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MsCheeky 7 March 2012 18

Following on from my story about finding lost dogs…

I handed the dogs into the RSPCA.

They ascertained the owner through their microchips, then they knocked on their door, rang on their bell, and tapped on their window too. All to no avail. The owner did not respond to the RSPCA’s efforts to contact them, so after the statutory period, they were officially classified as surrendered.

To cut a long story short, the old boy, going on twelve and the younger but not young girl, going on nine, couldn’t be rehomed together.

Rather than separate the dogs, I’ve taken them both in and given them a retirement home. After a good cleanup and with some ongoing geriatric veterinary care, I think Feral and Cheryl can now look forward to a few good years.

They’ve settled into my place as if they’ve lived there all their lives and seem to be happy and comfortable. Thanks to everyone who cares.

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18 Responses to Update to Found dogs my dilemma
candelabra candelabra 1:34 am 10 Mar 12

That made me so happy to read that after who knows what kind of care and life these dogs have had they have found themselves somewhere to finally call home 😀

Thanks for being one of the good ones.

RSPCA_Comms RSPCA_Comms 5:22 pm 08 Mar 12

We at RSPCA appreciate your thanks MsCheeky, and we thank you in return for opening your home to Feral and Cheryl. This is a fantastic outcome, and we wish you all the best.

I can assure you that Shauna and Irene will see this post.

Kind regards,


Watson Watson 11:16 am 08 Mar 12


Sounds like you have got yourself some foster failures. 😉

Good luck with the new family members.

poetix poetix 10:26 am 08 Mar 12

You have chosen such wonderful names for the dogs too!

steveu steveu 10:15 am 08 Mar 12

Shame on the owners.

Good on you though, gold star. Im sure these dogs will bring you happiness. And agee with the karma credits comments as well.

Well done. 🙂

vet111 vet111 9:38 am 08 Mar 12

You’re an awesome person MsCheeky, good on you!

MsCheeky MsCheeky 9:30 am 08 Mar 12

I’m a bit of a technophobe, so a pic is a bit beyond me and my technology. But it was remiss of me to not also send my thanks to the RSPCA generally and Shauna and Irene particularly (I know you’re reading this!), for the fantastic care of the dogs while they were there and for just being ace human beings overall in caring about the future of these dogs, as well as all the other animals in their care.

JazzyJess JazzyJess 9:15 am 08 Mar 12

Hats off to you MsCheeky. Good karma credits heading your way.

loosebrown loosebrown 8:50 am 08 Mar 12


colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 8:08 am 08 Mar 12

You are awesome.

EvanJames EvanJames 11:30 pm 07 Mar 12

I-filed said :

I think Riot-Act should award a special one-off Anti-Mully this month for your amazing spirit and niceness! Bravissima!

+1. Definitely. Massive class act.

shauno shauno 10:22 pm 07 Mar 12

Thats a great effort

I-filed I-filed 8:30 pm 07 Mar 12

I think Riot-Act should award a special one-off Anti-Mully this month for your amazing spirit and niceness! Bravissima!

mad_kiwi mad_kiwi 8:03 pm 07 Mar 12

that is an excellent result, thanks..

amarooresident3 amarooresident3 7:38 pm 07 Mar 12

Good for you. It’s a fair commitment to take on old dogs.

Love the names by the way!

ivyclimbsalot ivyclimbsalot 7:25 pm 07 Mar 12

well done! thanks for the update.

toriness toriness 6:48 pm 07 Mar 12

you have a massive positive karma credit now. you obviously have a big heart – unlike the ugly hole in the chests of the previous owners. the dogs are a million times better off with you and i’m sure they’ll repay your kindness with doggy love 🙂

threepaws threepaws 6:37 pm 07 Mar 12

I like you 🙂

Wishing you much happiness with your new companions

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