Where to go for tyres?

creative_canberran 1 April 2009 59

I’ve heard stories, both good and bad, about a variety of tyre places in Canberra.

Indeed, I’ve had less than stellar experiences with a couple of these places who delivered the car back in worse shape than when it went in.

So Rioters, where the bast place to get tyres on a car in the capital?

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59 Responses to Where to go for tyres?
azn310 azn310 9:46 pm 20 Mar 14

Just an update for this thread. I had a somewhat neutral experience with Northwest tyres. The 2 tires I bought were indeed the cheapest in Canberra, with 2/3 of life left. Yokohama A.drive. So I am happy with that.

On the downside, I asked for a wheel alignment as well and when the car came out, the steering wheel was crooked (tilted) about 5-8 degrees to the left when I drive straight. Took it back, the bloke said he was busy but will look at it the next day. I live far away so I didn’t bother coming back. After a couple thousand km, I feel that the bloke did an ok job on alignment, maybe he just didn’t keep the wheel spot on when he was doing it.

Another downside, I came home to discover the inner sidewall of one tire is damaged. Like the tire has been scraped on curb. Good thing they turned that to the inner side so if I hit the curb again, it won’t pop on me. A little bit frustrated since it was for my gf’s car.

So for anyone looking to try Northwest tyres out, make sure you bring a good flash light and tire depth gauge when you come. It is dark in there so without a flash light, you won’t know what you are getting. Check both sides of the tires and also the inside. Tire depth gauge is for measuring to see whats left of the tire, so you can work out its value. And.. probably best to not get alignment there.

Overall, I would come to these guys for another bargain, but when that time comes, I will be smarter customer 😉

SamNikro SamNikro 11:38 am 29 Sep 11

Hey, Frank 2112, it’s Sam Nikro from Northwest Tyres here.

I just stumbled across this conversation and am very sad that you have had such a bad experience with us.

We have been around for more than a decade and I am proud to say that most of our business is repeat customers. We now have several generations of families coming. I love that.

I started NorthWest tyres with a simple goal – provide the cheapest tyres in Canberra without sacrificing quality. It’s important to me that everyone is able to afford good tyres.

So, mate, I really only wanted to say that I am so sorry that you had a bad experience.

Please contact me and let me convince you to give us another go. I promise that we will look after you and have you on the best set of tyres at the best price.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:21 pm 19 Sep 10

I picked up some tyres from Goodyear Autocare Belconnen on the weekend. They were really good. The guy fitting my wheels/tyres made sure he didn’t go crazy with the rattle gun and even tightened up the wheels manually at the end with a torque wrench.

With Goodyear’s current 25% off sale (exp 25 Sep IIRC) it is now a good time to be buying tyres if you need them!

ex-vectis ex-vectis 9:24 am 24 Aug 10

Well, there we are. A nice new set of boots on the car.

I went to Jax in Phillip in the end. Partly due to comments here, partly due to closeness and partly due to reviews elsewhere.

Overall rating for JaxQuickfit in Phillip; 8.5 ot of 10.

Mostly spoke to ‘Andrew’ who was friendly, professional and helpful.

I’d originally wanted Pirelli P7’s, but he said that they wern’t available in Australia in my size (205/60R15). Well, I wasn’t having that as I was – while on the phone to him – looking at a Pirelli website that listed ‘205/60R15 91V’ tyres. And I told him such. But, fair play to the guy, rather than just argue he went off and checked and said that I couldn’t get ’em ‘maybe [I] was looking at a non-Australia pirelli website’. Sure enough, 100% to Andrew, I was looking at a US website.

So I was give a few alternatives, a couple of Pirelli (P4 & P6) and the Michellin XM1+’s. So I researched these (partly because I’m a sad geek and partly because I value my life!) and decided on the XM1+’s. They had to order them in, but let me know as soon as they arrived and all was sweet, quick, professional and I’m very happy.

