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Cyclists pay to use the road (So why say they don’t?)

By 27 April 2009

I want to confront head-on something that usually comes up as a side issue in countless Riot Act threads, especially recently, and has offended my sense of justice and fairness. In any thread remotely related to road transport , sooner or later, someone always posts something that essentially says or implies that “cyclists don’t pay for the [...]

Little progress on firewood

By 26 April 2009

The Canberra Times has a piece about wood fired heating in Canberra.
Apparently the subsidies to switch to gas are falling into disuse and sales of firewood are on the rise.
On the bright side the very worst polluting heaters appear to have been the ones replaced.
Time for another ad campaign?

Is the food supply for Canberra Secure?

By 26 April 2009

Please Help Create a Sustainable Community by Completing Our Survey
The Canberra Environment and Sustainability Resource Centre provides a focal point for the diverse and growing environmental movement in our region.
Our key goal is to improve public awareness of and involvement with the spectrum of environment activities from air, water, flora and fauna to town planning, [...]

Birdsong at dusk in Garema Place

By 25 April 2009

I’m not often in Garema Place around sundown.
But I was last night and the twittering of the all the little birds in the trees as the rain fell gently was really very striking.
So here’s a little bit I captured of it just for you.

Last chance for the queens (dealing with the wasp menace)

By 24 April 2009

The European wasp season is drawing to a close and it’s been another bad one for the Canberra region with reported nests well up on last year. If you have a nest on your property or know of any nests anywhere, then now is the last chance to get it treated as the queens numbering in [...]

Greens move on battery hens in Canberra

By 24 April 2009

Mark today down as a red letter day, the Greens have put out a media release!
And it’s a good one too. Caroline Le Couteur has announced that if they get their way the battery farming of chickens in the ACT will come to an end, amongst other things.
Canberra’s single cage egg farm is Parkwood, [...]

Anzac Parade planters giving up the ghost

By 21 April 2009

The NCA have announced that the summer just past has done for the 12,000 Hebe plants lining Anzac Parade.
The planter beds along the central strip of Anzac Parade contain Hebe ‘Autumn Glory’, a variety native to New Zealand which is no longer readily available.

‘The hot dry summer in Canberra this year has taken its toll [...]

Best spots for the turning of the leaves?

By 20 April 2009
Best spots for the turning of the leaves?

So Canberra’s deciduous foliage is pretty much at its autumnal best at the moment.
For those looking to get out and about admiring the pretty colours where are your favourite parts of town at this time of year?

Reduce ACT GHG Emissions to zero by 2020

By 19 April 2009

Most people do not know that we increase the amount of money in society by the banks lending money they do not have. That is, the banks – including the Reserve Bank – make loans of money even though they do not have it on deposit. As soon as they create the loan the bank [...]

The McMansion invasion?

By 19 April 2009

The Canberra Times has the bombshell news that the city with the highest average incomes is building the largest average homes.
Sad news for the witterers on 666 talkback that no-one appears to be listening to them.

The continuing eucalypt menace…

By 17 April 2009
The continuing eucalypt menace...

[First filed: April 01, 2009 @ 15:05]

On the corner of Cox and Campbell Streets in Ainslie is one of the biggest trees I’ve ever seen in an urban environment.
Anyway it’s not quite so big any more.
My estimate is at least 10 tonnes of timber came down onto the road when this thing came down.
Also for [...]

The European Menace

By 17 April 2009

I briefly heard her deputy chiefliness on ABC this morning responding to a caller concerned about the rapid rise in the population of European wasps.  I remember when they were first detected in Canberra, and there was great concern to eradicate them wherever possible.  Well, it hasn’t worked.
I had breakfast in Manuka last weekend, and it [...]

Tomorrow, Black Mountain Burns

By 16 April 2009

The Department of Territory And Municipal Services (TAMS) has announced that they’re making Black Mountain blacker tomorrow when they undertake hazard reduction burns.
Temporary smoke cover may occur. Every effort will be made to conduct the burn in weather conditions that will minimise the impact of smoke in the area.
ACT Health advises that people with [...]

Minimal risk at Cooleman Court

By 16 April 2009

The Canberra Times has a bit on the trouble at Cooleman Court where asbestos has been found in the aircon and shops have had to close:
Four Cooleman Court shops are gradually reopening after an asbestos scare late last week.
The shops were closed on Thursday when asbestos-related material found in an air-conditioning duct months ago [...]

Water Tanks Information Talk

By 16 April 2009

[ 23 April 2009; 6:30 pm; ] SEE-Change hosts:  Water Tanks: Your questions answered. 

What size to get? How to locate and set up a tank? What rebates are available?

Come learn not only from the professionals but hear what advise others have, who have already experienced the potential pitfalls of installing a rainwater tank.

Julene and Ricki from local firm, Get Tanked, will [...]

Disconnecting from ACTEW water supply?

By 16 April 2009

Does any Rioter know if it is legal/allowable to disconnect from the Actew water supply in suburban Canberra, and exist on tank water alone?
I previously lived just over the border in NSW & existed quite happily on what was collected from the roof, and I have an aversion to paying buckets of money to Actew [...]

