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Where to go for tyres?

By creative_canberran - 1 April 2009 59

I’ve heard stories, both good and bad, about a variety of tyre places in Canberra.

Indeed, I’ve had less than stellar experiences with a couple of these places who delivered the car back in worse shape than when it went in.

So Rioters, where the bast place to get tyres on a car in the capital?

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
Where to go for tyres?
Smudge 7:55 pm 01 Apr 09

Here’s a second vote for Jax at Tuggeranong. Went in to get a slow leak fixed, they replaced a dodgy valve and charged me nix. Very polite to boot.

Ryan 7:40 pm 01 Apr 09

wasn’t impressed with Goodyear (think its ex Discount Tyres) on Lonsdale St. Tried to upsell me to three new tyres when i only needed one.

Holden Caulfield 7:22 pm 01 Apr 09

Just goes to show what an odd world we live in. I’ve had good service from Bob Jane Fyshwick in the past and poor service/advice from Pat’s (especially Mitchell).

frank2112 7:18 pm 01 Apr 09

Pat’s Tyres in fyshwick. I don’t go anywhere else. I have some weird sized tyres on my car and they have no problems getting them for me and at a reasonable price. Plus they do the job without any issues or damage.

Went to Northwest tyres once and never again.

Bob Jane is just a joke.

ant 6:56 pm 01 Apr 09

It’s good to hear so many other happy Northwest customers. They were good to deal with, and it’s a nice pared-back operation. The bloke did what he said he’d do, and in the time frame. And knocked a bit off the original quote, too. I’ll use them again. Happily.

creative_canberran 6:52 pm 01 Apr 09

Worn and used tyres? I don’t know, seems like a huge risk to me. Side walls could be damaged, steel belts worn, a whole heaps of structural things under the surface and unless you check the age of the tyre (shown on the side), you could be driving on old ones that aren’t even legal anymore. You might be getting a bargain paying $80 but you may end up paying if a tyre fails doing 110km on the Hume Hwy.

Primal 6:43 pm 01 Apr 09

Kmart Tyre and Auto Service, Manuka. Good service, good prices, bonus points for being within walking distance of my office.

mother of many 6:24 pm 01 Apr 09

Northwest Tyres!

They source their tyres from Germany – Germans change their tyres every season, and export to a number of countries the million or so barely used ones.

They have excellent mid-range tyres for around half the price of the cheapest low-end range new tyres.

They also are really, really fast – on the spot tyre changes, but you may have to book for a wheel alignment. And never a leer or exploitative chick-extra in sight.

mad_kiwi 5:48 pm 01 Apr 09

+1 for Northwest tyres
if you know what you want, you can get good rubber there. Around 5-15% worn, at a fraction of retail price. I got 2 16″ michelins @$80 ea fitted, they retail $350-400 ea

ant 5:33 pm 01 Apr 09

Reprobate said :

Bob Jane Fyshwick … pretty vanilla experience.

You were lucky. There was only one tyre place on my list to avoid this time around.

montana 5:32 pm 01 Apr 09

doesnt matter where you go in canberra, be prepared to get the lube ready.

well worth the drive to sydney to get a new set of tyres, the prices are that much cheaper.

Reprobate 5:19 pm 01 Apr 09

Yet to find a tyre dealer in Canberra worth going back to time and again – these days I mostly shop on price once I’ve decided on what brand and model of tyre I want. However, I do keep using Woden Tyre and Exhaust for wheel alignments as I’ve yet to have a bad one from them – which is more than can be said of a certain suspension chain who are full of bull. However WTE don’t have the wide choice of tyres that say Bob Jane has.

As a general summary over the last 10 years or so:
Bob Jane Fyshwick and Belco, Jax Quickfit, Kmart Tyre and Auto – ok service, generally always good prices, pretty vanilla experience.
GoodYear Tyre and Auto (was Discount tyres) – push their preferred brands hard, don’t expect much variation from GoodYear/Dunlop/Sava/Blue Streak choices (btw all of these brands are now made offshore in cheap labour countries except for the top range GoodYears and Dunlops). Similar to Beurepaires.
Pats/Tyres and more – havn’t considered them since 1998 when I booked in for 4 new tyres, turned up and they had 1 in stock, had to ask if another branch had them to get them that day, then before I left for the other store the grunt fitter broke a wheel stud – had to replace it myself. Never again.
Bridgestone – good prices on their brands but ultimately limited choices, had a couple of instances of “other work needed immediately” that was just not so and ordinary alignments.
Tyrepower Tugg and Qbn – not bad service but not as slick as the big boys.

Igglepiggle 5:18 pm 01 Apr 09

Have had numerous great experiences with Jax in Tuggeranong. Never been “chick quoted” there either- just professional, quick helpful service. Would not hesitate to recommend them.

ant 5:17 pm 01 Apr 09

Buying tyres is a total leap of faith. You can’t test them, often you can’t even SEE them before they’re on your car. Most of the people you deal with in the tyre places can tell you what’s available in your wheel size, how much it costs, and might even have a picture of the tread for you. But they can’t tell you how the tyre will perform ie will it bag out under hard cornering etc?

I bought my car’s 3rd set of tyres last week. I got 2 second hand ones, and 2 new chinese ones! Shocking. But you see, when I got my 2nd set, years ago, I did all the research and shopped around, and still got so badly burned I thought what the hell.

and the outcome? The set on now drives SO much better than the ones I got burned on. They grip, they corner. Perfect. Haven’t felt that in years. and they cost so much less.

I did a lot of phone shopping around, but in the end went with a recommendation to try Northwest tyres, in Wollongong st. (they have a website). It’s a funny operation, the bloke gets tyres imported from europe, asia and the middle east. Some are quite worn, others are in great condition. Two I got still have the little bristles on the side, $100 each for 4WD tyres.

But the thing is, the bloke invites you to come into the racks and actually look at the tyres, and choose the ones you want. They’re quick, and put the tyres on while you watch. And he sourced a couple of newies for me for the front, and I’m happy with them.

I was up for almost a grand to get the new retail normal tyres, got out of this for $500 (tyres, and disposal fee), and I’m very happy with what I’m driving on. Huge improvement.

Holden Caulfield 5:10 pm 01 Apr 09

In my experience, getting tyres fitted and having damage to the car is pot luck.

I have found the Beaurepaires in Braddon and Fyshwick to be okay though. Also the Goodyear place on Maryborough Street (if it is still there, and not to be confused with the ex-Discount Tyre Service outlets which now have Goodyear branding as well).

Actually, Goodyear might be having one of their 25% off sales at the moment. Or more strictly, 4 tyres for the price of 3.

What sort of car do you have, and what do you want from your tyres (ie. grip, long lasting etc).

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