My only negative is they push the ‘Nitogen’ thing. As far as I can tell Nitrogen is for racing cars, heavy lorries and aircraft – for standard passenger cars, dry compressed air is just as good.

So, a general thumbs up for Jax in Phillip. That’s not to say that the other recommendations here were not equally as good (or even better!), thats just my experience of where I went.

Thanks all! RA rocks again 🙂

PBO PBO 1:41 pm 18 Aug 10

fgzk said :

JAX Qiuckfit Colbee crt phillip. First recommended by my mechanic. Great bunch of people. Good price, great advice.

Have to agree 100%, these are a great bunch of guys who work hard and earn their pay. I have alway gotten great service (including last time I went with a hangover that would have killed a small child) and the prices are very reasonable.

If you want mechanical work done I also recommend City Automotive in Belco, very honest, very fairly priced and reliable.

fgzk fgzk 12:21 pm 18 Aug 10

JAX Qiuckfit Colbee crt phillip. First recommended by my mechanic. Great bunch of people. Good price, great advice.

el el 11:33 am 18 Aug 10

ex-vectis said :

el, what do you mean ‘decent alighnment’? The wheels are either alighned or the’re not.. (sorry, couldn’t resist it…)


No. They’re always ‘aligned’ to something. Whether they’re aligned correctly with each other or to the wonky fencepost the car is parked next to is the issue.

If they’re aligned properly (meaning to the correct specifications as documented by the car’s manufacturer) you’ll get a much nicer steering feel, the car will track straight, and importantly – not ruin your expensive new tyres by having them wear the inner/outer edges prematurely.

We are quite literally talking (usually low) single digits when referring to the degree of angle(s) required for effective/safe steering geometry.

ex-vectis ex-vectis 10:56 am 18 Aug 10

Hahah, yeah – ‘improper balancing’ = ‘haven’t’ 🙂

Reason i said ‘improper’ was a comment earlier (well, last year! its a long running thread), from a Rioter, that only Jax in Fyshwick has the proper kit to do balancing properly… Having no idea what is involved in balancing, other than they stick bits of lead on the rim to stop the steering wheel wobbling. (I can change a globe though…lol!)

el, what do you mean ‘decent alighnment’? The wheels are either alighned or the’re not.. (sorry, couldn’t resist it…)

Woden Tyre and Exhaust – thanks el, that’ll go on my list of possibles.

el el 11:28 pm 17 Aug 10

ex-vectis said :

Looking to have 4 Pirelli P7’s put on. Also looking to get alignment balance checked/done as well. Was thinking Jax in Phillip, but someone has said that Jax in Fyshwick has the only place with ‘proper’ balancing. Putting safety before $$$ here, so dont mind paying a wee bit more (hence the P7’s) if it means I sleep easier 🙂

So folks; whatcha reckon?

What do you mean ‘proper balancing’? They’ve either been balanced or they haven’t – it’s not some kind of voodoo magic.

If you’re talking about getting a decent alignment done (and all-round excellent customer service to boot) my recommendation is Woden Tyre and Exhaust in Phillip. They always handed me the detailed electronic printouts after they’d done the alignment.

ex-vectis ex-vectis 9:12 pm 17 Aug 10

wishuwell said :

First step for me is contacting the web site of the manufacturer of my tyre choice and getting the best possible price (there are some real good deals to be had) then if happy I get the person who quoted lodge the order and make the appointment for me. With a Head Office order there is less stuff ups and instant results if something needs to be resolved.

A bit old maybe, so things may have changed, but how do you do that? I’ve tried contacting the Pirelli website contact_us and they say that they dont give out price recommendations. I’ve looked on a few others and I cant see anything about price comparisons…? How do you go about what you said?

ex-vectis ex-vectis 8:59 pm 17 Aug 10

Ok folks, read through the posts and am now wondering were be to go…

Looking to have 4 Pirelli P7’s put on. Also looking to get alignment balance checked/done as well. Was thinking Jax in Phillip, but someone has said that Jax in Fyshwick has the only place with ‘proper’ balancing. Putting safety before $$$ here, so dont mind paying a wee bit more (hence the P7’s) if it means I sleep easier 🙂

So folks; whatcha reckon?

zapjelly zapjelly 3:32 pm 03 Aug 10

Wouldn’t go back to Jaxquickfit Fyshwick, unfriendly service and I found I could’ve saved $50 each if I had gone to Bob Jane! My colleague said Jax’s Belco is not bad though.

