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Flame of the Week – The Boots of Warwick Lynch

By johnboy 9 March 2011 27

It started out ordinarily enough, a disgruntled artist suffering relevance deprivation. But, as you can see below it quickly descended into quite the tantrum and no doubt a lot of correspondence.

So, for everyone having to listen to these rantings, below is some context on the mind behind them. Published in full as received here.

Congratulations Warwick Lynch, you got your comment published in the end.

Truly I am a quaking from those boots.

From: W
Subject: Moderation?

Message Body:
Why do you keep moderating this msg?

You asked for discussion, then you moderate my post?

Watching the ‘You are Here’ festival take shape has been a little disappointing, I really feel like I’m watching a great opportunity for Canberra turn Into a great opportunity for a very small percentage of people centred around a few of the organizers of the festival.

Almost the entire ‘You are Here’ project is centered around the age group 15-30. Entire creative groups that have existed in Canberra for decades have been left out, not even contacted! Yet interstate groups have been! Its a bizarre state of affairs for a festival that claims to be promoting Canberra’s underground arts culture.

I might be reading all of this the wrong way, from what I understand Blind was asked to create this festival last November, hardly enough time to organise this type of event, perhaps Blind did what any producer in his situation would do & rely heavily on friends?

I find it strange that so many people have been left out. I’ve been involved in fighting for this type of event in Canberra for 10 or so years now, even used to put on ‘Improvised’ ‘New Music’ events in the old Civic Youth Centre (griffen centre) 12 years ago! I was interviewed for a Feasibility study into the viability of a “New Media Arts event’ in Canberra sponsored by ArtsACT in 2004-2005, a study that may be really helpfull for proving the viabilty of the ‘You are Here’ festival, has this document been discovered or utilized?

I’ve written to both Caroline Lecouteur (Greens)  &  Centenary of Canberra to provide the point of view above.

If others see the need to also put forward this point of view please use the emails above to lodge your disapproval.

“This is a festival for the city, not for a bunch of artists to sit around and stroke each other’s egos.”

Well, if its a festival for the city, why do I & a large contingent of Canberra artists feel completely left out?

This mail is sent via contact form on The RiotACT

John Griffiths to W,
9:50 AM


We’re just not that interested in having a fight by disgruntled artists when the issue for us is how the public relates to it.

After the event would be a better time for exploring these issues rather than undermining it before it starts.

As you’ve already been letter writing we’re hardly denying you an avenue of expression.

I look forward to your feedback in the washup.



Warwick Lynch to john
9:59 AM


I was trying to show that this issue has been in peoples minds for decades, it has a big history here in Canberra & artists are a part of the public aren’t they?

David’s questions about where the interest has come from for this event seems a little naive considering there has been years of reported activity in this arena.

If the discussion waits until after the event the opportunity will be lost! All these disgruntled artist will be offside & running in competition with You Are Here, if these issues were explored adequately before the event (and they have been in several Arts ACT papers) there wouldn’t be a need for discussion.

I ask you to reconsider moderating my original post. I don’t see how this discussion would detract from the discussion/promotion of the event.


Warwick Lynch to john
10:01 AM

forgot to attach this….


John Griffiths to Warwick
10:02 AM

Hi Warwick

It’s kicking off tomorrow,

It’s a bit too late to be trying to change the program.

So we’re going to give it a chance.

If you’re right you can enjoy the wisdom of hindsight.



Warwick Lynch to john
10:11 AM

Hey John,

I’m not trying to change the program, I’m trying to illicit discussion, now I can see that the discussion on RIOT-ACT is nothing but a one-sided discussion thanks to moderation I will be moving this fight elsewhere.

Its pretty ridiculous that you feel so insecure about this event that you think it can’t stand up to a little critical discussion.

And you know who this is, I didn’t give my name at all but you know its me, so I can’t help but think you are excluding me thanks to your affiliation with David Finnigan.


John Griffiths to Warwick
10:16 AM

Your name comes up on your email Warwick.

But sure, be as paranoid as you like, that’ll really change my mind.

I look forward to your contributions in future.



Warwick Lynch to john
10:28 AM


I won’t be contributing in the future because seriously whats the point, censorship/moderation only helps the people or persons doing the moderation, its a fairly well accepted social fact. And if you think you are helping the Canberra community with this moderation I’m really not sure what I can say to you.

