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Canberra for stoners?

By New Yeah 20 January 2009 151

One of the unofficial and oft-quoted strengths of Canberra is that it has pot, pr0n and fireworks.  I’m not sure how long this idea has been out there (since the liberation brought about by self government, perhaps?) but it seems a bit redundant in 2009. 

The internet appears to have eroded any great advantage that Canberra once had in adult entertainment, although the Fyshwick vendors of NVE and latex are still worth a visit, if just for a laugh.  And the increasingly onerous restrictions on fireworks have blown some of the fun out of the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend.

But what about marijuana?  Does Canberra have the edge over any other part of Australia when it comes to partaking in the ‘erb?  That is, if you can be bothered dragging your inertia-bound lardy arse away from Guitarhero and DVDs of the Mighty Boosh and actually doing something.

Fortunately Canberra’s drug laws still maintain a degree of sensibility:

    AFP officers have the discretion to issue a Simple Cannabis Offence Notice for possession of up to 25gms of dried cannabis, or two cannabis plants (excluding all hydroponically or artificially cultivated cannabis plants) for personal use only

If you can find it and don’t have a Cypress Hill-esque tolerance, then that will be more than enough ganja to get nicely baked.

My list of things to do in Canberra that might be better when stoned include:

    •    Paddleboating on LBG (see the sights, get some exercise and a tan and no one can bug you),
    •    Wandering around the National Museum or National Gallery (staff won’t think too much about it if you walk around slowly staring at the interesting architecture and exhibits),
    •    Walk up to the top of Mount Ainslie, check out the view of the city and see how it resembles and Aboriginal dot painting, and then walk down again,
    •    Watch a cult movie at the Film and Sound Archive (comfy seats and cool flicks),
    •    Eat a schnitzel inside a tram at the Dickson Tradies,
    •    Roll down the green grass on the roof of Parliament House, and
    •    At the end of the day, grab a cold beer at the Phoenix.

Naturally, I don’t recommend doing anything illegal or dangerous, like operating heavy machinery, driving a car or donating blood.

What do you feel that Canberra has to offer the discerning weed smoker?  If you want to blaze up, then what could you do here that might be enhanced by some good ol’ THC?  Or does Canberra have nothing for stoners and they should all bugger off to Nimbin?

What’s Your opinion?

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151 Responses to
Canberra for stoners?
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New Yeah 10:17 pm 22 Jan 09

As the author of this thread, I feel a modicum of responsibility to distill its somewhat wayward discussion and find an answer my original questions, in particular If you want to blaze up, then what could you do here that might be enhanced by some good ol’ THC

Laser zone
Balloon trip
Let off fireworks and watch pr0n
Go to Namadagi
Jamo slides
Chill by the river
Video yourself doing parkour outside ye olde Toast
Watch old school Jim Carrey movies (not Canberra specific, but I too am a big fan of his golden era)
Argue with idiots on RiotACT (or even just read the damn thing – it can be very strange)
Know when enough is enough

Do not do
Pay too much attention to Google Scholar physicians
Buy spiked weed
Lose your sense of humour

Peace out peeps, big ups to those who knew what I was on about and joined in.

dexi 5:19 pm 22 Jan 09

Fair enough. Never buy your shit from junkies and you will be fine.

Roadrage77 5:18 pm 22 Jan 09

peterh said :

p1 said :

Why would you spike weed? That seems crazy, kinda like spiking vodka?

some dealers do it to get the customer “hooked” on their particular varieties. they lace the weed with another additive to increase the “buzz” or High that you will receive. Some types of lace are deadly, dependent on the interaction with the human system. oleander is one. The dealer expects the user to only ingest a small amount, but in the event of a dutch oven in a car or room, the amount of the laced smoke increases dramatically.

Lace is also used to wean a hard core user off weed and onto a more powerful drug. The dealer knows that the cost of this other substance is far greater and will net them more profit.