Pookie Pookie 7:56 pm 09 Apr 09

I’d bought a set of mags (second hand), with tyres and one mag needed a scratch fixed. I went to a specialised wheel shop in Fyshwick who said, and I quote “I’ll re-paint the whole wheel. I’ll be able to spot the difference, but you won’t”. Returned several days later to pick the wheel up and from 20 metres I could tell it was a crap job. Didn’t matter though. The dicks had cracked the rim during tyre removal/fitting and it had a slow leak. I ended up getting two new rims from a mob in Sydney for an excellent price who managed to get my tyres on without breaking anything.

Jax in Tuggeranong has always been a painless experience for both my father and I with normal tyre purchases.

crazybear05 crazybear05 7:01 pm 06 Apr 09

Hmmmn, thats right you should promote a business that works for u……. Jax’s Belco seems to do pretty good job, with the exception of being able to please jube:-)

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 1:50 pm 06 Apr 09

Hmmmn, a lot of newbies promoting Jax…nice marketing guys.

Squil Squil 1:02 pm 06 Apr 09

Stay away from ACT Total Tyres/Fyshwick Tyre Service.

Needed one low-profile tyre last year to pass rego. The only place in Fyshwick with the right size tyre was ACT Total Tyres/Fyshwick Tyre Service. They charged me through the nose for a Chinese thing that I know shouldn’t have cost $250.

But what are you going to do when you need a tyre to pass rego?

They put it on while I waited and burred one of the wheel-nuts up, left four on the car and told me it’d be alright.

dvaey dvaey 10:13 am 06 Apr 09

My cars first set of tyres came from Discount Tyre Service, as they were near to the dealer I bought the car from. I was happy with the first set, so I returned for replacement set. By this stage, the shop had changed to Goodyear. They couldnt stock the model of tyres Id had previously, and persuaded me into another brand. They also performed a wheel alignment. About 2 months later, I took the car in for other repairs (suspension, unrelated), and was advised that the wheel alignment was horribly wrong (+2/-2 for front and +4/-1 for rear), and that the tyres were almost half way through their life, despite me paying over $100/tyre 3 months earlier and $80 for a wheel alignment.

A short while after this, I heard about a case where ACCC was investigating Goodyear, for selling dodgy tyres (the model Id purchased). When the time came up for a new set, I again visited Goodyear and enquired about the ACCC judgement and previous dodgy work. They advised that the ACCC-ordered refunds for dodgy tyres and work, only applied to commercial customers, and as quite a bit of time had passed since these tyres were put on, I cut my losses and refused to go back to goodyear again.

On the plus side, I got tyres fitted at bob jane recently, they gave me a great deal and the fitter also offered me a set of factory alloys for $100/set which came off an identical car a few days earlier. Under $500 for a full set of wheels and tyres, and being All-rounders, they come with a road hazard warranty.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 9:14 am 06 Apr 09

It’s worth remembering that different tyres work well for different cars. For example, I use Firestone TZ100s on the V8 (they feel measurably better than the bridgestone turanzas that were original equipment, especially in the wet), but the same tyres don’t work as well on small cars.

jube_V8Fairlane_235kw jube_V8Fairlane_235kw 8:20 am 06 Apr 09

crazybear05 said :

jube_V8Fairlane_235kw – , What mob you taking bout? Jax’s Belconnen or Bob Janes Fyswick, cant quite make it out.

I was talking about Jax Belco.

Lyshious Lyshious 2:26 am 06 Apr 09

Jax Quickfit in Mitchell

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