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Election wrap – 14 October

By johnboy - 14 October 2008 25

Morgo lands a hit!

Labor ran the following ad last night:

Interestingly Katy runs a part of the opposition attack on her leader (from the youthful Brindabella Liberal David Morgan) and then comes to the defence of the old curmudgeon. I can’t help thinking Mr Stanhope would have preferred not to get this sort of “help” from his deputy.


The Canberra Times has had an expert run an eye over the health policies of the major parties and found both wanting.

Greens should take themselves more seriously:

The ABC brings word from Malcolm Mackerras that the Greens should have run a full slate of candidates to take advantage of their surging popularity.

Campaign launches:

Yesterday’s laughable campaign “launches” by Labor and Liberal have been looked over by the Canberra Times.

The Australian:

Jon Stanhope has told the Australian he’s not arrogant. Also he’s expecting to lead a minority Government after Saturday.

Zed cops the Angry Voice:

The ABC reports a really good old school Stanhope tantrum at the leaders’ debate with Zed copping a gobful:

    “Imagine the implications for this city if the Liberal Party forms government after this weekend, a party that has been tuned out completely for the last four years,” he said.

    “Zed in bed – how fitting that the international sign for being asleep is the letter zed.

    “Zed at the head of a party that simply fails to see the tsunami of demand that heads in the direction of our health system.”

    Mr Seselja declined to directly respond to the Labor leader’s accusations, instead using the debate to focus on his party’s key platforms of housing affordability and education.

    “I think I’ll respond to the work of fiction when we’re doing question and answer,” he said.


The ABC reports on Green sorrow that they’ve been left out of today’s Leader’s debate organised by the ANU and the Canberra Times.

Shane Rattenbury is pointing out that in recent Senate debate on Canberra airport Labor and Liberal voted against a curfew on the airport’s operations.


In response to yesterday’s curiousity about his signage Norvan Vogt has sent in a whole slideshow documenting his processes. Thank You Norvan.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Election wrap – 14 October
Gungahlin Al 3:38 pm 14 Oct 08

“Will the intriguingness never end?”

Some time Monday or Tuesday I’d guess, if preference counts are complex.

But the real intriguingness will start Sunday morning as the majors’ position jockeying starts. Got my first phone call from someone after the Deputy Mayor position at 6.30am the Sunday after my election (after a 2am night) – way to cross yourself off the list…

jimbocool 3:37 pm 14 Oct 08

Al, the JonKat tactic must be driven by Labor’s internal polling and focus groups which has presumably told them that Stanhope is a liability/unpopular and that he voters much prefer Katy. No doubt the Libs research tells them the same thing which is why the attack ads focus on Stanhope. Katy will be first ALP across the line in Molonglo and Stanhope will get about 1.5 quotas in Ginninderra (a drop of 0.7q which is a hefty hit).

I’ve already staked my hat on the Greens not getting a second up in Molonglo, so I’m happy to wager my lucky underpants that the Greens will not form government with the Libs, or support a Liberal Chief Minister. Just like the Nats in WA the talk of working with everybody is just for show.

Granny 3:33 pm 14 Oct 08

Will the intriguingness never end?


Gungahlin Al 2:56 pm 14 Oct 08

Taking the Malcom Mackerras “what if” approach, is there a chance that the ALP’s JonKat approach to their two-headed campaigning, clearly to set Katy up as Jon Stanhope’s successor, could backfire?

If Saturday sees a big backlash against Stanhope, will the search for a scapegoat see Katy so tightly wedded to Stanhope that she will also be “on the nose” as the logical party leadership replacement?

If so, that would leave (assuming the incumbents get re-elected on name recognition) Mick Gentleman, Simon Corbell, Mary Porter, John Hargreaves, and Andrew Barr for the ALP to choose from. I think Andrew is the stand-out from them, based on experience of his willingness to listen, and to then act on what he hears.

Interestingly, the Greens have indicated a willingness to consider all options when it comes to the Chief Minister vote, rather than necessarily accepting the party’s nomination (whomsoever may be the – hopefully – minority party they go with, and assuming they do hold the cross-benches).

Although it’s tempting to start feeling a bit *over* this election campaign, a truly intriguing week is ahead of us, of that there can be no doubt…

Cameron 2:50 pm 14 Oct 08

Gungahlin Al said :

See her eyes so blatantly tracking the auotcue? That really destroys the semblence of sincerity.

Indeed. She spoke for all of 25 seconds – surely one can read a script of that size from memory – sincerely or not.

Gungahlin Al 2:40 pm 14 Oct 08

See her eyes so blatantly tracking the auotcue? That really destroys the semblence of sincerity.

Cameron 2:36 pm 14 Oct 08

Aside from the fact that the ad was ridiculous, Katy really did come off like a plastic creation reading a script. A rung or two above Rocky when he had brain damage trying to be that caveman.

Just who is the Greens leader anyway? This Rattenbury chap?

Mr Evil 1:56 pm 14 Oct 08

Jesus Katy sounds thick.

Imagine her as Chief Minister!!!!!!

Skidbladnir 1:30 pm 14 Oct 08

Either the CAP have very dramatic methods of group consultation on signage, or there’s a photo in there that shouldn’t be.

It starts out with Norvan designing some signs, some of his signs get shown off next to a road…
Then in one of them, Norvan is wearing a suit, giving a speech to an audience also dressed in suits.
And then he goes back to creating signs.

Skidbladnir 1:27 pm 14 Oct 08

Are there any more Sim Challenges, or have they finished for the season?

Primal 12:56 pm 14 Oct 08

OK, so Stanhope’s a bit on the nose with the electorate… this ad improve things how? At least show us a bloke with the nuts to stand up for himself!

Thumper 12:50 pm 14 Oct 08

Green sorrow that they’ve been left out of today’s Leader’s debate

Delusions of grandeur?

SamTSeppo 12:40 pm 14 Oct 08

Seriously, though, this was a [REDACTED] campaign ad. In the first place, it made me want to see MORE of the BLAH BLAH Stanhope head, to laugh at him. Secondly, the whole thing reeks of a backhanded compliment:

“I’m not saying Stanhope’s a good person, but at least he keeps being elected, and some people even work for him!”

I particularly like that Katy never mentions whether she supports Jonny Boy (apologies to johnboy). ‘Cos, you know, you ought to. But Katy’s going to be writing “1” for the Greens, methinks.

cranky 12:37 pm 14 Oct 08

How embarrasment. Having to get your Mum to ask your little playmates to stop being so nasty to you.

SamTSeppo 12:25 pm 14 Oct 08

Can anyone turn the RAH-RAH-RAHRAH-RAHRAHRAHRAH Stanhope head into an iTunes vis thing so he can sing along to music?

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