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Where to buy seafood for Christmas?

By 15 December 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Hi Rioters.
I’m looking for recommendations on where and when to buy seafood in Canberra to be eaten on Christmas day?
A few years ago I bought some from a place in Weston Creek (opposite the post office) and it was great. However the place has since closed down.
I’m after large prawns, lobster tails and some oysters.

Squid on Saturday or Sunday?

By 27 September 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Narooma Seafood

I think calamari is one of the most overlooked products from the sea. They catch a lot of it off the South Coast. You can buy it straight from the fisherfamily at the Capital Region Farmers Market on the weekend. They often catch it near Eden.

Narooma Seafood at the Capital Region Farmers’ Market
It’s very reasonably [...]

Seafood restaurant suggestions in Canberra?

By 2 November 2012

My better half’s 50th approaches and is great lover of  Lobster Mornay.
Sadly the expense prohibits this on a regular basis, the last one was 10 years ago so any suggestions for a fine purveyor of said lobster would be appreciated.
One that’s open on Sunday evenings but not necessarily.

Where and When to get Oysters?

By 20 December 2009

Hi everyone,
In anticipation of Christmas, can anyone tell me the best place and time/day to buy fresh oysters in Canberra (preferably northside)?
Thanks in advance!

Do we recommend the toothfish?

By 21 August 2008

I noticed Peppered Prawn Restaurant in Woden displaying a big banner with special of month, Patagonian Toothfish?
Does anyone know what this is and what does it taste like?

Canberra seafood.

By 20 July 2008

Just to let you know most seafood caught on NSW Coast is sent to Sydney and Melbourne fish markets after which they are distributed by wholesalers in major towns which basically means Canberra gets very good quality and variety of seafood before a lot of the towns along the coast.
Lot of the seafood is flown [...]

Best Seafood restaurant in Canberra?

By 5 July 2008

I’d be really grateful for any recommendations on good Canberra seafood restaurants (not takeaway places). A couple that have been recommended are Maestral in Weston and Con’s Seafood in Mawson – has anyone been to them?

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