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Transformational art….

Skidbladnir 9 January 2009 9

There are these big grey boxes beside the road around town, I think they are high voltage transformers or something, but when left in their standard “boring grey box” form, they attract run-of-the-mill taggers, need to be cleaned, and then attract the taggers all over again.

But occasionally, there are examples where some bright spark has had the time and inclination to do something different with one, like this example from just outside the Weston Creek Irish Club.

The first two photos are of the standard grey box, and then three sides of the one outside the Irish Club.

Can anyone else give the location (or better yet, photos) of other examples of where the power transformer has become worthwhile street art?

(Slideshow below)


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9 Responses to Transformational art….
hrazor hrazor 10:45 pm 10 Jan 09

In QLD the council pays graffiti artists to paint these boring grey boxes & telephone poles, (they just have to submit what they would like to paint on them for approval) maybe we should look into something like this.
But sadly they till end up being tagged in the end, oh well they look good when they are 1st done

Danman Danman 5:38 pm 10 Jan 09

Apparently the people who were paid to do this by the government were close friends of the person in the department responsible for selecting “Contractors”.

I have it on first class information that there were several parties and individuals around Canberra who were interested in contributing to this project, however, being close personal friends with the employee in the department responsible for allocating a contractor(or contracters) seems to have paid dividends and as a result, all funds and opportunities were allocated to a very select minority.

This is quite evident on the northside where a lot of them are not even of any form or object or shape, but just colours and scribbles.

None the less, better than looking at grey dull powerboxes eh ?

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 4:13 pm 10 Jan 09

Not a tranformer box but the toilet block at Lyneham netball courts has some colourul (not in a bad way) graffiti on it. The walls of the Dickson pool have some interesting art/graffiti too.

willo willo 9:30 pm 09 Jan 09

there are several of these boxes in charnwood that have been similarly painted……i know one of the guys who does it and he and his mate are paid by the act government to do so…..

bubzie bubzie 8:46 pm 09 Jan 09

there’s one in southlands, opposite the public toilets/where the garden shop used to be, that looks exactly like this one..

kevn kevn 8:43 pm 09 Jan 09

The little one on the corner of Drakeford Drive and Summerland Cct in Kambah is great. Its a Taj Mahal that continues along all three faces that you can see from the road, so depending on the angle you look at it from, the box edge looks flat, if that makes sense. I looked on google street view, but it doesn’t do it justice.

Granny Granny 8:24 pm 09 Jan 09

Sounds like the artist had quite a mischievous sense of humour …. I will have to have a closer look!

luther_bendross luther_bendross 8:18 pm 09 Jan 09

Those bugs at the bus stop on Cowper St are very strange… why are there two ladybugs boinking?

Then across at the pool there is a car rear-ending another with an elderly lady at the wheel, and another car where the driver is a horse wearing what seems to be an army uniform. Oh, and a magpie swooping a dude on a pushie.

But to actually respond to the post, the sheds surrounding the baseball pitch near Ainslie Schnitzel Club have some great (seemingly sanctioned) graffiti that (disappointingly) get tagged every so often. Damn hooligans.

Granny Granny 7:12 pm 09 Jan 09

Wow, it makes such a difference, doesn’t it? Is there one in Dickson? I know there are a lot of bugs painted on walls along Cowper St.

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