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I don’t want to lose my licence.

By necrocelia - 15 February 2009 163

I got booked in Yass just after new years going +15km/h over the speed limit. Fair enough, but i can’t believe the copper didn’t pull over the 4wd porsche going the same speed next to me, which had tinted windows and probably 6 tonnes of coke and pills. I also felt like the biggest asshole too because the 400 people I overtook got to see me cry and probably all felt so smug about themselves.

But anyway, at the time i was told that i’d just have to pay the $243 fine and i wouldn’t lose any demerit points because I had an ACT licence and got booked in NSW and for some reason the demerit points don’t get carried over. Which is good because it was double demerit points at the time.

I was happy until now when I just opened a letter from the NSW government telling me that my fine is overdue (not anymore) and that the offence carries 6 demerit points. I’m still on my P’s.. so if this letter from the government isn’t lying to me then i’ve lost my licence for 6 months AND THAT SUCKS A BIG FAT

Driving is the only alone time I have and its my favourite part of the day. Is there anything I can do?

[ED – Commenters are reminded that the poster here is young and also a long time reader, so let’s try and stay constructive with our suggestions?]

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163 Responses to
I don’t want to lose my licence.
vg 4:42 pm 15 Feb 09

“Is there anything I can do?”


Actually I am wrong, there is something you can do. Lighten your lead foot. Its not bad luck, its bad driving

old canberran 4:32 pm 15 Feb 09

I know of several NSW residents that have been fined in the ACT and their NSW driving records are still spotless.

I am looking at an ACT infringement notice addressed to me for allegedly exceeding the speed limit on the Monaro Highway between Mugga Lane and Isabella drive back in December. I was driving a NSW car and I have an NSW licence. I am attempting to get some leniency as I have a 54 year unblemished ACT driving record.
The form clearly states the penalty is $223 and 3 demerit points.

Necrocelia, all I can say is bad luck, you got caught same as I did. You probably didn’t know that around Xmas and New Year the penalties in NSW are double demerit points in an attempt to get people to not do what you did ie speed.

zig 4:22 pm 15 Feb 09

I got booked for speeding the week after getting my P’s and lost 3 of my 6 points. The week before 3 guys from St Eddies died on Hindmarsh drive about the same place that I got booked. I never thought I’d make the 3 years with so few points left but I did because from that initial wake-up call I didn’t speed.

I don’t think you have any other option but to take this one on the chin and lose your licence for the set period. btw I thought it was only a 3 month suspension not 6 months.

Gerry-Built 4:15 pm 15 Feb 09

Copper might have pulled you up *because* you are on your ‘P’s… maybe thought you could learn something from your mistake… The 2 mistakes I was pulled up for one bad weekend when I was newly licensed (just before Ps introduced) certainly taught me not to speed… It just *isn’t* worth the risk (and I’m *not* talking about the $$$).

You can probably appeal the loss of license (or ask the courts for a restricted one to drive to work etc), or like most drivers that lose their license, drive without one and take the risk…

gun street girl 4:08 pm 15 Feb 09

Ta, fribibb – my mistake. I do know of ACT p-platers who’ve been pulled over by NSW cops for breaking the speeding rules applicable to NSW p-platers, but most got off with a stern word once the cops ascertained they weren’t on NSW licenses.

Tooks 4:07 pm 15 Feb 09

Actually, forget that last bit. I re-read your post and saw the ‘+’ before the 15.

Tooks 4:06 pm 15 Feb 09

You could write in and ask for leniency, but you probably won’t be successful.

By the way, if the fine is $243, then you were going more than 15kmh over the limit I would’ve thought?

fribibb 4:03 pm 15 Feb 09

@ gun street girl:
NSW red P Platers have a 90km/h limit, its L’s that are 80 (Green P’s are 100)
– Though if ‘necrocelia’ is on a ACT license it shouldn’t matter, as its not relevant to his/her license.

Also, from experience I’ve been pulled up in NSW and done for 15-30 over the limit, and a few months after I’d paid the fine I was in a govt shopfront and asked how many points I had left, and it appeared I hadn’t lost ANY points. I’ve also heard of this being the case for an ACT resident booked in QLD. But I’m still not officially sure if they could carry the points over or whether there are just a lot of stuff ups πŸ™‚

I’d be interested to hear what the official word is if you do find out…

Danman 3:53 pm 15 Feb 09

Just like fishing, you don’t always catch the biggest fish eh ?

deezagood 3:46 pm 15 Feb 09

Necrocelia, you could try to fight this or you could say ‘well, I am an inexperienced ‘P’ plate driver, who passed ‘400 people’ and drove well over the speed limit and yet didn’t kill/hurt either myself or anybody else. Maybe, just maybe, you are one of the lucky ones …

gun street girl 3:46 pm 15 Feb 09

Were you booked going 15+ over the posted speed limit, or going 15+ over 80km/hr? NSW red p-platers are meant to have an 80km/hr limit, regardless of posted signs (arguably stupid on open roads). Green platers can’t exceed 90km/hr, I think. As an ACT p-plater, I don’t believe you are governed by that rule, so you could contest the charge if that were the case.

If, however, you were pinged doing 15+ over the posted limit, you might just have to wear it. I know you’ve probably heard it ad nauseum already, but truly – please slow down. Those of us at the front line really don’t like scraping young people off the roads and watching them die needlessly.

Granny 3:44 pm 15 Feb 09

I think it does take a while to learn that driving is actually a privilege not a right and to treat it as something very precious like gold or diamonds. It’s too valuable to be thrown away.

Hopefully you will not lose the points and you can benefit from the lesson without experiencing the pain. If worst comes to worst, you may be able to plead your case to a judge. I’m really not sure how the system works, though.

LlamaFrog 3:43 pm 15 Feb 09

so sad.

Morgan 3:04 pm 15 Feb 09

I understood that the points were carried over they just took longer. Ring Canberra Connect and ask them.

But seriously, you do the crime you do the time.

Sgt.Bungers 2:59 pm 15 Feb 09

If you’ve paid the fine, that’s all you’ve got to do. Once the fine has been paid the information about your offence will be sent to the ACT Motor Registry, and it is up to the ACT public servants if the 6 points will be added to your licence or not. The majority of the time it wont happen. In fact there’ll most likely be no record of the offence ever listed on your ACT driving record.

I know of several NSW residents that have been fined in the ACT and their NSW driving records are still spotless.

If the ACT Gov does decide to follow it up, you’ll get a letter from them notifying you that you’ve used all your available demerit points, and your suspension is X months.

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