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The gum tree menace – time for action?

By 5 March, 2009

[First filed: March 04, 2009 @ 12:48]

Gum trees are frequently beautiful. They smell nice. They’re iconically Australian.
But there are some downside too. They’re programmed by evolution to try and burn all other life forms to death.
And, as pictured they like to drop enormous weights from above. This was not a sick tree, the wood is [...]

Industry lines up for a chance at the Solar Facility

By 4 March, 2009

Simon Corbell is trumpeting the success of his first industry consultation session for the planned “ACT Solar Facility”.
“”Thirty-eight registrants attended the Industry Consultation Session, held this morning, which marks the first formal step in the procurement process,” he said.
“I am very encouraged by the strong level of interest from industry in establishing a large scale [...]

Climate Change: Local Challenges and Opportunities

By 3 March, 2009

[ 12 March, 2009; 6:00 pm; ] Inner North SEE-Change Presents: Dr Karin Geiselhart 

Are you concerned about climate change?

Looking to filter out the white noise and misinformation? Dr Karin Geiselhart , a Climate Project presenter, personally trained by Al Gore,  will update us on the science, impacts and issues of climate change and help show us what we can do to meet [...]

Yarramundi revamp

By 3 March, 2009

The NCA inform us that they’re removing native grasses from Yarramundi reach to, er, encourage the growth of native grasses.
The National Capital Authority will tomorrow [today] mow, bail and remove over 100 tonnes of native grass at Yarramundi Reach.
The area is being cleared and biomass removed to encourage growth of the native grasslands and reduce [...]

ACTEW reduces water use targets

By 1 March, 2009

In the face of Canberra residents who have continually failed to meet recent water targets, ACTEW have announced they will reduce the daily water use target over autumn to just 112ML. Going by the last few winters, I reckon we’ll have a very dry winter and completely blow the target set by ACTEW. Maybe it’s [...]

Algae improving

By 26 February, 2009

The National Capital Authority reports that things are getting better in the algae-infested Lake Burley Griffin.
You and I still can’t use it, but the important business of the Royal Canberra Golf Course watering the greens can now go on. The Canberra Times also gets another bung for running an ad on this.
In other news the [...]

Data Centre Developers Getting Ready for Green Light to Go

By 24 February, 2009

The Australian is reporting that the developer of the proposed Data Centre in Hume – Technical Real Estate – hopes to start construction of the facility in early May.
Interestingly, what seemed to be insurmountable problems associated with moving from their preferred site across the road from the Mugga Lane tip have been overcome with TRE [...]


By 23 February, 2009

The forecast thunderstorm has finally arrived!
Relief all round ensues.
If you get any rain/storm pictures be sure to send them in to images@the-riotact.com

I think I have a problem . . .

By 22 February, 2009

This evening, I found this in my cats’ bowl, apparently trying to take an entire cat biscuit somewhere. There were a number of its friends with it.
It looks like a European Wasp to me.
I don’t know where it lives nor was I aware that Friskies™ were part of the wasp circle of [...]

Do we even care about water restrictions any more?

By 22 February, 2009

Over the last few weeks each time I drive past one of the “water target” signs, it appears we are consistently using many more ML than the target.
There was a post [here] a month ago about the high water usage.
So what’s the go guys? Do we no longer care about water savings or do I [...]

Paradise at the Business Park

By 22 February, 2009

Exiting the Airport earlier today, I suddently realised I was driving past a Garden of Eden-like environment.
Where else in Canberra is the grass as green? The fountains as squirty? The statues as relaxed?
The only snake in this garden is, as usual, the people who do not clean the barbeque plate when they’re [...]

The leaves are turning, so that was summer.

By 21 February, 2009

The trees have spoken, the leaves have started turning.
Summer is over and it’s time to get ready for winter.

Lake closures to be enforced this weekend

By 20 February, 2009

After last weekend’s comic efforts to close the lake for health reasons the National Capital Authority has announced that it’s having another go.
Water test results today show that the levels of blue green algae that caused the lake to be closed last Thursday remain high in some areas of the lake.
The NCA has [...]

Ramblings and Rumblings from a Local Belly

By 20 February, 2009

Those inclined to reduce their environmental footprint will be fascinated to read about an attempt by Canberra’s Hannah and Tom to eat only locally produced food over the summer.
They set themselves the challenge of eating only what grows, moos or chews within a 150km radius of their home.
Hannah has recorded the entire experiment in [...]

No exemption for the private school rowers – and still they went on – NO WAIT – NCA cocks it up again!

By 20 February, 2009

[First filed: February 19, 2009 @ 08:51]

Earlier in the week we had widespread complaints about the independent schools rowing regatta and its appalling organisation which created widespread conflict between the well heeled rowers parents and every other user of the lake shore.
A lot of you found this curious at the time as the lake was [...]

Don’t panic about the smoke

By 19 February, 2009

The ESA has made the following statement:
Smoke across the ACT
Winds this afternoon are responsible for directing smoke across the ACT from bushfires interstate. Currently there are no fires in the ACT. ACT fire towers are manned and on normal bushfire alert.
So everyone stay cool.

Powered boats on the lake

By 18 February, 2009

In recent weeks I’ve been seeing more and more powered fishing boats out on Lake Burley Griffin.
It seems our recreational boaters are taking advantage of improved electric engines for boats and the NCA’s free permit system for them.
If they don’t make any noise and don’t pollute then does anyone have a problem with them?

