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Social standing and public sector work

By v1ru5 - 28 September 2008 42

Is there some social divide going on here that I’m not aware of?

Last week I had 3 separate shop assistants complain to me that the rude person served before me expected special treatment because he/she was in the public service.

After one of these, the public service worker started spouting off names (‘I work for Senator Blahblah…). They then blocked me from view with their body whilst their colleagues emptied the outside eating area with their cigar smoking. I guess the thing that annoyed me the most about that person is listening to them butcher some of the better parts of the English language in an attempt to sound smart.

Now I’m not from this state. I work with the public service here, but have found them to be generally as inept as back in QLD. Back home, working for the public service is more of a ‘job for life’ thing than a ‘holy crap I’m awesome’ thing.

By what standards do these retards think that they’re good? Is it just the assistants to the politicians?


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42 Responses to
Social standing and public sector work
Aurelius 5:19 pm 28 Sep 08

I’m surprised anyone skites about being a PS or working at the big house in this town. I mean, it’s frakken Canberra! *Everyone* works for someone we’ve all heard of. Who gives a flying f**k? Some people though are too full of themselves.
I’ve worked for a senior pollie, and it was made very clear to myself and my colleagues to keep our mouths shut about anything we heard or saw at work.

New Yeah 4:48 pm 28 Sep 08

It doesn’t take too long for most people in the APS to realize that they aren’t all that and that there is a whole town of silly servants just like them.

As suggested, probably a Ministerial advisor or, just possibly, a grad or APS noob who doesn’t quite know yet that most normal people just don’t give a stuff.

There are plenty of places and social circles in town where public servants are quite reticent to mention their occupation.

bubzie 4:13 pm 28 Sep 08

ick, yeah..i’ve had it happen as well, good old retail..

really, i dont really give a toss if you work for so-and-so. just stop being an asshole to me!

jakez 4:03 pm 28 Sep 08

Shannski said :

He even tried telling me he paid my wage, and I worked for him. A few harsh words said with care put him in his place.

I think it’s a bit rich for someone whose pay comes from taxpayer funds telling somebody else that they ‘pay your wage’.

What a douchebag.

GottaLoveCanberra 2:36 pm 28 Sep 08

Hahaha, it’s not just limited to the PS. It’s shown by anyone who seems to earn a lot of dosh.

Money doesn’t make the man.

Davo111 2:17 pm 28 Sep 08

I would just offer them a cookie (sarcastic tone) if they pulled out the ‘i work in the PS, therefore i deserve special treatment’ rant.


SamTSeppo said :

Pull out your phonecamera, snap a picture of them, and tell them you’re glad they reported who they worked for, so that you can send their boss a photo of a public employee acting like a total douchebag. Smile sweetly the entire time you do this.

Shannski 2:08 pm 28 Sep 08

When Brendan Nelson was minister of Defence, I use to deal with his office alot…

His PA was a right ol’ bastard, Tried pulling the “Do you know who I am?/Who I work for?” I told him on many occasions, Yes i know, but I dont care, He even tried telling me he paid my wage, and I worked for him. A few harsh words said with care put him in his place.

I-filed 1:03 pm 28 Sep 08

Just feel sorry for them. They get yelled at by their minister, and made to suck up sh*t all the time. They attempt to take it out on public servants – and the senior pubes just bite back these days and protect their staff, knowing that the Rudd Government isn’t in good shape. Many of the young ministerial advisers are either barely-skilled neophytes, or due to the cutbacks in ministerial staff numbers are so overworked they can’t function well. If they’re kicking shop assistants around, that means the Labor advisers are not managing to kick anyone around of any hierarchical note!

v1ru5 12:36 pm 28 Sep 08

Yeah I think you guys must be right…. it may just be ministerial staff.

I don’t know why they are so full of themselves though… the work sucks, the hours are bad and the pay is crappy.

I guess that ‘white trash’ comment above really is the truth of it with some of these people.

Morgan 10:49 am 28 Sep 08

I wouldn’t want to broadcast I was an overpaid secretary…

SamTSeppo 10:44 am 28 Sep 08

Pull out your phonecamera, snap a picture of them, and tell them you’re glad they reported who they worked for, so that you can send their boss a photo of a public employee acting like a total douchebag. Smile sweetly the entire time you do this.

johnboy 10:31 am 28 Sep 08

Indeed, carry on like that and you end up eating a lot of spit.

Bundybear 10:18 am 28 Sep 08

Daughter works in the local cab call centre, and she’s made comment a number of times about noobs at the big house demanding priority service with an attached “Don’t you know who I am? / who I work for?” style rider. Not pubes, sounds more like highly placed ministerial staff.

Being trained in appropriate behaviour by an honorable father, she would never push such an arrogant a***hole repeatedly to the end of the queue, but she COULD!! That’s what these bottom feeders don’t get, the “little” people can be very punishing to people who attempt to lord it over them.

miz 10:07 am 28 Sep 08

Not a public servant if they work for a Senator – that would probably make them an ‘advisor’, which is a political position contracted directly to (eg) a Minister/Senator. Therefore, they do not have to abide by the PS code of conduct.

It would be most unusual for a PS to carry on in the way described above, given the ‘shiny bum’ kind of flak public servants are usually subjected to. And mostly they have to keep their mouths shut for confidentiality reasons.

However I abhor people name dropping to get some kind of advantage – it totally removes the goodwill from any transaction when a working person is treated as a ‘personal slave’. If you recall the Senator’s name, I suggest you call their office and make a complaint, which should be treated seriously.

ant 9:03 am 28 Sep 08

I’ve not really noticed it, to be honest. However, in past dealings with some ministerial staff (NOT public servants, direct employees of the members) I was astonished at their arrogance (and ineptitude… kiddies if you want something special done for your boss, don’t antagonise the people who’ll be doing it). however, I must say that in recent years, and with the change of gov’t, pretty well all of them were very professional. But as the new gov’t and its people get comfortable, maybe that’s changing?

However, you just can’t write off what these sales assistants are experiencing, and it’s noteable that in their position, they are often seen as being at the bottom of the heap. I wonder if that is bringing out a bit of extra arrogance not usually seen? My view is that people who behave like this are the equivalent of white trash, people with no class who take any opportunity (and they don’t get many) to lord it over someone whom they perceive to be lower on the scale than they.

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