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When is the Bus Due?

By che 9 May 2005 10

Steve Prattt has this piece on the new Real Time Information system for ACTION busses and sprays on about the cost, but come on Steve, everyone wants to know how far away their bus is, don’t they?

“In the view of the Government when the next bushfire disaster hits,
at least we will have real time information on hand in order to know
exactly when to catch the bus to flee the fires.

“That’s if the real time information systems are still working, and if
they haven’t been vandalised because there is a shortage of police to
deter property vandals.

“At a time when we have a shortage of police, nurses, and an urgent
need for improvements to ageing ACT infrastructure such as
streetlights and footpaths, and much needed additional reforms to
public housing, we see the Government throwing money at the wrong areas.

What’s Your opinion?

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When is the Bus Due?
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8:32 am 10 May 05

Samuel. it is very easy all you need is a sender in the bus and a receiver in the lights controller. The programme will then give the bus priority.Been using it in Germany for 30 years

Thumper 8:26 am 10 May 05

Talking buses?

Hi, this Eddie, you on board ship computer! Have a nice day!


Samuel Gordon-Stewart 6:48 pm 09 May 05

Whoops, I forgot to say one thing. Canberra and GPS timed buses don’t mix…especially when you don’t know when the traffic lights are changing, when there will be people getting on and off the bus…


Samuel Gordon-Stewart 6:47 pm 09 May 05

Just before the election both major parties had a different idea about buses. Labor wanted talking bus stops that tell you how far away the bus is. Liberal wanted buses immune to traffic lights.
Looks like Labor won that battle…at least I can be annoyed at a talking bus stop telling me that I just missed the bus. Both ideas are odd, but I prefer talking bus stops to buses immune to traffic lights? how would they have managed that…give them wings???


Kerces 5:17 pm 09 May 05

$6.8 million.
As the UC student association found out at their recent press conference,if you’re going to talk figures to a journalist, at least get those figures right.
That way you’re entitled to complain when the journo stuffs them up.

David_Heidelberg 3:26 pm 09 May 05

I’d prefer money to the homeless too Oskar, however, I think that the very strong Senior Citizen lobby may be behind this one though.

Thumper 3:21 pm 09 May 05

There was a $10 million commitment in the recent election towrds public housing. The government has been strangely silent about that.

Oskar 3:03 pm 09 May 05

Is it worth 7.x million to know how soon a bus will arrive
I’d much rather see the money housing homeless

bonfire 2:47 pm 09 May 05

ive seen this system working on the trams in melbourne but the way that buses twist around canberra streets im not sure exactly how it will accurately report times here.

mr pratt does need an editor to check his press releases before he hits send.

Thumper 1:33 pm 09 May 05

Sometimes you really have to wonder about Steve Pratt, even if he has a valid point, especially when he says things like this,

“In the view of the Government when the next bushfire disaster hits, at least we will have real time information on hand in order to know
exactly when to catch the bus to flee the fires.”

How petty and stupid.

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