Windy and dusty

By 15 April 2009

The ACT Emergency Services Agency has posted the following note:
Strong winds and dust
The ACT State Emergency Service (ACT SES) and the ACT Fire Brigade are responding to calls for assistance as a result of the current strong winds and dust storm.
The call outs are for fallen trees in various suburbs across the city [...]

An end to bushfire season

By 14 April 2009

The ACT Emergency Services Agency has announced the end of bushfire season tomorrow, following the weekend’s rain.
“The official bushfire danger period will formally finish on Wednesday 15 April 2009,” Acting ESA Commissioner David Foot said.
“The end of the season was extended by two weeks on 31 March 2009 due to continued hot and dry [...]

Spraying the urban forest?

By 14 April 2009

Apologies for the lack of pics. Some months ago, I noticed the fences facing Sulwood Drive along the bottom of Mount Taylor in Kambah looked different – someone had spraypainted palms and trees on the mostly colorbond fences.
Since then its spread to Lyons and Mawson areas as well. At first I thought this was an [...]

Radar love (lost)

By 13 April 2009
Radar love (lost)

At the BOM radar site, all is not well
Any keen weather watcher, like me, will be bemoaning the loss of the Captains Flat* radar. It would have to go down now, just when we are actually GETTING some weather for a change.
All I’m getting at the website is;

Latest Image
Radar Equipment Failure 11-04-2009
Start time: Unknown
Duration: Unknown [...]

A Hard Rain’s a Fallin’ in The Valley

By 13 April 2009

I’d love to hear from those living down south about the rain on Saturday night.
The Weather Bureau says while the airport had 6mm (and here in the North I had around 8mm), Tuggeranong had 29mm.
And better still, or perhaps worse still if the downpipes were blocked, Tuggeranong had 19.8mm in just 30 minutes between 6 [...]

Lake still yuck

By 8 April 2009

The National Capital Authority once again warns that their lake is still full of toxic scunge:
Parts of Lake Burley Griffin are still closed due to unacceptably high levels of blue-green algae and bacteria.
East Basin and Central Basin are closed to all water activities as result of high levels of blue-green algae. Recreation activity involving [...]

ACT v Queanbeyan – Water War -The Death Match

By 8 April 2009

Anyone noticed the Federal Court action between the ACT and Queanbeyan that’s on today?  It seems like they were in court in December fighting over access to documents 
Of course, the Canberra times and the rest of the ACT media pack could not actually report on this, because there has not been a press release [...]

Drug addled Canberrans making the fish happy?

By 8 April 2009

The Canberra Times warns that all the prozac in Canberran’s wee is hitting the fishies downstream of the Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre, and the current redevelopment won’t fix that.
Mind you there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of harmful effects, just an oblique reference to American studies.
And the nitrogen levels will be better, [...]

The planters… All Gone!

By 7 April 2009
The planters... All Gone!

Thanks to Timgee for pointing out that Civic’s petunia planters have all disappeared.
Here you can see they’ve gone from Bunda Street
We can only hope they return soon with winter plantings.

And all gone in Garema Place.

And gone from City Walk.

More controlled burns planned for this week

By 7 April 2009

The Emergency Services Agency is warning that they’re planning to light some fires this week in the name of hazard reduction.
The burns are to take place on Tuesday 7 in Flat Rock Spur in the Bendora Area of Namadgi National Park and on Wednesday 8 April 2009 in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and Black Mountain Nature [...]

An end to the big dry?

By 31 March 2009

Is that soft soaking rain I’m seeing out my window?
I’d forgotten what it looked like!

Nicotine patches rolled out to hard-smoking health care workers

By 30 March 2009

Katy Gallagher has announced the rollout of free nicotine replacement therapy for Canberra’s health workforce who, for some reason, resolutely ignore the panic surrounding their addiction/habit.
ACT Health will provide an initial eight week course of NRT in the form of patches as well as smoking cessation courses and counselling services.
“If a staff member has [...]

The heat goes on, and so does the bushfire season

By 30 March 2009

The Emergency Services Agency has seen fit to extend bushfire season:
“The official bushfire danger period will now extend until Wednesday 15 April 2009,” ESA Manager Media and Community Information Darren Cutrupi said.
“The season traditionally finishes on 31 March each year but the continued hot and dry conditions in the ACT at the moment and [...]

The wasp menace ravages the watering holes of the inner north

By 29 March 2009

It seems there’s not a pub in the inner north you can sit down outside of at the moment without having to keep an eye out for yellowjackets trying to jump in the beers.
I’ve never seen it this bad, anyone else noticing unusually high wasp activity at the moment?

ACT water supply plans

By 27 March 2009

[First filed: March 25, 2009 @ 14:06]
Simon Corbell has announced his plans to end water restrictions, and we won’t even have to drink our wee.
The ACT Government has given the green light to build the Murrumbidgee to Googong pipeline and buy water from Tantangara Reservoir improving Canberra’s water security for many years to come, [...]

The Smoke is from far away

By 27 March 2009

The ESA has just posted the following note:
Smoke across the A.C.T
Winds this morning are responsible for blowing smoke across some areas of the A.C.T from a fire in the Tallaganda State Forest near Rossi in NSW. There are currently no fires in the A.C.T.
So don’t panic.

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