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The Hammer Falls on Comments

By che - 12 May 2005 27

Thanks to mong_on aka random_wanker you must now log on to comment.

For some reason mong-on is a vociferous and incessant supporter of Aidan Bruford as well as being passionately against the iraq war?

JB – Whomever could be waging an obnoxious and anti-social anti-war campaign and also feel so passionately that Mr. Bruford was hard done by? Hmmm? Someone also stupid enough to think he can’t get caught and obviously wouldn’t know an IP number from his arsehole? Any of this sounding familiar? But hey, we can add to the list no basic sense of decency as he tried to steal Bonfire’s identity.

Means are ends in the making, you unpleasant moron. (To quote Nehru)

For the rest of you I’m deeply saddened it’s come to this. We had considered this possibility (we’re not as stupid as some people think we are). We had decided to keep it easy to post until such time as the lack of authentication was abused. Today the scum of the earth arrived and we reacted pretty quickly.

Every time you curse having to log in when it’s inconvenient you know who to to blame.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
The Hammer Falls on Comments
atnas 10:14 am 13 May 05

You are the one with red hair, you inbred wanker.

Thumper 8:20 am 13 May 05

Oh no,

I’ve forgotten my password again…

gingermick 4:54 pm 12 May 05

Atnas – mong-on’s and random-wanker’s love child? Shudder.

RandomGit 3:55 pm 12 May 05

As long as there is text (it defaults to whats in your profile which defaults to ‘http://’) it will pop it in link code, thus making it blue. Change it in your profile.

Canberra_unsung_hero 3:50 pm 12 May 05

I’d love to say I’m a hero atnas, but I’m actually an UNSUNG hero.

bonfire 3:45 pm 12 May 05

i must be!

bonfire 3:45 pm 12 May 05

am i logged on ?

Canberra_unsung_hero 3:45 pm 12 May 05

I’m confused !

LurkerGal 3:44 pm 12 May 05

I don’t put a URL in either, yet I am still blue. Perhaps I am special!

atnas 3:39 pm 12 May 05

I dont put my URL in, therefore I am black name Mr Hero.

Canberra_unsung_hero 3:34 pm 12 May 05

How did atnas manage to log in ? The name is not blue !

LurkerGal 3:13 pm 12 May 05

3 cheers for Che!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re the Blue: Most people who just type in a name don’t do the URL bit….. But yes, you are correct. Dammit.

Canberra_unsung_hero 3:12 pm 12 May 05

Yes, like my link for example.

RandomGit 3:10 pm 12 May 05

LG, the blue means you have a clickable site reference.

atnas 3:05 pm 12 May 05

So, therefore naughy anon’s cannot have a spray?

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