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Bushwalker found

By johnboy - 6 September 2008 30

I’m getting reports in that the missing bushwalker (a 31-year-old Macarthur woman) in Namadgi National Park has been found “alive and well”.

More details as they come to hand.

UPDATED: The ABC report is now online.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks to PlaneGuy for the link. News reports that it’s one Karina Scott who was rescued.

    She was wearing just shorts, a top and a lightweight waterproof jacket and had no sleep for the three nights of below zero temperatures…

    Mr Brewer said Ms Scott was found near the main track, the Nursery Creek Swamp Trail, from where she set out.

    “We understand that she may have been walking off an old map. She may have gone off on a track that was no longer in use,” he said.

    “We think she had been walking in circles for days.”

No compass then?

FURTHER UPDATE: The AFP’s media release on the subject has now made an appearance.


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30 Responses to
Bushwalker found
p1 11:36 am 08 Sep 08

That bit of track does get a little hard to follow these days with the resprouting after the ’03 fires. That said, even without a track there is a limited number of valleys in the area, most of which have tracks in them. In three days she could have walked in almost any direction, found a trail and followed in back to a road. Hell, in three days she could have walked west to the main north-south road through Namadgi. That said, good on her for surviving some nights out alone in the cold!

Thumper 8:09 am 08 Sep 08

It’s easy to navigate by the sun, and even the stars to some degree. If lost in the bush out there in Namadgi, head for the morning sun, you will bump into civilization.

However, it appears that the walking trail had not been maintained and was overgrown with saplings from after the 2003 fires which didn’t help her.

And a tip to anyone thinking of going for a wander around the bush this spring. Take a backpack with warm clothes, water, some food, a compass and matches. It’s not much, but it is enough to keep you alive for a few days. If you get lost, stay where you are, people WILL find you.

Good result this one but it must have been perilously close to being another tragic ending.

ant 11:16 pm 07 Sep 08

Sun’s quite good for that, also.

johnboy 10:56 pm 07 Sep 08

A compass would do that too.

iCanberran 10:55 pm 07 Sep 08

When will people learn to use GPS when bush walking. And it doesn’t have to be one of those $600 specialist bushwalking GPS units. The ones you use in your car are enough to show you nearby roads and places even if the maps don’t cover actual walking trails. It will at least stop you walking in circles of further away from civilisation.

GottaLoveCanberra 11:38 am 07 Sep 08

This would probably explain why I saw South Care fly overhead very early yesterday morning.

shauno 6:06 pm 06 Sep 08

There’s a joke some where about women and map reading im sure lol.

planeguy 5:36 pm 06 Sep 08 has a story here that has more details on how she was found etc….

planeguy 3:17 pm 06 Sep 08

Well this is some good news – I got the feedback from some of the searchers this morning.

Sammy 2:26 pm 06 Sep 08

I would assume she must have been incapacitated, otherwise she would have been able to move into a clearing when Southcare was cruising overhead.

kris 2:10 pm 06 Sep 08

Kind of amazed that someone would get lost in that area if they stuck to the trails. Though people walking alone should be carrying an EPIRB. Never walk alone further from your car without one than you can crawl in case you break your leg.

Deadmandrinking 12:19 pm 06 Sep 08

^ Tim the Yowie Man would know.

Seriously though, it’s good news. Guess it should serve as a reminder to everyone to plan and prepare for long bush-walks like this. Also better to go with someone who’s more familiar with the area if you don’t know it too well.

Sammy 11:13 am 06 Sep 08

Yep, ABC Radio just reported that she has been found and transferred to The Canberra Hospital via Southcare.

There goes my theory of some strange beast from the other world abducting bushwalkers in Namadgi.

ant 11:12 am 06 Sep 08

That’s quite amazing. She must have had some warm gear with her, as the nights this week have been very cold indeed. She’d better go buy a bunch of lottery tickets! Her luck is in.

Thumper 10:57 am 06 Sep 08

She’s currently being assessed by medical staff.

Good result.

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