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Federal Election today

By JD114 24 November 2007 98

I read in a paper somewhere recently that Australians are going to have a federal election this Saturday. Has anyone else this rumour and can it be substantiated?

If it’s true then a canny analyst would have to assume with a healthy economy and summer on the way the current government will be a shoo-in. I mean, with things going so well across the board, who would change the status quo? (And no I don’t mean look for another album)

[Ed. dont forget to vote]

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Federal Election today
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Thumper 1:08 pm 29 Nov 07

Huge job…

And poles apart as well.

pierce 1:06 pm 29 Nov 07

Education and I.R – that’s a surprise. Big job.

Thumper 12:59 pm 29 Nov 07


Dept of Education and Industrial Affairs

MelonHead 12:38 pm 29 Nov 07

Today’s photo opportunity (well, one of many today, really) may have been the large pantechnicon (“truck” for some of us) reversed up to the Liberal Party HQ in downtown Barton this morning. What were they loading, or unloading? How much shredding has gone on for the last few days? So many questions, so few answers..

Thumper 12:34 pm 29 Nov 07

From the SMH

Mr Rudd is believed to have dropped Laurie Ferguson, Kate Lundy, Jan McLucas, Kerry O’Brien, Arch Bevis and one other from the frontbench.

In their place, he has appointed ALP national president John Faulkner, former NSW minister Bob Debus, Kate Ellis, Justine Elliot, Warren Snowdon and Brendan O’Connor, Labor sources say.

Federal-state relations spokesman Bob McMullan is the sixth frontbencher to be dropped, sources confirmed.

Thumper 12:23 pm 29 Nov 07

yeah, I will admit the whole election turned into a bit of a fizzer, kind of like a prolonged advertisement campaign.

i’ll see if I can finds the words online some where…

Either way, interesting times.

pierce 12:12 pm 29 Nov 07

Yeah, I watched the whole thing Thumper and I don’t remember that – I do remember being a little bored and feeling like he was still on the campaign trail though (and also thinking that some dental work mightn’t go astray)

Thumper 11:55 am 29 Nov 07

Well I’m positive that is what I heard….

Maybe Garrett didn’t say that everything will change after the election as well….

graemeh 11:43 am 29 Nov 07

“What was said during the campaign and what happens in government are two different things.”
Kevin Rudd, Tuesday’s ABC 7.30 Report (Thumper 10.51 am

I’ve just been through the transcript again – can’t find any sign of K Rudd having said this!

Mr Evil 11:25 am 29 Nov 07

Garrett for a loose cannon? Oh, that’s right, he already holds that position within the Labor cabinet!

sepi 11:22 am 29 Nov 07

combet and mckew to be parlt. secretaries.

Thumper 10:51 am 29 Nov 07

“What was said during the campaign and what happens in government are two different things.”
Kevin Rudd, Tuesday’s ABC 7.30 Report 

Interesting start for the preppy boy.

Time will tell.

Gillard seems quite rational, intelligent and sensible thus far.

Anyone have any hints on the make up of the front bench?

sepi 10:39 am 29 Nov 07

Gillard has done a fair bit of media and has impressed me so far.

Big Dave’s opinion last value when he started commenting on her looks.

BigDave 8:59 am 29 Nov 07

Like I said, let’s see how you all feel in a couple of years time. I guarantee you’ll be describing Gillard and Labor as a whole bunch of idiots.

ant 9:28 pm 27 Nov 07

So far, Gillard has offered no evidence of being an idiot. She has presented overwhelming evidence of being intelligent, committed and also, incidentally, female. People are faster to bash a female, for some reason. Where’s all the opprobrium being heaped on, for instance, Wayne Swan? Does anyone remember who the deputy PM was when Howard was elected?

Cameron 3:02 pm 27 Nov 07

I should add to my previous post.

“…having a different viewpoint and ideology to yourself doesn’t make a person an idiot…” – JD114

Just the same as someone having an identical viewpoint to yours doesn’t necessarily make them rational.

None of us KNOW Gillard. She may well be an idiot, or she might be rational. People are making judgements about her based on balancing what they have judged against their values.

The entire RA community is based on opinion. BigDave didn’t pass his comment off as fact any more than you did yours.

Cameron 2:54 pm 27 Nov 07

“Julia Gillard has proven to be a steady rational and thoughtful spokesperson for fairer industrial relations, and there is no suggestion that in doing so she has in any way qualified as an idiot…” – JD114

Now THAT is a baseless statement.


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