I’m not sure how you read paranoia into this? I contributed a fair comment on an issue that effects me as a resident of Canberra & you moderated it? It wasn’t overly negative, I was only giving response to David or Blinds questions about why now?

I can only imagine that I’ve been moderated because you are promoting the YOU ARE HERE festival via RiotACT rather than trying to illicit public discussion.

Considering that RiotACT exhibits itself as an open place to discuss Canberra issues I really can’t see the problem with posting what I wrote.


Warwick Lynch to john
10:59 AM

So where does my post fit into in your terms & conditions?

Your terms & conditions have been followed to the letter, I really don ‘t see how you can censorship the comment I made?

1.3 You may be held legally responsible for the content you submit to The content you submit (either comments or posts) will not be verified by RiotACT and does not necessarily represent the views of the RiotACT team.
1.4 will determine, at its discretion, whether to edit, publish (or remove from a site) any of your content. In particular, material if consider to be :
1.4.1 defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or that it violates laws regarding harassment, discrimination, privacy or contempt;
1.4.2 intentionally false or misleading;
1.4.3 an infringement of intellectual property rights or copyright. See below for further information on copyright;
1.4.4 abusive or offensive, including obscenity, blasphemy and racial vilification;
1.4.5 of nuisance value, inappropriate, off topic or vexatious. For example the The-RiotACT reserves the right to reject contributions that have been widely canvassed in the forum. It also reserves the right to reject contributions from participants who seek to dominate the discussion;
1.4.6 compromising the privacy of yourself, other contributors or of The-RiotACT staff, or containing inappropriate personal information;
1.4.7 seeking to endorse commercial products or activities or to solicit business;
1.4.8 deliberate provocation of other community members;
1.4.9 a posting on behalf of a suspended member. This may lead to you also having your membership locked.

John Griffiths to Warwick
11:05 AM

Sorry Warwick, I though you’d said you were done?

Anyway, here’s a guide on how to get comments approved:

Good luck.

Warwick Lynch to john
11:22 AM

Well John, as it seems I have followed your ‘guidelines’ & ‘terms & conditions’ & you have yet to convince me otherwise ,you leave me no choice but to lodge this whole issue as a complaint with the relevant regulatory body.

I’ll also be contacting the NGA & the legislative assembly to raise issues about just what RIOTAct does for Canberra.

Really good way to illicit discussion by censoring any comments against your agenda….

If this were China I would expect this, thankfully this is a ‘free’ country so look forward to a fight.

John Griffiths to Warwick
11:24 AM

Dear Warwick,

We look forward to the raging success of your own website.

Kindest Regards,


Warwick Lynch to john
11:35 AM

nah John, I don’t fight my battles in a place that doesn’t really exist!

I prefer to fight battles in ‘real life’ were things have actual consequences. And you my friend have consequences coming your way, you won’t be able to hide behind your little website when you can hear the boots coming.

People like you have f***ed the Canberra scene by creating little cliqes & circles of sympathetic people & excluding everyone else, Canberra is a small place with small resources, nothing can be gained from creating another cliqy group, I mean seriously how many people in Canberra don’t drink at the Phoenix & indulge in the ‘hipster’ lifestyle? its these people (The Majority) that is being left out.

I personally can’t wait for the You Are Here festival, it will be a time for action, protest & fun, at the festivals expense, good luck running from those boots John, you will need it……….

Warwick Lynch to john
1:20 PM

Rather than be disgruntled, I wanted to thank you.

Your reluctance to promote any kind of critical discussion on RIOT act has encouraged me to contact stakeholders from around the ACT to
get involved & create critical discussion towards an inclusive festival.

It turns out NGA, School of Music, ANCA ,ANU Art School ,CMAG & a whole lot of other stakeholders didn’t even know a festival was on , much less a festival that they had a stake in! None of these institution’s seemed very pleased at being left out.

So thanks, to your censorship a critical discussion seems destined to happen, a critical discussion that might actually see the emergence of a festival that actually is interested in promoting Canberra.

