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An ode to Canberra Drivers

By 13 September 2010

Blogger “Girl in the City” has posted a lengthy rant on the Canberra driver.
Then there is the driver who attempts to park but doesn’t quite manage to park (a) straight (b) in between their designated lines or (c) without scratching my car. Thanks, alot!!!
Then there is the driver that thinks they are so special that [...]

Raiders beat Penrith 24-22

By 13 September 2010

[First filed: Sep 12, 2010 @ 9:21]

Foxsports reports on the Raiders first win in finals football since 2000.
It was close at 24-22, but six weeks of sudden death has given the former “Faiders” a hard edge.

Ideas for ACTION?

By 12 September 2010

Piratemonkey made the below suggestions as a comment but I thought it warranted wider consideration:
Solving the teenager and pensioner problem is simple. Once the system has been in place for 6 months cash fares become 5 bucks no matter what, with no pensioner or student discounts availible. Then no one can mess with coins and [...]

Police Wrap – 12 September 2010

By 12 September 2010

1. Problem solved?
Twenty-nine people have been arrested this weekend in the ACT as part of Operation Unite, the stand against alcohol misuse, violence and anti-social behaviour.
Of the arrests made, 24 people were taken into police custody for being intoxicated and disorderly.
These results represent a 36 per cent decrease from last year’s Operation Unite in the [...]

Police Wrap – 11 September 2010

By 11 September 2010

1. Hoodies again:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated burglary and assault which occurred in Dunlop yesterday (September 10) around 6.05pm.
Police attended the Shoobridge Circuit residence where the 26-year-old male victim described how he had returned home and disturbed a single male offender inside the premises. The offender fled through the rear of the [...]

Overpass argy bargey

By 11 September 2010

The ABC reports that the CFMEU Secretary Dean Hall has been playing secret squirrel at the Kings Avenue overpass site after being refused entry:
CFMEU secretary Dean Hall says he tried to enter the Kings Avenue flyover construction site about 6.00am to check on safety before a major concrete pour.
But he was refused entry by the [...]

The Bohemian Masquerade Ball at the Albert Hall

By 11 September 2010
The Bohemian Masquerade Ball at the Albert Hall

Way back in 2007 Tom Woodward ran the first of what would be two Jester’s Balls.
On the strength of that experience a lot of people rushed to get a piece of the Bohemian Masquerade Ball.
And many elements were there. Lots of interesting people, many of them very beautiful.
There was wonderful costuming to gawk at [...]

Not exactly gracious in victory

By 10 September 2010

Senator Humphries has been officially given the nod by the electoral commission to retain his place.
His office has now sent out the sort of media release normally associated with a sore loser:
Despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the dodgy polls, and the blatant fear campaign run by the [...]

ACT kids smarter than other, clearly inferior models

By 10 September 2010

The ABC has the happy news that students in the ACT have outperformed the rest of the country in NAPLAN testing:
The latest results shows ACT students continuing to perform above the national average.
In most areas, ACT students are the best performing in the nation or are just below students from Victoria or NSW.
One suspects [...]

Australian Scientific Instruments named exporter of the year

By 10 September 2010

Chief Minister Stanhope is congratulating local firm Australian Scientific Instruments on their winning the ACT Export Awards.
The full list of winners is:
– Inland Trading Co (Aust) Pty Ltd – Agribusiness Award
– Lucy Media Pty Ltd – Arts and Entertainment Award
– Shaw Vineyard Estate – Emerging Exporter Award
– Funnelback Pty Ltd – Information and Communication Technology [...]

Government to consider 111 heritage recommendations

By 10 September 2010
Government to consider 111 heritage recommendations

Mr Stanhope has released the review of the Heritage Act 2004 and promised to let us know what he thinks of the 111 recommendations early next year.
The take home from the executive summary appears to be this bit:
Having operated for five years, it is apparent there are many issues which should be addressed. [...]

Images of Canberra – The view from the arboretum

By 10 September 2010
Images of Canberra - The view from the arboretum

One of our many Andrews has sent in this skewed view from the arboretum.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

Virtual Court Dead On Arrival

By 10 September 2010

The Canberra Times has a story on the demise of the little understood “virtual court” proposed by Simon Corbell, after the Greens said no.
The ACT Government’s proposal to add a third tier to the Canberra court system is dead in the water despite having allocated $900,000 for the idea in this financial year.
Attorney-General Simon [...]

What is going on at Bimberi?

By 10 September 2010

The Liberals’ Vicki Dunne is stamping her feet that Labor’s Joy Burch has nothing to say about the troubled Bimberi youth detention centre:
“Bimberi opened about 18 months ago, but already there is a litany of serious incidents, the latest being one involving serious self harm,” Mrs Dunne said.
Mrs Dunne noted there have been:
· [...]

The concrete batch plant at the Cotter Dam

By 10 September 2010

More video from ACTEW on their massive construction at the Cotter Dam expansion.
This time around the new plant from Colorado making better concrete than previously available.

Tak Kee cops a bigger fine

By 10 September 2010

View Larger Map
The ABC informs us that Dickson’s beloved Tak Kee Roast Inn (the place with those tasty, tasty ducks hanging in the window) has had its fine for being run like an authentic chinese restaurant bumped on appeal from $1,500 to $6,900 (as well as having the regrettable incident re-broadcast).
I for one will be [...]

