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The Canberra Times reckons they’ve seen the elusive Liberal Party health policy. More beds and a “super theatre”. Sexy.

According to the ABC Katy Gallagher is not impressed by the Liberal policy. One imagines they could have copied hers line for line and she’d still have said the same thing. Katy’s media release on this is now available.

The ABC has word that Zed Seselja would spend $8 million studying a light rail proposal if he were king. The media release on this is now online.

Zed’s had his class warrior hat on, announcing more money for non-Government education in his efforts to smash the oiks.


Roger Nicoll, in common with all non-incumbent politicians is in favour of more Freedom of Infomation.

Mulcahy Canberra Party:

Richard Mulcahy’s announced an education policy. More pay for teachers and more information for parents.


Andrew Barr says that only he can promise more loot for every single school. Presumably without reference as to whether they need it or not?

Katy Gallagher is promising discount solar panels on houses. Our burning desire to be known as “Australia’s solar capital” will finally be realised.

JonKat has announced $6 million to be associated in our minds with children and caring. We all want more money for children and caring right?

Jon Stanhope has told the ABC he regrets not educating the community better as to why he was right to sue a coroner investigating how a chunk of the city got vaporised without warning on his watch.

Jon Stanhope is offering a $10,000 interest free loan to home owners at risk of defaulting on their mortgages. Nothing for the renters from the party of the workers?


The Greens are thrilled that their art sale fund raiser went so well last night.

They’ve also announced that they’re for a data centre with power cogeneration. But they’re against the proposed Macarthur site.

Shane Rattenbury would like a seat at the leaders debate. He’d also like to hear what the major parties have to say about the Greens’ Commitment to Canberra.

Field Notes:

Passy writes:

    Socialist Alternative meets every Thursday at 6 pm in room G 52 of the Haydon-Allen Building at the ANU.

    Our discussion on 16 October is on the way the ALP manages capitalism in the interests of employers.

    email canberra@sa.org.au or visit www.sa.org.au

Gungahlin Al spake:

    John Hargreaves is on the record with a pretty solid “I’ll see out the full next term”, making it pretty hard to pull out the health-reasons card part-way through.

    There’s now a mumble getting around that John Hargreaves is heading for the Speaker role if his party wins. It’s becoming known as the “Departure Lounge” given the last couple of incumbents have gone from that role into retirement. When you hear this kind of rumour from one place you go “meh”, but when you hear it from a few different sources, you really start to wonder…

    So could this be how Mr Hargreaves sees out his final four years in the Assembly? And how would the good folk of Tuggeranong feel about giving him that option? Or would they instead be more inclined to support someone else on the ALP ticket, or perhaps even be tempted the way of the Greens’ Amanda Breslan?

Skaboy12 said:

    I just recieved a call at work informing me the the AMP will be having a rally on Friday night. Apparently it will be happening at City Custom Exhaust in Braddon at 8pm this Friday night. While I won’t be in attendance (NSW Resident) and I don’t really support one issue parties, if you are interested I would encourage you to head out there and see what they have to say.

    While your there push them on issues other then motorsport, I would love to hear the responses they give.

David Matthews, Labor for Molonglo, contributed:

And we all thought this election was about what people and parties stood for…no, it’s all about public art…

Rosebud said:

    Just got Mike Hettinger’s election brochure in the post. Without close inspection, it looks suspiciously like a brochure for a Greens Candidate. Mostly because, well, it’s printed on green coloured paper, looks cheap and home made, with the words Green, Greener and Greenest plastered everywhere (well, not greenest, but you get the gist). On closer examination a teeny tiny Labour logo can be seen on the back.

    The only word that beat Green for frequency was his own name. Mike, Mike, Mike. Mike does this, Mike does that, Mike is here, Mike is there. Like some sort of idiot savant who can only refer to himself in the third person.

    Here are some of the most important things that Mike thinks we should know about Mike…verbatim…including liberal use of exclamation marks!!!

  • Mike came here for true love!
  • Mike actually is a rocket scientist!
  • Mike was educated at Holy Cross College by Jesuit Monks!
  • Mike received a medal from the US Airforce for saving the lives of two Soviet divers.

Among other gems, Mike has a photo of himself and friends at Dickson college – both of them.

Did Mike mean to make me laugh? Is this ‘humour angle’ a new election ploy? Do politicians even have a sense of humour, or do they have it surgically removed before preselection?

It’s all Mike to me. Mike it!

Deezagood opined:

    Community Group ‘Canberrans for Power Station Relocation’ have made a short clip that demonstrates, quite clearly, the ethics of our illustrious Mr Stanhope. It is worth watching the whole clip. Makes you wonder what other spin has been generated in relation to a raft of other issues. Seriously – Mr Stanhope, how can you treat your own community with such contempt?


iCanberran offered:

    How do you make policy exciting, add the word “super”. The Liberals have announced an elective surgery “super theatre” for Calvary. The details (on page 10 of the Lib’s health policy) are sketchy and not even written with correct English.