Here’s one from our good friend, Johnny Snow: “Dr. Horrible, I see you are once again afriad to do battle with your arch nemesis! I waited at Dooley Park for forty-five minutes…” Ok, *dude*, you are *not* my nemesis! My nemesis is Captain Hammer. Captain Hammer, corporate tool!… dislocated my shoulder… *again*… last week… Look, I’m just trying to change the world, ok? I don’t have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka! Besides, there’s kids in that park, so…

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Flame of the Week – The Boots of Warwick Lynch
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Monopod 3:48 pm 12 Mar 11

So JB, how do you suggest I do that? I’ve been trying to engage the organizers privately via email for weeks?

I’d really like to somehow reconcile this, but I’m getting the distinct impression by JB’s & others comments that the best way to do this would be to “put up my own webpage” or “create my own “festival”. I don’t see this as a solution & you could say that trying to discuss these ideas is my attempt at bridge building.

I can see that this is all being perceived as an attack on You Are Here by the way these comments have been received. But how else can I try to convince you that these ideas have validity What I’m really perplexed by is why I’m having to give proof of these opinions + my comments over & over again?

I’m actually really excited by what the You Are Here festival is already, I’m also really blown away by the level of enthusiasm I saw displayed by the audience & organizers last night. seeing David’s level of involvement bouncing around on the door of “the last prom” was quite inspiring.

So why am I being made to build a bridge to begin with?

I’m not against You Are Here, I’m against the way JB has baited me via email & then published the results, rather than just putting up my initial opinion, perhaps that why I now need to build a bridge hey?

Its a pity we will never know what that discussion would have looked like before this got elevated to ‘Flame of the Week’.

I’ve made mention of the Greens press release pushing the Re-new Canberra initiative in that initial comment, one of the things pushing me to discuss this other point of view is because In a few weeks the legislative assembly will be voting on the Re-new Canberra initiative funding, setting a precedent for wider community involvement with You Are Here could really help this cause, after all this is exactly what You Are Here is trying to achieve right? A lasting engagement between local government & local experimental or fringe arts practitioners year round?

breda 3:46 pm 12 Mar 11

monopod said:

Just for the record, I emailed David several times offering to help & be a part of this event, I never received a response
That would be because he’s just not into you.

Honestly, the last few exchanges in this thread remind me of paper wars between the Maoists and the Trots in student newspapers in the 1970s. Impenetrable and inexhaustible prose, full of obscure references, and fuelled by the petulance and bitterness of people who are arguing about something that no-one else gives a rat’s about.

It’s enough to make one yearn for Les Patterson as Minister for the Yarts.

Monopod 1:56 pm 12 Mar 11

“Where to start! Firstly I completely disagree with your view of the Canberra scene having a ‘fringe’ clique”

Thats cool, I’m not asking you to agree with me, I’m just asking for you to at least allow my points of view into the discussion. Maybe you’ll find that its not just me with this point of view if the discussion continues.

I’m also trying to offer some other reasons as to why people use the term ‘hipster’ or ‘fringe’ clique & then apply it particular groups in Canberra.

Last night at the You Are Here festival I was hanging out with some friends, friends involved in performances at the festival that I thought were a part of the ‘fringe’ group & they were calling people ‘hipsters’ & discussing clique mentality as well……

I was suggesting that its a pretty complex discussion, its not as simple as 2x groups digging at each other.I didn’t mean to touch a nerve I was only trying to give you another perspective.

“You are putting words in my mouth when you accuse me of identifying as fringe as a way to call ‘the other group’ mainstream. “

I actually didn’t accuse you of that, you might want to re-read my earlier post , I was only trying to give you an explanation of why myself & the people I know use terms like ‘Hipster Clique” .

And I can only write from personal experience here but I also identify as “fringe” & “experimental” maybe even “Lunatic Fringe” & I’ve approached David Finnigan & yourself quiet a few times to get involved in different things over the years, I’ve never taken it personally when i wasn’t involved & have always greeted you both with a friendly smile in the street.

The reason I’m mentioning it now is because you are running a festival promoting Canberra are you not? I create ‘experimental’ arts in Canberra, I’m a Canberra experimental artist, I emailed David to be involved, with no reply……really do I have to endure a damn pissing match of achievements before David will decide I am worthy of a response?

“What other group? Who is the other group?”
“I am using fringe, particularly as a theatre artist to describe work that is original and would not be appropriate at somewhere like Canberra REP”

So let me get this straight, you identify your work as “fringe” as a way to differentiate your work from places like the Canberra Rep Theatre because you perceive this not to be appropriate for your original work?

Isn’t that in itself saying that Canberra Rep is a group? And doesn’t identifying as ‘fringe” create another group?

