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Staffies and Kelpies leading the turnover at the RSPCA

By johnboy - 5 January 2009 75

My own “Rescue Kelpie” is snoring at my feet as I type (a rescue kelpie does not rescue anything, but rather is rescued), he’s doing an improving line in fetching the ball but otherwise remains of few achievements.

Today the RSPCA has released its statistics on what dogs make up most of their business.

Staffies and Kelpies are notable for heading the lists.

Michael Linke is keen to note that the RSPCA in the ACT has the best rate of finding homes for dogs in the country.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dexi for sending in a picture of their staffy for the purpose of discussion.

Also Bloodnut has YouTubed video of his obedient stafford (he’s keen on the distinction) Persi.


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75 Responses to
Staffies and Kelpies leading the turnover at the RSPCA
baueran 8:28 pm 05 Jan 09

Staffies are a bogan’s best mate.

che 7:39 pm 05 Jan 09

Get a staffy and a kelpie, they work great together.
The staffy teaches the kelpie how to relax and be lazy, and the kelpie maintains the staffy’s health.

deezagood 7:22 pm 05 Jan 09

Whoops, I should have said ‘adopted’, not ‘rescued’ … the dog had already been rescued by the wonderful RSPCA!

deezagood 7:14 pm 05 Jan 09

We rescued a kelpie/border collie/blue heeler cross from the RSPCA last year and everyone said we were just crazy to have a mixed up little sheep/farm dog in our suburban back yard … but she is the BEST dog ever, super-smart, fun, non-destructive, healthy and absolutely gorgeous. I think all of my future dogs will be kelpie crosses.

Granny 6:37 pm 05 Jan 09

My sister-in-law has just gotten a border collie pup, after trialling several different breeds to find what would best suit the diverse needs of her family.

The dog is gorgeous, and successfully graduated from ‘puppy preschool’ where apparently the owners are trained while the pups get to play and have fun.

Recently, however, due to complaints from the local Margaret, she hired a dog specialist to help her solve the barking issue.

It turned out the dog wasn’t recognising any of them as the pack leader or ‘alpha dog’ and they have all been taught to say “BAAAH!!” very loudly when the dog misbehaves.

What a wonderful word, “Bah” is! I have tried it on the children, and it doesn’t work nearly as well. Nevertheless, my sister-in-law is determined to help me become an ‘alpha dog’ in the family. The bullwhip might help!

I can’t imagine anyone abandoning a border collie. If I were to get another dog, I would definitely consider this breed, although usually we have always had little shelties.

peterh 5:16 pm 05 Jan 09

ant said :

No one dumps chihuauas, although they do leave home in disgust if it’s not up to their standards.

i am leaving that alone. at least a chihuahua is bigger than a quail….

ant 5:13 pm 05 Jan 09

No one dumps chihuauas, although they do leave home in disgust if it’s not up to their standards.

johnboy 5:01 pm 05 Jan 09

There’s no yard in the world that will keep George in if he’s left alone.

After discovering his ability to use static lines to destroy plants, and to tie exciting knots with long leashes, he now just sleeps on the bed inside the house doing no damage at all.

Everyone’s happier this way.

peterh 4:58 pm 05 Jan 09

we used to clip a totem tennis ball to the wire on the hills hoist. our blue heeler kelpie cross would chase it around and around and around. she loved it.

she was a great dog. but walking her was always a handful. she loved chasing magpies.

grunge_hippy 4:53 pm 05 Jan 09

i have a kelpie x with a scotch collie (lassie dog) with a very small backyard, and almost 15 months on, she is beginning to settle down, but will still chew everything in sight. We have very often thought it was unfair to have her in such a small yard, and i do know she barks alot when we are away at times, but this is mainly to our busy life, we just dont spend enough time with her. she is beautiful with my 3 y.o little GH can basically throw herself on her and she doesnt care, but will jump on any other visitors… she just wants to be loved… she is a great dog overall, but she has been a handful.

my tip, if you want a kelpie, be prepared to do lots of training, take lots of walks (which we dont, which isnt good!!) and have a reasonable yard with a garden that you dont really care about!!! (she digs alot too!)

H1NG0 4:00 pm 05 Jan 09

I had a Border Collie as a kid and it was a fantastic backyard pet. We got him from the RSPCA. They require training to get the most out of them but to say they need a farm isn’t quite correct. Provided that you keep them company, and give them excercise, they are great yard pets.

The Brad 3:50 pm 05 Jan 09

Border collies are fantastic pets, great companions, and love company.
They are also highly neurotic, (often terrified during thunderstorms),high maintentance and require heaps of exercise.
They make fantastic farm dogs, but terrible yard dogs, unless you have a fence that will stop them jumping out.

My $0.02.

H1NG0 3:13 pm 05 Jan 09

Oh and to add to that, to avoid offending anyone, I’m not saying Staffies are a bad dog, I know someone who has an awesome staffie. As for Kelpies, they are a great dog. When I give up this renting business and get myself a proper house, I’ll consider one.

H1NG0 3:11 pm 05 Jan 09

Aren’t Staffies the dog of choice for bogans wanting that “hard-arse” image? Usually with a metal link chain as a leash.

peterh 3:08 pm 05 Jan 09

i know of a lady who locally helps out in the rescue of abandoned dogs, she mentioned recently that there seems to be a larger number of border collies as well. bit of a surprise, collies aren’t a bad animal, though neither are kelpies or staffies. I donate money to both the RSPCA and another group, but we are a dog free home, the boys are allergic to dogs.

well done JB for saving a kelpie, they are really great friends.

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