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Inner North SEE-Change presents: Creating Urban Wetlands in Canberra’s Inner North

By 10 July 2009

[ 20 July 2009 at 6:30 pm; ] Inner North SEE-Change presents:  Creating Urban Wetlands in Canberra’s Inner North 

Edwina Richardson from the Department of the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water will discuss a range of wetland initiatives for Canberra’s inner north, including Banksia St, O’Connor Wetlands , Flemington Ponds, Mitchell  and Lyneham & Dickson wetlands.

Edwina is currently project managing the redesign & construction of the Banksia St, O’Connor wetlands [...]

Australian Ethical Investment buys Canberra property from a Shonk

By 6 July 2009

Colliers International have put out a rather dry announcement on selling the five star green rated 64 Allara Street (in Civic) to Australian Ethical Investment for incorporation into their upcoming Australian Ethical Property Trust (launching to investors September 2009.
I dip my lid to their sales agent making his way in real estate while upholding the [...]

Rock Wallabies A Go Go at Tidbinbilla

By 6 July 2009

The ABC brings word that Tidbinbilla’s breeding program for the critically endangered Southern Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby is going gangbusters with a baby boom underway.
Another three baby wallabies have been born, bringing the Reserve’s total population to 14.
Tidbinbilla senior wildlife officer David Dobrozszcyk says four wallabies bred in the Reserve were released back into the [...]

Still sub-zero at 9am? Tips for getting cars started?

By 6 July 2009

The Bureau informs us that it’s still below zero out there even at 9 in the morning.
The next two mornings are also forecast to get down to -3.
So for those struggling to get their cars going in these conditions have you got any tips?

Tools, Weapons and Artefacts at Tidbinbilla

By 3 July 2009

[ 10 July 2009 at 10:00 am; ] Here’s an interesting listing on Canberra Calendar:

Hear stories about how indigenous people survived in this area in the past. Learn about the tools, weapons and artefacts that were crucial to their survival. Meet at the Visitor Centre. Bookings essential on 6205 1233.

Sounds like a good one for those trying to entertain inquisitive kids.

Skippy slaughter to turn-off tourists?

By 3 July 2009

The Canberra Times brings word of plans by the National Kangaroo Protection Coalition to organise a boycott of tourism to Canberra in response to recent ‘roo culls.
“We’ve been talking about it the last couple of days and we think it’s one of the options we’ve got and probably the strongest option we’ve got to get [...]

The ACT’s Sustainable Cities winners

By 2 July 2009

Simon Corbell has announced the winners of the ACT Sustainable Cities Awards for 2009:
This years’ winners include;
– Community Partnerships – Oz Harvest;
– Environmental Innovation – Papercut;
– Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention – Orana School;
– Resource Recovery – Corinbank Festival;
– Protection of the Environment – Jervis Bay School – Booderee Junior Rangers;
– Energy Innovation – Hawker [...]

TAMS kicks off skippy slaughter

By 1 July 2009

The Department of Territory and Municipal Services has announced that roo culling is commencing this Friday in the Canberra Nature Park.
The ACT Government wishes to advise that areas within the Canberra Nature Park will be closed from Friday 3 July until Friday 31 July to allow for the controlled culling of over-abundant Eastern Grey Kangaroos. [...]

Lanyon redevelopment leaves Nolan Gallery to rot

By 1 July 2009

Vicki Dunne is taking a swing at plans to do up the Lanyon homestead which neglect to do anything about the Nolan Gallery.
“While I support the enhancing of Lanyon’s value as a heritage tourism destination, this Stanhope-Gallagher government is creating the classic donut effect,” said Ms Dunne.
“The access road will be improved, there will be [...]

Making electricity more expensive to, er, make electricity more expensive

By 1 July 2009

The Canberra Times reports on concerns by the ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission that the feed-in tariff system (whereby you get paid for electricity your home generates in surplus to what it consumes) could come at a hefty price:

Consumers will be forced to pay ”premium prices” to recover the program’s costs including $48million in [...]

Anyone want a free ACTEW ice scraper?

By 30 June 2009

Normally the ACTEW website is a dry affair, but today they’re offering something a little different:

ACTEW Corporation is offering free ice scrapers to help you get the frost off your frozen windscreen on those cold Canberra mornings.
To get your free ice scraper contact ACTEW’s Water Conservation Office on 6248 3131 or by email with [...]

Civic Seating

By 30 June 2009

It appears that the metal bench chairs in Civic are being replaced.
The comfortable and vaguely pleasing to the eye ones are being replaced by butt ugly and very uncomfortable ones.
Does the ACT Government really have that much spare cash floating around that they need to get rid of perfectly good seating that does the job. [...]

LBG free of the BGA! Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last.

By 25 June 2009

The National Capital Authority has, at long last, advised that Lake Burley Griffin is once again fit for use after closures began in the long long ago of February.
NCA Chief Executive, Gary Rake said the lake is now considered safe for recreational use.
‘Water-quality results received today, show the levels of blue-green algae are now within [...]

Entry fees return to Tidbinbilla

By 25 June 2009

In all the long years since the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve was burned out in the 2003 fires it has been free for visitors to enter the scorched surrounds.
TAMS now warns that entry fees are returning to the recovered facility.
For a normal car a day pass from 1 August will be $10, and an annual pass [...]

Under Floor Insulation in Canberra?

By 25 June 2009

Renovated Chateau Cranky a couple of years ago, incorporating insulation (batts) in all walls and roof areas. The certifier was fullsome in his praise of the installers work.
The place has always since seemed to require more heating and cooling than I would have expected from the insulation installed.
We do have some uncurtained glass, so in [...]

The arboretum to save the planet?

