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Australia’s Verdict

By che - 18 May 2005 30

We’ve probably all heard that we Australians get to decide on Schappa’s verdict tonight, but the Indon court won’t make up their own minds until Friday. But it seems some people have already reached their own verdict and have found the poor buggers at the Indon Embassy in Canberra guilty and are sending in threats according to this ABC story.

If only we had an Australian Embassy in Canberra to send threats to influence all the decisions our courts make.

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30 Responses to
Australia’s Verdict
Thumper 11:09 am 19 May 05

That had to be one of the biggest wastes of Television air time I have ever seen.

She may be guilty, she may be innocent, but we don’t even know half the facts except that she had a shitload of dope in her bag when she got searched at Bali.

Whether we agree with the Indon legal and justice system is irrelevant. Whether Ray Martin spruiks away is irrelevant. The whole exercise was irrelevant.

Last night’s fiasco should have been a Schappy telethon to raise funds, it would have been more interesting.

Geez the media pisses me off at times…..

(Disclaimer) I believe that she probably may be innocent. But that is not issue here. The issue here is the blatant commercialisation by Channel Ray of someone’s plight. Not that he and they don’t do it all the time….

So ray says not guilty? Thats really going to sway an Indon judge….


RandomGit 11:00 am 19 May 05

If you are presenting the case that Australian public TV viewers are too fucking stupid to judge truth in commercial media then might I suggest you present Blue Heelers and MacLeouds Daughters in your closing comments. Case in point and that’s the game your honour.

LurkerGal 10:57 am 19 May 05

That add really pissed me off. The whole “You decide” thing. We DON’T get to decide. if we did, she wouldn’t be rotting in an indonesian prison.

And who the fuck are we, the public, to judge anyway!

TV shits me.

RandomGit 10:21 am 19 May 05

Yes, I too spent the evening repelling the forces of The Pig whilst simutaneously preparing to take down The Snake with my catapault and macemen. Stronghold is an old game but still lots of fun. And there is a sequel out!

And I finished the night reading a few more pages from Iron Council while Schappas languished fearfully in a Bali toilet.

che 9:52 am 19 May 05

RG – you’ll be glad to know that half the RIOT team was staying very informed by killing bad guys on the PS2 last night – sorry I have just been reminded we were the bad guys and were just killing anything we could – such destruction has never been seen before

RandomGit 9:16 am 19 May 05

I’m surprised any RiotACT readers tuned in at all…


Ralph 9:04 am 19 May 05

It was a bit crass. They even trotted out Pauline for her opinion.

It did blow a number of myths out of the water, particularly the myth about her having frequent trips overseas.

The Melbourne Uni bloke talking about the Indonesian legal system was informative. He noted there are many avenues of appeal and all of these can consider evidence not previously considered in earlier trials.

Evictor 8:51 am 19 May 05

If she gets off how long till she gets her kit off in Ralph or Penthouse. I give her 3 months.

I can’t believe they saw fit to show that programme last night. And to have those talk show hosts like Mitchell on there banging on about how corrupt and wrong the Indonesian system is was just laughable. These are the same guys who hang shit all over the Australian system on a regular basis for letting people out of jail too early. Cocks the lot of them.

gingermick 7:44 pm 18 May 05

Shoot the bitch! I like her interpreter, but.

vg 5:56 pm 18 May 05

Now, now Ralph. I have never watched TT (in fact wouldn’t know what time its on) and don’t get my ‘speculation’ from the tabloid media.

Her background has a lot to do with the case at hand. The answers to those questions, I’d suggest, have a lot to do with the case. Having spent a lot of time in court rooms I don’t base what I say on pure speculation

Ralph 5:09 pm 18 May 05

I hear Channel Nein is bringing back the worm for their Corby special tonight.

bonfire 4:37 pm 18 May 05

vg – speculation is speculation.

the facts of the case being judged are really all that matter.

did she import the drugs ? is she a dupe ?

everything else has no bearing at all, just serves to titillate the tv watching couch spuds.

Ralph 3:09 pm 18 May 05

Good to hear someone else has been getting their Corby fix from Today Tonight.

You forgot to mention she was also a Tokyo bar girl.

Ron has the hots for her.

vg 2:18 pm 18 May 05

As if what we think really matters in this case.

Suffice to say there are a couple of very important questions that have never been answered with any degree of genuineness by Shappas team:

1) Exactly what is Ron Bakir’s relationship to Schapelle or, more succinctly, what was it before this whole hullabaloo?; and

2) What does she do to sustain a lifestyle that sees frequent trips overseas, particularly to Bali? All that gets stated is that she is a 27yo beauty student.

Those questions, plus some other remarkably unasked questions about her family’s financial background, would possibly throw a whole new light on the press’ newest ‘darling’

Ralph 1:01 pm 18 May 05

Free Schapelle, she’s a good sort.

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