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Bees… lots of bees

By johnboy - 1 October 2008 44

I’m finding a bee every few minutes on the window of the RiotACT bunker, and am dispatching them to the hereafter. I thought this was just my cross to bear (more so for the bees to bear I suppose).

But now I hear a friend has suffered even worse bee-carnage yesterday.

Are the bees acting strangely for you?


What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Bees… lots of bees
DarkLadyWolfMother 1:18 pm 01 Oct 08

No, not acting. They seem quite serious about it.

tylersmayhem 1:00 pm 01 Oct 08

Better than “killer wasps” ;P

Skidbladnir 1:00 pm 01 Oct 08

If anyone finds a bee swarm around town, calling a beekeeper to get rid of it is the equivalent of saying “Would you like a great big herd of cattle, already rounded up into the corner of a paddock, ready for you to pick them up in a truck, entirely at no cost to you?” to a dairy farm.

moff 12:59 pm 01 Oct 08

Well it is spring – I’m not surprised there are more than usual…

A freind has had a hive in a tree for years with huge fans of honeycomb hanging from it – last weekend some of the fans fell off, leaving the ants a tasty treat and presumably a fairly unhappy queen.

Maybe there really is some sort of takeover happening now?

Skidbladnir 12:56 pm 01 Oct 08

Are the bees acting strangely for you?

For the mature hives, swarming season is about to begin .
This is standard bee behaviour (and if they are doing it now, it will rain either on or by the weekend).

So in answer to your question, no.

Aurelius 12:53 pm 01 Oct 08

You lot are truly offal!

Danman 12:45 pm 01 Oct 08

Let it bee….

Funny you mention this though….I just saw a bee or 2 in our basemenet @ work and thought… Thats weird….

But then it is Spring.

Granny 12:37 pm 01 Oct 08

‘Bee afraid, bee very afraid!’

Oh, sorry! Wrong insect!!

*tee hee*

PBO 12:32 pm 01 Oct 08

So this is where i get the latest buzz on bees? Oh thats bad.

FredJ 12:26 pm 01 Oct 08

Bee at peace. They won’t harm you!

Ari 12:22 pm 01 Oct 08

Stop mentioning the hive mind and they’ll leave you alone.

mirage3 12:20 pm 01 Oct 08

Let the bees be. Now we know why they are disappearing.

Primal 12:17 pm 01 Oct 08

The bees and I have an understanding. They stay above my head height, and I’ll stay below it. Peace in our time.

S4anta 12:13 pm 01 Oct 08

Down here we get European Bumble Bees. Big loud and slow moving. Perfect for rubber band guns!

Thumper 12:09 pm 01 Oct 08

Two bees or not two bees, is this your question?

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