By 24 June 2009

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is up in arms over the ACT’s climate budget being used to fund the Chief Minister’s beloved arboretum:
ACT Greens MLA for Molonglo, Shane Rattenbury MLA has slammed the Government’s funding of the Arboretum from the climate budget following the tabling of a report* that indicated the emissions that will be [...]

More burns!

By 24 June 2009

TAMS are warning that they’re marching on with their controlled burning program:
The ACT Government wishes to advise the public that, weather permitting, controlled burns are taking place in a 14 hectare area of Kowen Forest from Wednesday 24 June to Sunday 28 June 2009.
The purpose of the ACT’s annual controlled burn program [...]

Peasoup in the city

By 24 June 2009

[First filed: June 23, 2009 @ 00:07]

Leaving The Phoenix on Monday night I stepped into a photo-grapher’s wonderland of altered light.
With the city still lit up and a thick fog rolled in everything was just a little weird.
Slideshow below:

Majura roo cull back on

By 22 June 2009

The ABC reports that the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal has had a chance to gather its thoughts and has dismissed Animal Liberation’s challenge to the roo cull at Defence’s Majura site.

Today the tribunal ruled that the Government’s original decision [to authorise the cull] should be confirmed because there is compelling evidence that the kangaroos [...]

Energy Efficiency Ratings

By 22 June 2009

What has happened to minimum standards for energy efficiency ratings for houses in the ACT?
On the weekend we visited a house for sale in Harrison which was only three years old – and it had only a 3-star EER. That’s 3 out of a possible maximum of 6! Our current house in Palmerston, which is [...]

Cotter Dam enlargement moves ahead

By 22 June 2009

Andrew Barr has announced that he’s happy with the Environmental Impact Statement Assessment Report (EISAR) for the Cotter Dam expansion.
Now we just need to wait for the Commonwealth to agree.
ACTEW are breaking out the champagne.

Botanic Gardens finally get a water supply?

By 18 June 2009

The ABC brings word that the National Botanic Gardens have, after these many long years of drought, managed to get approval for a system to extract water out of Lake Burley Griffin, just as the Royal Canberra golf course does for the benefit of its members.
NCA chief executive Gary Rake says it will save the [...]

Electric hot water systems defended

By 18 June 2009

Andrew Barr had his wrist slapped yesterday for not fronting estimates committees when asked to (the ABC has details).
But he’s certainly revelling in seeing off Green plans to get electric hot water systems banned in the ACT:
The main problems with the Greens Party’s original ill-conceived legislation include:
· A lack of realisation that electric water heaters [...]

Time for the Botanic Gardens to grow up?

By 15 June 2009

Having witnessed the spectacle of the National Botanic Gardens withering while the golf course pumped water out of the lake to keep itself lush I concluded that the gardens’ management lacked clout.
The ABC now explains why.
The Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra say the gardens are in trouble and the management [...]

respect for all creatures, as long as they don’t smell bad or look ugly

By 14 June 2009

My place of work has called in the exterminators to get rid of some mice who have made the office their home.  The exterminators use bait stations which attract the mice, who eat the poison and run off to die.  I understand the death involves internal bleeding, which doesn’t sound like a painless way to [...]

Why can’t we know the ACT Government’s position on 24 hour airport operations

By 12 June 2009

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is expressing alarm that the ACT Government’s submission on the Draft Airport Master Plan has not been made public.
Are our leaders supporting 24 hour freight operations or are they opposing it?
Even those of us without strong views on the subject would probably like to know?

Icicle weather!

By 12 June 2009

Yesterday morning shocked everyone I think by getting down to -6 degrees.
As I can’t recall the last time I saw icicles I thought it worthy of taking a picture.
Today the Bureau forecasts a whole 12 degrees.
But with the 10.24am update registering a mere 1 degree I’m having my doubts about getting there.
So much for that [...]

Inner North SEE-Change presents: Winter-wising your Windows

By 11 June 2009

[ 22 June 2009 at 6:30 pm; ] Windows can be a major source of heat loss on cold Canberra nights.

Single glazed windows can be up to 10 times worse at insulating, when compared to the same area of standard wall material. 

So what are the options when it comes to Window Insulation?

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, come learn [...]

Aussie Junk Underpaid Employees $280,000

By 11 June 2009

The Workplace Ombudsman has published a media release saying they are prosecuting Aussie Junk Pty Ltd and the Company Director Dennis Richter for allegedly underpaying staff at the Mitchell site $280,000.
Aussie Junk’s conduct has been an issue for years and finally the truth is starting to emerge. This must make ACT Nowaste feel a bit [...]

National Climate Emergency Rally & World Environment Festival

By 11 June 2009

[ 13 June 2009 at 1:00 pm; ] Be part of the Climate Solution!

We are facing a climate emergency. Climate change is already affecting people in Australia and across the world. We urgently need the Australian Government to invest in renewable energy, renew out economy, and help ensure a safe climate future for all. Instead, Prime Minister Rudd has announced a climate plan [...]

Mulligan’s fox fence finished

By 10 June 2009

ABC has the news that the feral-proof fence around a big chunk of Mulligan’s Flat (next to Forde) has now been finished.
A project of the BOB (Bush on Boundary) group of environment organisations, the purpose of this fence is to preserve a section of grassy box woodland in a feral-free state, and even allow reintroduction [...]

Suburban land clearing

By 10 June 2009

Whilst ACT Parks and Lands are contemplating widespread tree clearing throughout Canberra, they appear to be having some practice by removing native shrubs from the streetscape in Kaleen. They did it last year in Baldwin Drive, and now they have moved on to Maribyrnong Avenue, where someone with a spray can of blue paint is [...]

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