Why can’t left of field work be ‘framed’ by places like Canberra Rep?

“Do you know which graduates are and are not involved? ”
“What parts of the You Are Here program are you going to see?”

Yes, I’m going to the festival, I’ve already bumped into you there, I’m probably not going to share what I’ll be am going along to on RiotACt , but I’ll be there.

“You are speaking in quite vague terms, not only about the events you have curated, but also the other groups you have worked with who you feel should be creating work for this festival, what they would bring to this festival”

I haven’t spoken in detail because I’m hoping that a lot of these groups & artists see this as an opportunity where they can speak up about their own work & what they would bring to the Festival.

Following is an abbreviated list of the things i’ve been involved in: I’ve created and ran several events in the old ATSIC building between 2003-2004 titled “Demolition”, I was heavily involved running the tech side of the last “QuantaCrib” at TINA in 2004, Again for the “Colabradoor” event at TINA in 2005, New Media Experimental arts event at the Australian Choreographic Centre called “Gadget” in late 2006, I’ve performed as an experimental sound artist nationally & in 2005 was asked to do this with The Melbourne symphony Orchestra as part of Nick Ng’s “Secret of the Golden Flower” .

I’ve collaborated on events with QL2, Australian Choreographic centre (Now QL2), NGA , School Of Art, School of music, National Library of Australia, Fringe Festival Adelaide, Civic Youth Centre, Woden Youth Centre, Tuggernong Youth Centre.

Then in 2008 & the last public production I was involved with “Oceans All boiled Into Sky” written by David Finnigan, I wrote & produced my own & Eric Iknouchis original compositions & performed live FX & Music & mixing with Erica during the performances.

Then I de-activated from the local scene & have been developing work in private for the last 3xyears. With some “one off performances” at the NGA during the opening of the new entrance space. The last 3xyears of writing is nearing the light of day, the first chapter will be the emergence of an ensemble called “Orbis Tertius” playing middle eastern inspired ,original Instrumental compositions. I’ve also been writing music for local lebanese poet ‘Maher Kheir’ that he plans to release sometime in the next year.

I’m really not sure how any of this strengthens my argument or has any relevance to the discussion but you asked, so there you go!

“What are the other festivals they have tried to get off the ground that have not been funded?”

CNMA used to run an event called DUST for its graduates & smaller ‘satellite’ events during the year, since being consumed by the Photo-media department these events have been unfunded & as a result don’t exist anymore. CNMA tried several times to apply for more funding to expand this model ultimately with no success.

Paul Mosig & Racheal peachy from the collective ‘Contextual Villans’ who were heavily involved in the local ‘fringe’ scene at this time then created the “New Media Festival -Feasibility Study” that is attached earlier in the email correspondence on this page. If you haven’t read this already please do….

The School of music has an annual “Sound Proof” experimental composition event ran 3-4 times a year to promote the composition departments students & graduates original compositions & sound works. This event has been searching unsuccessfully for funding for around 4xyears now, it only exists thanks to hard work of the people involved & the limited support of the School itself.

Between 2004-2007 CCAS has had several attempts at getting an experimental arts festival off the ground, I’ve performed & been involved with two of these events. These ‘festival’ concepts eventually were reduced into one off events that all involved were hoping would drive local interest toward the larger festival concept.

I can’t comment about events that the NGA,School of Art and the National library haven’t received funding for, Its not my place, its up to the NGA, School of Art and National Gallery to comment about these events.

I can only really discuss my own experiences here not ones that have occurred as a collaborative group personally I have always ran my events without funding, out of my own pocket so I’ve never bothered with ‘funding’, I have relied heavily on ‘in kind’ support from the mentioned institutions.

What the You Are Here festival would gain from including these people is part of a much larger conversation that I think needs to occur between all these ‘stakeholders’ , Centenary of Canberra & the You Are Here festival.

“How would we have a bigger festival? Would you have received more money, would you be using the money in a different way, or would you be working with the institutions and schools I have mentioned be giving you in kind support such as extra gallery space etc.? How would that work in the Canberra CBD?”

I can’t imagine that the festival would receive more money by collaborating with these institutions, I don’t know what money has been spent on for this festival so its a bit hard to say how I’d use the money differently.