    “The first Elective Surgery Super Theatre will be based at Calvary Hospital, where
    many elective surgery procedures currently take place, and which already has many of
    the systems and personnel in place. The Super Theatre have three new operating
    theatres, to accommodate a mix of public and privately funded procedures. ”

    When they said super theatre, I was hoping for some kick ass stadium seating and in-seat dining like at Dendy so we can watch people have hip replacements in comfort. In reality, they’re offering hype.

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75 Responses to Election wrap – 13 October
tabascoted tabascoted 7:49 am 15 Oct 08

Second Day of the Poll and the CAP crack the tonne … 100 votes very impressive! i think Norvan’s online underground might have something to do with it.

Norvan.Vogt Norvan.Vogt 10:57 pm 14 Oct 08

I am not keen on a coalition with the Greens, besides the CAP constitution does not allow use to go into a coalition. we are here to support good policy where ever it comes from 🙂

Granny Granny 12:02 pm 14 Oct 08


Us. You. Watching.


One slip of a complaint and your post will be toast!

Thumper Thumper 11:10 am 14 Oct 08

Mr Waffle,

I don’t doubt that you have little faith in politicians, afterall, they continually lie, bribe, connive and generally pull the wool over everyones eyes simply to get elected.

I have little faith in them either.

But that doesn’t mean you ignore it and simply walk away.

deezagood deezagood 10:34 am 14 Oct 08

Then do something about it Mr Waffle!

deezagood deezagood 10:33 am 14 Oct 08

Ooooh Thumper … a CAP and Greens coalition might makes things really, really interesting!

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 10:31 am 14 Oct 08

I would say then Mr Waffle that you have absolutely no right to ever complain about any decision ever made.

I vote, and decisions are made by those I voted for that I don’t agree with. I look at the ads on TV and they’re all the same; petty insults and promises that they always make and usually break. Forgive me, and many others my age, if we don’t have much faith in the pollies because of that.

Thanks for the link jakez.

Thumper Thumper 9:54 am 14 Oct 08

CAP and Greens coalition?

Spaz Spaz 9:53 am 14 Oct 08

Well that sucks!

Anyway , we will see the real results on Sat.AMP all the way.


justbands justbands 9:40 am 14 Oct 08

CAP to win! *moves to Qbn*

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:37 am 14 Oct 08

Spaz said :

How does one vote for this poll?

The poll does an IP address check, so if you’re voting from work and see one option already italicised, then your IP address has already voted.
(Maybe not you, but possibly someone elsewhere in the organisation)

And kudos to Norvan for being adult enough to shoot down gumbies sensibly.

PS: Email interview?

jakez jakez 9:37 am 14 Oct 08

Spaz, if it’s showing you the results then I think that means that your IP has already voted (or something like that).

Spaz Spaz 9:24 am 14 Oct 08

How does one vote for this poll?

Cheers Spaz

jakez jakez 9:17 am 14 Oct 08

Mr Waffle said :

Like many other 20-somethings, I’m too young and carefree to really care about the elections. They’re all same **** different smell to us disillusioned types. Stanhope has done a ton of stupid things, but the other guys are probably even worse. Unless I find a candidate who is opposed to the federal labor internet censorship system that’ll be up and kicking any day now, I’ll probably vote Obama or something.


They are libertarians, libertarians hate internet censorship.

Pandy Pandy 8:29 am 14 Oct 08

Light rail:

So the Liberals will:

“Finally we will run a transport user census, to tell us how much people are prepared to pay, what routes they want and at what times and how often they would travel on an integrated light rail and bus services. This census will cost $3 million.”

and Zed said this the other day:

”I have been saying for a long time that we need to plan our city first,”

”Talking about light rail is a great aspiration that we share, but it is simply not something you can deliver unless you plan the city properly and do the feasibilities.”

mmmmm what does this all mean?

Thumper Thumper 8:21 am 14 Oct 08

I would say then Mr Waffle that you have absolutely no right to ever complain about any decision ever made.

deezagood deezagood 8:13 am 14 Oct 08

Then you will get the politician/s you deserve Mr Waffle.

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 11:28 pm 13 Oct 08

Like many other 20-somethings, I’m too young and carefree to really care about the elections. They’re all same **** different smell to us disillusioned types. Stanhope has done a ton of stupid things, but the other guys are probably even worse. Unless I find a candidate who is opposed to the federal labor internet censorship system that’ll be up and kicking any day now, I’ll probably vote Obama or something.

johnboy johnboy 10:23 pm 13 Oct 08

I have suspicions Norvan’s been having a whip-round on facebook looking for votes.

Which is fair enough as these things go.

Thumper Thumper 10:20 pm 13 Oct 08

People are seriously going to vote for Pangello?

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