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Man killed in car accident on Barry Drive

By H1NG0 - 21 January 2008 26

According to ABC news, a 71 year old man died in a car accident on Barry Drive late this morning causing serious traffic disruptions. A 70 year old woman is also recovering in hospital.

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26 Responses to
Man killed in car accident on Barry Drive
howdy 10:11 am 22 Jan 08

First hand account : ( The man died of a heart attack whilst driving and his wife grabbed the wheel to drive them off the road and avoid hitting anyone else.

Best wishes to his wife, lovely woman.

howdy 9:18 am 22 Jan 08

Actually what was odd is that I’ve been to that page three times and that story has been edited three times. The first time mentioned a woman with kids driving behind them who tried to help but could do nothing. They cut that out for whatever reason, along with the ‘police quote’. The third time the quote is now back in.

I think this also suggests – Don’t trust everything you read : )

howdy 9:14 am 22 Jan 08

Maybe the ABC just grabbed the quote from another story, or it was just a general statement (by that officer) that the media use when there’s an accident. We would hope the Police are doing more for us then talking to the media all day no?

It’s not really an in depth story and it looks like the ABC were struggling to pad it out a bit.

hk0reduck 9:12 am 22 Jan 08

It could’ve been a lot worse, it occured right near the bus-stop on Barry Drive that is very popular with ANU/surrounding residents.

hingo 8:40 am 22 Jan 08

I also saw the Police put their little spin on this crash. Its really pathetic. World Champion driver Denny Hulme suffered a heart attack on Mt Panorama while driving in the Bathurst 1000 and even a driver of his skill couldn’t keep the car on the track, what chance did this poor bloke have?

Thumper 8:28 am 22 Jan 08

This appears to be nothing more than an unfortunate tragedy at an inappropriate time.

Condolences to the family and hopefully the injured part recovers.

Very sad….

cranky 7:48 am 22 Jan 08

The gentleman’s driving appeared to have nothing to do with this event.

As noted above, witnesses were describing what looked to be a medical emergency prior to the car leaving the road.

My annoyance is the Police then subtly attributing the result to poor driving.

My nature, number of eyes open and ability or otherwise to drive like Brock similarly have nothing to do with it.

DJ 4:12 am 22 Jan 08

A tragic accident, I hope the family get the support they will need.

It looks like the message Police were passing on is that driving is inherently dangerous and regardless of the time of day or the weather conditions the unexpected can and does occure.

Cranky, I’m not sure what’s annoying about this kind of message – something about your nature? If more P plate drivers took notice of the statistics as opposed to being annoyed like you then perhaps a few tragedies could be avoided? No doubt some of the hardliners that believe that they can drive like Peter Brock clamped up after his accident… does it take the death of a loved one or an Aussie icon to cause you to open both eyes?

ant 11:58 pm 21 Jan 08

What a rotten way to go, and for the lady also. A real shame.

cranky 11:02 pm 21 Jan 08

I realise the Plod are doing their best to minimise death/injury/accidents on the road, but when every ‘accident’, as in this case, is treated as an opportunity to berate drivers for their perceived faults, it becomes both annoying and self defeating.

My sincere condolences to the family.

jaydee 10:45 pm 21 Jan 08

On one of the news services witnesses said that the man seemed to be clutching his chest immediately before the accident and his wife was trying to grab the steering wheel. So it sounds as though he might have had a heart attack which then caused the accident.

hingo 9:42 pm 21 Jan 08

Watched on the news tonight. Appears as though the car has veered off the road and hit a tree near the university. At least that’s where it looked like on the TV. Why the car suddenly veered off is a mystery, maybe he had a heart attack or something.

Speaking of Barry Drive, I have always found one part of it incredibly dangerous. As you head uphill to Belconnen from Civic, the road takes a slightly off-camber left turn. The left hand side of the road is at an elevated level to the right and a car could quite easily lose it and cross the gravel/dirt median strip literally flying into oncoming traffic. They need to extend the dividing fence to cover the whole corner.

Thats my two cents

astrojax 9:30 pm 21 Jan 08

i saw lights and units as i turned off clunies ross up towards belco; what happened?

Deadmandrinking 6:27 pm 21 Jan 08

Saw the aftermath from the bus after 12 sometime. Looked pretty bad. Poor bloke.

howdy 5:45 pm 21 Jan 08

Ah Shite.

Condolences to their family : (

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