ROFL!!!!!!!! Don’t believe everything you see on Today Tonight Pete. The “gateway drug” argument is weaker than American beer.

But to get back on the original topic, I was always a big fan of sucking down a few spliffs, splashing in some Clear Eyes (how awesome is that stuff?!) before absolutely raping the salad bar at Sizzler. My favourite item was probably the potato skins but like Kirstie Alley I had a massive soft spot for the pasta as well. But then some goody goody hygeine inspector went and shattered our dreams. Goddamn flatliners; like salmonella ever hurt anyone. The logical thing to do after filling up at Sizzler was to stroll to the nearby cinema. This era happened to coincide with Jim Carrey being in his prime. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t watched “Dumb & Dumber” whilst bent. Not quite the calibre of Peterh’s comedy, but not much is.

“That John Denver’s full of $hit man.”

peterh 5:06 pm 22 Jan 09

dexi said :

What a load of crap Peterh. You been smoking the whacky weed in PB porche.

You ####### #####

dexi, i have agreed with you in the past. i have agreed regarding the homeless and the unemployed population, and that there just isn’t enough done to help the people in this situation. i agree with your comments on the mentally ill people left to fend for themselves.

BUT, you are so off base on lacing. i have seen guys smoke leaf, bud and tip with white specks on it, it was soaked in trank (horse tranquiliser). I have seen people smoking it with a funny oily sheen on the bud, which gave off a funny smell, so it wasn’t oil. The dealer eventually got them onto smoking the dragon. Not going to elaborate.

i have seen the world of canberra and adelaide through different eyes.

bourbon buds were a favorite here in canberra for a while. used to be able to buy them in civic flats, and burnie court.

vodka buds aren’t as nice, apparently.

there are several places that were active over 5 years ago in this kind of practice. I don’t associate with the people who did it anymore, but that is geography and because i don’t want to. (I Don’t)

NoAddedMSG 4:18 pm 22 Jan 09

Beserk Keyboard Warrior said :

Journals are generally rubbish, and I’m saying this as an academic. They’re just written by people trying to make a name for themselves in a particular field, hence the sensationalised angles. Real researchers don’t need their name lit up like Times Square.

Perhaps the most hilarious wrong thing I have read today. “Real researchers” know that research which is not communicated to the world might as well have never been done, and usually peer-reviewed journals are the most appropriate way of getting your results out there. There is no point in all the secrets of the world being worked out and then stashed away in some notebook somewhere never to see the light of day.

justbands 4:05 pm 22 Jan 09

> Actually, it’s “pedanticism”

bAHHAHAHA! Post Of The Day. 🙂

Pommy bastard 4:04 pm 22 Jan 09

Actually, it’s “pedanticism”

sepi 3:59 pm 22 Jan 09

Not enough pot smoking leads to incurable pedantism.

PBO 3:48 pm 22 Jan 09

P.S. Weed is not a gateway drug, Peers are.

Pommy bastard 3:48 pm 22 Jan 09

sepi said :

Many academics have to publish a certain number of journal articles a year to keep their jobs.

So not every journal article is groundbreaking research.

That’s probably why no one has claimed that “every journal article is groundbreaking research.”

PBO 3:46 pm 22 Jan 09

Whilst spiking weed is not a very common practice, it does happen. A big thing in the states at the moment is soaking it in Formaldehyde and then smoking it. However, it will kill you if you do it regularly. Not one dealer i have ever met would consider doing such a thing because who wants dead clients? They dont come back next friday for more and tend to stop spending money when they die. And lacing is just not cost effective because it does not work most of the time (Fire changes chemicals).

If i theoretically bought the devils lettuce and found that it was not up to scratch, i would just get it elsewhere. I personally think that if a dealer was doing that they would not stay in business very long as word gets around very fast.

This was “pot”entially a funny thread that a few people took too seriously (Dont drink gin and read RA).


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