Light cinema for a Wednesday.

By 18 February, 2009

[ 18 February, 2009; 7:00 pm; ] Australian premiere screening of “Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives”, including discussion led by the film’s makers. Free admission

Venue: the Copland Lecture Theatre on the ANU campus. This is Building 25 on the ANU map

About the film:

What prompts this film is recognition of our deep dependence on the natural world and the significant threat to that [...]

Bungled Bridging?

By 18 February, 2009

It’s of great doubt as to whether Canberra even wants, or needs, pedestrian bridges over Lake Burley Griffin.
But it turns out there are plans for not one, but two of the buggers waiting to be run into by rowers and to snap the masts of the sailors.
The first is the reasonably well known immigration [...]

Earth Hour Launched – Brace yourselves for 28 March

By 17 February, 2009

Simon Corbell is informing us that he’s been along for a photo op with The Canberra Times General Manager, Ken Nichols, and ActewAGL CEO Michael Costello.
The cause of this love-in at the top end of town?
They’re all getting ready to cheer lead for “Earth Hour” on 28 March at 8.30pm.
Earth Hour being the time [...]

Keeping the Harvest – Food Preservation Workshop

By 16 February, 2009

[ 28 February, 2009; 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. ] Many of us are trying to eat more local seasonal food, but there are times of the year in Canberra when this can be more difficult – the so-called hungry gap.

If you grow food – you’ll also know about the seasonal “glut” when everyone says “No more, please”. Preserving food in a variety of ways [...]

ACT long term water security – Belconnen Community Council Forum 17 Feb

By 16 February, 2009

The February 2009 Belconnen Community Council Forum will be held at:
7.30pm, Tuesday 17 February 2009
Community Room above the Chandler Street Belconnen Library
ACTEW representatives will be available to discuss Canberra’s long-term water security and the enhancement of the Cotter Dam as well as the costs and benefits to residents of the installation of household rainwater tanks [...]

Workshops to determine Tidbinbilla future?

By 16 February, 2009

Here’s a new twist on public consultation.
Jon Stanhope has announced that if you want to have your say on the new plan of management for the Tidbinbilla nature reserve (and, interestingly, Block 60 on Paddys River) you’ll need to pre-register for, and then attend one of three closed “workshops”. The workshops start today and [...]

The National Trust wants your views on the Lake

By 16 February, 2009

The National Trust is running a survey on what it is we like about Lake Burley Griffin and how we’d like it used.
The information from this study will be presented to the relevant planning authorities as evidence of the social value of the lake. This could then be considered in future planning of any development [...]

Chiefly wasp warning

By 15 February, 2009

The subject of European wasps has long been dear to our hearts here at RiotACT.
Today Chief Minister Stanhope is encouraging us to take on the scourge:
“Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Jon Stanhope today urged Canberrans to be alert to the presence of European wasps, with 350 nests reported so far [...]

Calling sane gardeners – it’s your chance to save the water wise educational garden

By 14 February, 2009

ACTEW are calling for volunteers to sit on their “Community Reference Group (CRG) for the potential development of a new water wise educational garden for the Canberra region”.
It’s a reasonably influential thing, because whatever they come up with will be promoted to thousands of people.
Given how these processes attract single issue nutbags it would be [...]

NCA stuff for 13 February

By 13 February, 2009

1. The blue green algae now completely rules the lake:
The National Capital Authority has today closed the whole of Lake Burley Griffin to all primary and secondary water contact due to high concentrations of toxic blue green algae.
Last week several areas of the lake were closed, however water test results received today by the NCA [...]

Feed in Tariff details released

By 11 February, 2009

[First Filed: February 10, 2009 @ 12:45]
Simon Corbell has announced the details of “Stage 1 of the ACT’s Electricity Feed-in Tariff Scheme for households and commercial buildings”.
The start date is going to be 1 March and households that produce more electricity than they consume will be paid 50.05 cents per kilowatt.
This is 3.88 times the [...]

The Bill Poster laws hit a snag

By 11 February, 2009

It was with a great degree of disappointment that I learned from the Canberra Times that the Make RiotACT Rich Bill 2008 (also known as the Crimes (Bill Posting) Amendment Bill 2008) has hit a snag with objections raised by the Greens, Liberals, and the Human Rights Commissioner.
We discussed these proposals back on 10 December [...]

NCA forcing car clubs off the grass?

By 11 February, 2009

The Canberra Times has an interesting snippet on moves by the National Capital Authority (NCA) to stop Canberra’s vintage car clubs doing their show and shines on the grassed parts of the Parliamentary Triangle.
The car clubs are unfortunately dragging the tent embassy into the debate:
Coordinator of the Canberra Chapter of the Vintage Sport Car [...]

Canberra firies off to Victoria

By 10 February, 2009

[First filed: February 08, 2009 @ 21:50]
Jon Stanhope has announced that with the ACT relatively fire free through this nasty weather we’re sending some help to fire-ravaged Victoria.
Mr Stanhope said while the details of the assistance were still being finalised, he expected the ACT contingent to include ten light and heavy tankers and fire [...]

What’s your fire plan?

By 10 February, 2009

What would you do?
In light if the horrific Victorian fires and the still fresh (6 years) memories of the 2003 Canberra fires, what is your fire plan? We stood and fought the Canberra  firestorm and thankfully had a reasonable outcome. 
I live in the north western part of Kambah  and was able to plan, prepare, fight and panic as [...]


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