From experience these other Institutions would provide in kind support like, furniture, tech equipment, projectors , space for meetings & organization, promotion, each Institution alone reaches 1000’s of people via email lists & patron programs so apart from the You Are Here booklets & online promotion you would have ‘hard copy’ promotion in the form of ‘post outs’ to these other Institutions demographics.

Again, i see this as a much larger discussion…..

“Your comments about Finnigan come off as vague threats, and the over riding feeling from what you’ve written so far is not that you are a nutjob, or even passionate, but you are petulantly demanding to know why Finnigan got money and you didn’t.”

Well thats not what I intended and please don’t put words in my mouth, I’ve never once asked why David got the money, much less demanded petulantly, I really don’t care why David got the money, so no offense but your over riding feeling is wrong.

What I am interested in is being a part of the Festival & working WITH David. Not being taken out of context and attacked.

The only statement that I think could be perceived as a threat is this one: “These actions probably won’t effect you, but David as a government contractor is another story”

I made this statement after David linked to this on the You Are Here facebook page, in my judgement this was a malicious attempt to undermine the discussion that I was trying to get started here.

Its pretty clear that David & John (RiotACT) are heavily affiliated with each other, if my original comment had been published on the “What is the You Are Here festival about” page & then linked too I wouldn’t care, but publishing a private email fracas under the title “Flame of the Week” & then linking to it on the facebook page is just a slight bit malicious, don’t you think?

As I propagate my work online & attract new collaborations online this really can effect my practice, it does come up as the first choice in google before any of the stuff I might be pointing potential collaborators to, so what would you suggest I do?

David won’t talk to me, or reply to email so how else can I deal with this? Right at the moment I can’t see how else to deal with it but to get legal advice & draft a letter to Davids employer for the festival. Given the circumstances i don’t see any other option, maybe you have a better suggestion?

    johnboy 2:46 pm 12 Mar 11

    You could try ditching the sense of entitlement, building a bridge, and getting over it?

Hadley 3:37 am 12 Mar 11

Where to start! Firstly I completely disagree with your view of the Canberra scene having a ‘fringe’ clique – I am using fringe, particularly as a theatre artist to describe work that is original and would not be appropriate at somewhere like Canberra REP. I do not use the term to try and put myself on a pedestal, or accuse others of being mainstream, but rather to identify the work I create and give it a frame for people who are not aware of it. I consider what I do to be fringe as it is left of centre.

You are putting words in my mouth when you accuse me of identifying as fringe as a way to call ‘the other group’ mainstream. What other group? Who is the other group? I’ve been involved in the Canberra performing arts scene for a fair while, and have never felt it falls on a mainstream/fringe or even other/fringe divide.

You say their/other a lot, but who? Like I said, School of Art graduates ARE involved in the festival and your response is… you want MORE school of art graduates involved in the festival? Do you know which graduates are and are not involved? What parts of the You Are Here program are you going to see?

You talk about Graduates, but what graduates and what shows/collectives have they formed or are a part of? What are the other festivals they have tried to get off the ground that have not been funded? I, like a whole mess of Canberra artists, have worked for years creating work both funded and unfunded. When the festivals did not get funding to go ahead, what happened in their place?

How would we have a bigger festival? Would you have received more money, would you be using the money in a different way, or would you be working with the institutions and schools I have mentioned be giving you in kind support such as extra gallery space etc.? How would that work in the Canberra CBD?

You are speaking in quite vague terms, not only about the events you have curated, but also the other groups you have worked with who you feel should be creating work for this festival, what they would bring to this festival, and what your previous unfunded festival models have been.

Your comments about Finnigan come off as vague threats, and the over riding feeling from what you’ve written so far is not that you are a nutjob, or even passionate, but you are petulantly demanding to know why Finnigan got money and you didn’t.

Monopod 10:58 am 11 Mar 11

“I would be really interested to find out about the groups that have been left out. You bring up examples like the School Of Art being left out, and not even knowing that the festival was on, but there is definitely a strong representation of School of Art graduates in You Are Here.”

“I am also confused by the repeated bringing up of the NGA — the National Gallery? Is NGA an acronym for something else I am not aware of? If not, what vested interest could the National Gallery have in a festival that doesn’t take part in their institution? Surely they receive enough money from the ACT government without needing a slice from this festival too? What would they do for You Are Here? Maybe I just don’t fully understand what the NGA does. What interest could the NGA have in what services the-riotact performs for the community?”

