on 2CC, a whole 5 hours before the ratings extravaganza.

And yes, I do sleep, just not enough.


johnboy 10:43 pm 19 May 05

Maelinar – I’m pretty sure I saw the bag of weed, roughly the size of a bodyboard, on top of the board, in the bag, in a picture.

Maybe Schappas bag wasn’t tight. But that doesn’t seem to be the salient issue.

Kerces 7:48 pm 19 May 05

I thought the body board was still in the bag when she got there. And was also under the impression (possibly wrongly — most of my knowledge of this case comes from Hack on jjj) that if it was bagagge handlers, then they probably didn’t intend to send it to Bali at all, it just didn’t manage to get removed at Sydney (?) airport before going on to Bali. And also on Hack the other day they talked to people who’d had their luggage tampered with, including one guy who claimed his jacket which took up most of his bag had disappeared so there was lots of space in his bag.

gingermick 6:54 pm 19 May 05

and hang that slimy Gold Coast “businessman” too!

gingermick 4:34 pm 19 May 05


gingermick 4:34 pm 19 May 05

Stop wafflying and bloody well HANG HER! and her scummy family!

RandomGit 1:31 pm 19 May 05

@Maeliner, you asked why would someone take it out, I answered why. Your reply was non-sequiter to the act of removing the contents of luggage. Anyway, I recall, and confirm, that the drugs were stuffed in front of the bodyboard next to the zip. Your ‘credible’ friend is very wrong.

@Thumper, my assertion is based on personal experience with what goes on with baggage handlers. But yes, that doesn’t and can’t hold much weight for anyone but me and those who know me well enough. But I’ll stick to it nonetheless.

Ralph 1:17 pm 19 May 05

Schapelle’s luggage passed through Sydney airport the same day baggage handlers are alleged to have been involved in smuggling a large quantity of cocaine. This was in the Australian Government’s letter to Indonesia earlier this week.

Who knows what else was on the baggage handlers’ list of to do items that day.

Thumper 12:56 pm 19 May 05

Had to post this, it cracks me up everytime…

“Johnboy’s comments are woefully blind to the deeply political, highly important and often extremely politicised themes surrounding signs and symbols in both Western and non-Western Culture”

Um… yes, right…. Medication dear?


Thumper 12:55 pm 19 May 05


There is no evidence of this in this case. At least I have’nt heard it if it were so.

Possibly in the Bali Nine case, yes.


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