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Election Wrap – 1 October

By johnboy - 1 October 2008 24

Local Council:

The Canberra Times reports that Frank Pangallo wants to see the ACT run just the way he ran Queanbeyan. Richard Mulcahy apparently agrees.


Brendan Smyth has cleverly noted that Simon Corbell keeps announcing the arrival of new police. And yet local police seem to have no knowledge of their new colleagues. “The Minister for Police needs to explain to the Canberra community how his claim of ACT Policing having 784 sworn police officers reconciles with the annual report from ACT Policing shows there were only 692 sworn police officers”.

Zed is promising nirvana for first home buyers if only they’ll give him their vote. And if only they won’t just buy the best house they can get for their borrowing capacity including his stamp duty cut.

Mulcahy Canberra Party:

Richard has announced a sport and recreation policy. Apparently Robert “Dipper” Dipierdominico approves but I can’t get much from it beyond a general approval of sport.

We don’t normally embed video in the wraps but this, for mine, is the “Mal” moment of the election so far. Onya Dipper.


The heat really is on. Messrs Stanhope and Hargreaves are now promising “A yearly pickup of bulky rubbish from Canberra households and free drop-off facilities for e-waste” as part of a waste policy.

John Hargreaves is also trumpeting his plans to fix the bus system after all these years.

Andrew Barr is very excited by his plans to re-develop central Belconnen.

Jon Stanhope is pointing to a rise in building approvals and claiming it as a triumph of the Affordable Housing Action Plan.

Andrew Barr is having a poke at the Liberals and their failure to commit to a swimming pool in Gungahlin.

Mick Gentleman is warning Tuggeranong seniors that a Liberal government would rob them of a clubhouse.


Shane Rattenbury and Amanda Bresnan have announced their “Active Transport Plan” which has a lot to do with bikepaths and footpaths as well as more 40km/h zones.


Norvan Vogt has had a day off from sunning himself with his posters by the side of the road and has declared his dissatisfaction with the slow progress on light rail to date.

Norvan also thinks the major parties should stop throwing money around until they know if we’ve got any left.

For those so inclined Norvan is looking for friends to join his Vote1Vogt election event. Disappointingly it’s not actually a party, rather an invitation to attend the voting booths.

Roger Nicoll says you’re all cynical about the “billion dollar” health package JonKat announced yesterday for the ALP.

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Election Wrap – 1 October
Aurelius 4:05 pm 01 Oct 08

Bruce Samazan would be pretty cheap, as celebrities go, wouldn’t he?
I think even Adam08 could afford a Samazan endorsement….

tylersmayhem 4:00 pm 01 Oct 08

Good point Skid & JB: Maybe we’ll see Bruce Samazan around the traps soon?! Could bring some better cred to the AFP with Constable Max being the front man? Now…who’s got the 50 bucks?

Skidbladnir 3:41 pm 01 Oct 08

Jb’s right. (run for the hills!)

In this town, nobody ever buys people, they invariably just rent them for a while.

johnboy 3:28 pm 01 Oct 08

tylersmayhem said :

What the hell is Dipierdominico’s interest in Canberra policy or politics? Has he moved here recently or something. Sounds more like he’s doing a Canberran friend a favor – or perhaps the barrel of the gun pointing at him is out of frame?!

As with prostitutes, you can rent minor celebrities by the hour.

Spitfire3 2:28 pm 01 Oct 08

Dammit. That was supposed to be a semi-smartar$ed remark following Thumper’s “Pangallo’s not from here so why would anyone vote for him” post.

Spitfire3 2:25 pm 01 Oct 08

yeah we should put him in a detention centre and then deport him!!!1

HateMachine 2:21 pm 01 Oct 08

If I were a Crimes headlines writer I would’ve called that story ‘Dipper and Dipstick’

tylersmayhem 2:15 pm 01 Oct 08

What the hell is Dipierdominico’s interest in Canberra policy or politics? Has he moved here recently or something. Sounds more like he’s doing a Canberran friend a favor – or perhaps the barrel of the gun pointing at him is out of frame?!

Thumper 1:36 pm 01 Oct 08

I really don’t care what pangello did or didn’t do.

He’s not from Canberra so why would anyone vote for him?

Quangerbangers 1:28 pm 01 Oct 08

I saw the stuff on Frank Pangallo yesterday and a friend of mine from Queanbeyan says that the allegations that Frank Pangallo dumped asbestos on his former property in Gilmore Pl are being investigated by the NSW EPA and that it is being investigated in Sydney not locally, he suspects a bit of a cover up. Its interesting that these allegations have been on the public record since September 3rd and no Jurno has had the balls to run with the story. Just goes to show how Shit the media is in this town. Like that ‘beef-gate” story a few weeks ago on the front page the Canberra Times is a miserable Excuse for a major Newspaper, no wonder more people in this town read the Tele (and we know what level that’s at).

D-Man 12:48 pm 01 Oct 08

If Brendan Smyth cares so much about the Police then maybe he could have said something for Police Remembrance Day on Monday. What a pathetic, opportunistic little creep that guy is.

harvyk1 12:34 pm 01 Oct 08

I don’t know how well managing Canberra like a “local council” would work. Across the border in Queanbeyan they had the luxury of the NSW state government to worry about the big issues, leaving the Queanbeyan city council to worry about the local issues. Canberra doesn’t have that luxury. Here our gov’t needs to worry about big ticket items as well as the day to day running of the region.

I expect that if we worry about the day to day running of the region, the big ticket items will be forgotten, that or we’d simply follow NSW blindly.

It would also completely negate the whole self government thing which was pushed onto us in ’89.

Primal 12:15 pm 01 Oct 08

According to Z’s media release:
“The voters are being clear choice on many fronts…”

We are?

fnaah 12:01 pm 01 Oct 08

I’m loving the Mulcahy “Thanks” program for volunteers (which “encourages recognition of coaches, officials and participants”).

But how is the aforementioned thanks delivered? Express Posted certificates carefully crafted and printed in Comic Sans font from ACT government laser printers? Floods of emails chock-full of HTML and flash animations? Road signs or billboards? Skywriters on saturday mornings? Perhaps a dedicated “Thanks” statue at the AIS? Clearly some kind of planning study is required here.

jakez 11:44 am 01 Oct 08

“And if only they won’t just buy the best house they can get for their borrowing capacity including his stamp duty cut.”

That’s just good practice anyway.

It’s going to take a lot more than the stamp duty policy to deliver nirvana for first home buyers.

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