Using NGA & School of art as examples, both Institutions have ‘fringe’ & ‘experimental’ artists involved with them, both have a long history of being linked to Arts in Canberra, both Institutions have loads of more experimental initiatives that never get off the ground largely due to lack of financial support, both have access to large networks full of resources. They also represent giant networks…

I don’t think NGA & School Of Art would see this as an opportunity for more funding, they would welcome You Are Here as an opportunity for its students, ex graduates not already included & for the Canberra community as a whole.

Including these other ‘stakeholders’ in You Are Here can only strengthen You Are Here’s position & provide even more linkage with the Canberra art community.

“I am more interested in the fringe arts groups without formal backing of cultural and tertiary institutions. What work do they create? Where is it created? What sort of impact has it had on the Canberra scene?”

Without Art School graduates, or ACAT or CNMA graduates, CIT graduates I think the Canberra scene would be a very different place, the NGA provides employment for many artists as curators, restorers, preservers, where would Canberra be without these Artists that have been able to remain in the Canberra scene as a result of this?

The term ‘fringe’ imply s’ that its on the edge of something right? What if its not as black & white as mainstream Vs fringe? What if at every level there are things you could consider ‘experimental’ or fringe going on? What if in the mainstream there are ‘fringe’ artists too?

I think the ‘hipster clique’ label you refer to comes from NOT connecting with the larger Canberra Art community, but instead creating a fringe element & not even contacting them.

I apologize for using it, I really don’t like the reductive idea , I’m really only trying to show that both sides of the argument are involved in the creation & decimation of this ‘hipster clique’ concept, its not as simple as people outside of the fringe labeling it that way.

You might not be directly saying it but by identifying yourself as ‘fringe’ at the same time implys that the other group is a ‘mainstream clique’

Try to see it from their perspective, they have rallied for more experimental arts for years, tried to get other similar festivals off the ground, didn’t get the go ahead from Arts ACT or AusCo, had to compromise & put on less experimental festivals & then when a festival comes along that is sponsored by government interests but is also tasked with promoting ‘experimental’ ‘fringe’ arts they are left out?

Imagine if the ‘fringe’ element & the main stream Institutions were working together?

“what a thing to say! Please, Warwick Lynch, tell me what you would do? Tell me who YOU would involve? I would love to hear even the vaguest rundown of the You Are Here festival if it was in your hands.”

How can I even answer that? I would imagine that if these other Institutions & individuals were included from the very start of the planning stage onwards we would have an even bigger festival, more acts, more demographics represented. Perhaps some type of representation from experimental artists that are over 18-30?

Look, I didn’t make that comment to undermine the Festival that is happening, I made it because I don’t think it is representing ALL of Canberra.

Also lets not lose sight of the fact that this is all being pushed ahead because the Centenary is approaching, the funding & the governmental interest is only flowing because Canberra is celebrating a centenary in two years. This is an opportunity with a time limit, if ALL of the Canberra underground scene don’t make the most of it it will represent another lost opportunity for arts in Canberra, right at the moment I don’t think that ALL of the scene is being given the opportunity.

David Finnigan & co was given funding & planning permission for a Festival promoting Canberra’s underground arts, why does the program only reflect the last 2-3 years of underground arts in Canberra?

Anyway, If David had replied to the initial inquiries I emailed him over a month ago I can’t imagine this would have ended up on here, I’d be participating in the festival & I would have contacted the NGA & School of art & pushed for larger community wide involvement, Instead David has left himself & the Festival wide open to this type of discussion…..

JB, the formula you mention was adhered too & you know it, you just personally didn’t want to let my original comment thru, as can be interpreted by the way you have tried to make me out to be a nut case.

And really, after the initial moderated comment you didn’t exactly act in a non-provoking manner , you provoked me during a private conversation & then when you got the expected response you published it & then David linked to it on the You Are Here facebook page, thats a pretty malicious way to try & attack my credibility. Kudo’s on tagging it so that it comes up on the first page of a Google search too.

These actions probably won’t effect you, but David as a government contractor is another story

I might be passionate about Canberra arts, I might be opinionated, I may not have the best way of communicating these ideas without putting people offside but the one thing I’m not is a nutbag & you labeling me that only detracts from the discussion I am trying to ‘elicit ‘ (Thanks Breda!)

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