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No small special fried rice in Canberra?

By justjbhere - 23 August 2011 47

I am a single bloke who loves chinese food but for some reason all the restaurants/takeaway/home delivery places do not make a small special fried rice. 

They only make a small fried rice. 

If you want special fried rice you have to buy the large one. 

Does anyone know of any places around Woden that have small special fried rice?

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
No small special fried rice in Canberra?
Thumper 7:21 pm 23 Aug 11

Real Men order large everythings. It’s a scientifically proven fact.

I have a BAppScience. I studied anthropology and archaeology. I can confirm that you are correct.

Martlark 6:53 pm 23 Aug 11

Get married or adopt some starving kids. Then your food will match your family.

enrique 6:45 pm 23 Aug 11

chow said :

I think Sun Doo in Duffy might but don’t quote me on it.

What, like that ^^^

Best way to find out if they do… drink all the beer in your fridge, then ring up a taxi and ask them to go and order it for you, while it’s cooking get them to pick you up another six pack and then drive the lot to your place! Tell the taxi driver he can have half the rice and one of your beers if the take away only does large.

Special fried rice tastes better when it’s delivered with beer by taxi.

Jivrashia 6:15 pm 23 Aug 11

Excuse me Rioters, metrosexual male coming through…

OP should MTFU and get himself a wok, an apron, and a cookbook.

Welcome to 2011.

Ryan 6:13 pm 23 Aug 11

OP’s name is “justjbhere”

My theory? Johnboy in disguise.

madamcholet 5:52 pm 23 Aug 11

Make your own…it’s not hard, and will save on all the plastic packaging you must accrue. Might even save you money in the long run.

Buy a freezer and freeze the other half?

Holden Caulfield 5:13 pm 23 Aug 11

Best. RA. Post. Ever.

what_the 5:01 pm 23 Aug 11

Chinese Kitchen next to Nando’s

Primal 5:00 pm 23 Aug 11

Real Men order large everythings. It’s a scientifically proven fact.

steveu 4:48 pm 23 Aug 11

cook shops does. Free delivery over a certain $ I think

Chop71 4:46 pm 23 Aug 11


whoodzzz 4:29 pm 23 Aug 11

man up and eat more imo.

gooterz 4:20 pm 23 Aug 11

Rice is good for you, just get a large and eat the rest the next day?

My guess is that its hard to make things in small sizes, theres alot of things to go in for only a small serve.

Some might suggest to find a Mrs Justjbhere, but thats very much more expensive!

pibloktoq 4:10 pm 23 Aug 11


chow 4:07 pm 23 Aug 11

I think Sun Doo in Duffy might but don’t quote me on it. They are worth going to for the authentic Australia Chinese food. No one does a better deep fried roast duck covered with sweet and sour sauce.

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