Fire in Downer

By 10 September 2010

This in from the ESA:
7:35am Friday 10 September 2010 – Working smoke alarm leads to quick escape A woman has had a lucky escape from a house fire in Canberra’s south this morning.
The woman was woken by a working smoke alarm just after 2 o’clock and safely escaped her home in Bonython Street at [...]

It’s nice to be read in influential places

By 10 September 2010
It's nice to be read in influential places

Well, it says so in the Herald Sun.

Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens album launch

By 10 September 2010
Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens album launch

[ 25 September 2010; ] [First filed: Sep 9, 2010 @ 9:33]

RiotACT favourite Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens are launching their album at the Street Theatre. Here’s what they had to say about it in their media release:

Three years after the success of their first release, Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens launch their highly anticipated sophomore album, [...]

DIY Wotz On Guide for the weekend of 10 September 2010

By 10 September 2010
DIY Wotz On Guide for the weekend of 10 September 2010

[ 10 September 2010 to 12 September 2010. ] [First filed: Sep 9, 2010 @ 11:09]

OK rioters, time to shine.

Share with the world your knowledge and wisdom.

Tell us in the comments what’s good to see and do around Canberra this weekend.

Zed wakes up! Doesn’t like the Hawke review

By 9 September 2010

It was 3 September when Jon Stanhope announced the Hawke review into the ACT Public Service.
Today Zed Seselja has responded.
(Any other opposition leader I’ve covered in well over a decade in this game would have responded the same day, at worst the next, but Zed’s a bit special)
He’s not a fan:
“The reality is that this [...]

Cotter Dam discovery trail to open

By 9 September 2010

[ 18 September 2010 at 10:00 am; ] ACTEW’s announced you too can get up and have a look at the monster Cotter Dam expansion program.

Enjoy a day out at the Cotter, wander the new boardwalk along the river and grab a front row seat on the new amphitheatre style viewing platform to watch the live action at the Cotter Dam worksite. [...]

Fraser The Greenest Of Them All

By 9 September 2010

The Greens are celebrating Canberra’s northern electorate of Fraser recording a 19.84% vote to the Greens.
Today’s official declaration of results from the Australian Electoral Commission confirms that the ACT is the greenest part of Australia.
“This election has seen the ACT Greens achieve their best ever result of 19.84% in Fraser, with an historic swing [...]

Barton Highway re-opens

By 9 September 2010

TAMS has announced that they’ve finally got the Barton Highway open after the bridge collapse.
The Barton Highway will be re-opened for traffic at 3.30 pm this afternoon following the
completion of demolition works on the Gungahlin Drive Extension Stage 2 bridge collapse.
“I am pleased to report that traffic conditions will be back to normal on [...]

Andrew Barr is off to China

By 9 September 2010

Andrew Barr is letting us know he’s off to China to sell education:
“The ACT education system has a world reputation for excellence. That’s why there are around 6,000 international students studying in Canberra, including more than 450 in ACT public schools,” Mr Barr said. “Overseas students contribute around $200 million a year to our economy. [...]

NCA takes another swing at the Kings Ave overpass

By 9 September 2010

The National Capital Authority is warning that they’re taking another go at getting the bridge built for the Kings Avenue overpass of Parkes Way this Saturday:
230 truck loads of concrete will be poured continuously over 10 hours, from 6.30am.
For public safety, an exclusion zone has been set up around the construction site. The public [...]

ANU’s got a tractor beam?

By 9 September 2010
ANU's got a tractor beam?

[Yana Izdebskaya, Anton Desyatnikov, Vladlen Shvedov, Andrei Rode, Yuri Kivshar and Wieslaw Krolikowski. Photo: Tim Wetherell]
iTWire has a story on ANU’s research with what they’re calling tractor beams.
Apparently they can now move particles .1 of a millimetre in size a couple of metres which is a major jump up to the macro scale.
On the [...]

Skateboarder art

By 9 September 2010
Skateboarder art

[ 24 September 2010 to 27 September 2010. ]

A friend sent this in and it looks like fun.

The exhibition is going to be on City Walk just near the fountain.

More details on their website.

Police Wrap – 9 September 2010

By 9 September 2010

1. Not a good weekend for going on the lash:
ACT Policing will join Australian and New Zealand police forces to present a united stand against alcohol misuse, violence and anti-social behaviour this weekend.
Following the success of last year’s Operation Unite, a strong and focussed police presence will flood the streets of every Australian State [...]

Fire at the Wesley Centre?

By 9 September 2010

This in from the ESA:
10:50am Thursday 9 September 2010 – Smell of smoke at church ACT Fire Brigade on scene at Wesley Uniting Church, corner National Crt and Fitzroy St Forrest.
Strong smell of smoke coming from the auditorium. No sign of fire.
ACT Fire Brigade investigating.
Four staff have been evacuated.
UPDATE: And now this:
11:25am [...]

ANU sliding?

By 9 September 2010

The Canberra Times brings word that ANU is falling down on its beloved world rankings.
The largest university in the nation’s capital dropped three places on the coveted QS World University rankings.
ANU was placed at No20 this week, its lowest since being included on the list, but it remains the highest-ranked university in Australia.
The university’s [...]

The ranamok glass art prize

By 9 September 2010

Kerry at the tranquiltownhouse blog has posted about the ranamok glass art prize at the Kingston glass works.
Some really beautiful photography there to check out before going to see the real thing.

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