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Carbon Neutral Election Campaign

By BeyondThought - 11 September 2007 38

Reading the post on the Sustainable Cities Forum I saw that Troy Williams, the Liberal dude in Fraser, announced that his campaign was to be carbon neutral. I checked online and can’t find a precident anywhere, is this a first?

I was surprised it was a Liberal and also that I haven’t read about it elsewhere.

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Carbon Neutral Election Campaign
caf 3:13 pm 11 Sep 07

The reason for those all those lakes isn’t primarily “scenery and beauty”, it’s to catch and settle building runoff. Notice how they’re always created in an area right before it’s started to be developed?

Maelinar 2:49 pm 11 Sep 07

again, canberra (er, and the rest of the nation) is still struggling for water. – what dimension are you on ?

I’ll give this one to you slowly.

I F C A N B E R R A H A D A N Y M O R E W A T E R I N I T, W E W O U L D A L L D R O W N.

Do you live and work in a cave ?

There is MASSES of water in Canberra. I can’t begin to count the amount of lakes we have for the sole purpose of scenery and beauty.

Anybody informing you that there is a water shortage in Canberra might want to look out a nearby window sometime.

Mr Evil 2:49 pm 11 Sep 07

The ACT Greens – proudly brought to you by the CFMEU for a greener Australia.

Roland GRNS 1:34 pm 11 Sep 07

Re the forum on the weekend, the ACT Greens Climate friendly approach.

The ACT Greens are addressing the greenhouse gas impact of the ACT’s part of the federal election campaign through “Climate Friendly”.

Kerrie was not aware where we had got to on picking a scheme, but explained t she does personally. which incudes offsetting her own tarvel, catching busses and cyling… even in the campaign.

ACT Greens will offset carbon generation regarding all campaign activities of campaign staff, all four candidates, printed material, forums and events and will get the impact of our campaign audited.

The Australian Greens similarly cover national activities including travel costs relating to national meetings.

It is our view that offset schemes – when well directed -are worthwhile; but using recycled paper, sourcing renewable, low emission energy and minimising activity that generates high levels of emissions, would make a difference.


Ralph 1:31 pm 11 Sep 07

Just another religious ritual for superstitious greens.

Looks like Troy has been captured as well.

Send me money and I’ll offset all your evil carbon footprints.

GreenTrees 1:17 pm 11 Sep 07

josh, williams has good form on sustainability issues, including both global warming and water insofar as buildings are concerned. i went to the sustainable population forum on saturday and he wiped the floor, making lundy, tucker and the democrat (whose name i forget) look silly by mouthing their rehersed one-liners.

asp, i heard the radio interview and he is planning to do exactly all of what you said. it’s a lot more than anybody else has said they will, including the greens. he doesn’t need to “panic” about the election, he’s up against the alp’s mcmullen who could die and still win the seat and behaves like it too.

it looks as if he slipped in under the liberal’s radar and isn’t the typical tory git we are used to.

josh 1:00 pm 11 Sep 07

Mr Evil,

it’s about much more than that.. it’s about the fuzzy feeling you get, while still ruining so much more of the environment than just global warming.

again, canberra (er, and the rest of the nation) is still struggling for water. planes are still using leaded petrols. cars are still churning out all sorts of chemicals. but! the carbon is offset, so it’s happy days..!

it’s funny, though.. it’s like people bashing oprah for her charity work. we’re sitting here being grumpy that someone’s doing *something* good for once – they could just as easily do nothing at all.. you know?

asp 12:47 pm 11 Sep 07

“I was surprised it was a Liberal”

Not me. They’re panicing. They’re grand leader is old and unpopular and they face utter defeat in the election. This is just a desperate and quite meaningless stunt. What’s he going to do? Plant enough trees to offset the energy used by the print shop to make his stickers and brochures? More trees to offset his photocopying, computer and vehicle usage? If he means business, lets see him vow to make his time as an MP if elected, Carbon Neutral. With all the photocopying, computer usage and air/vehicle travel MPs do, that would make a difference and take long term commitment.

Mr Evil 11:46 am 11 Sep 07

This whole carbon neutral thing is just another excuse to continue to contribute to the global warming problem, whilst getting a warm, fuzzy feeling that you aren’t part of the problem.

It’s akin to thinking it’s okay to waste paper, as long as you recycle it at the end.

Maelinar 11:17 am 11 Sep 07

Good on him. Taking responsibility for one’s own carbon load is akin to recognising that GLOBAL WARMING is a REAL THREAT. And from a Liberal ?

Tut-Tut. They’ll be signing up to Kyoto next.

Deano 11:03 am 11 Sep 07

So how is he going to counteract all of the hot air coming out of his month over the next few months. That’ll have a bigger global warming impact than anything else.

Mr Evil 10:23 am 11 Sep 07

The TaMS staff are probably the ones posting the Union stickers – after they have removed the Troy Williams ones. 🙂

Nemo 9:49 am 11 Sep 07

unlike the union stickers which still disgrace every pole in belconnen.

Gungahlin Al 9:31 am 11 Sep 07

Wonder if it includes compensation for the TaMS staff going around everywhere cleaning Troy Williams stickers off the back of every street sign in Canberra?

josh 9:23 am 11 Sep 07

because carbon neutrality is the most important issue to canberra, and all.

don’t worry at all about the dire need for more water in the dams at all, or (i’m nigh on certain of) all the paper (and thus chemicals in ink) wasted on flyers delivered to thousands of homes.

as long as the carbon is offset by planting some trees, we’ll all sleep a little easier at night.

(fyi, i’m quite opposed to the facade of carbon neutrality as any kinda of solution. it’s a start, sure, but it seems the easy option to divert any interest away from more current, short term issues)

imo, that is the exact reason it’s a liberal politician doing it. smoke and mirrors, ladies.

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