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Sports/ social clubs in Canberra

By 7 February 2014

I am looking to join a sports or other social club in Canberra to get involved in the community and to meet some new friends.  Anyone knows any interesting groups in Canberra?

Gays, nerds, and ex-cons all welcome at Vikings clubs


We were directed towards this new ad campaign for the Vikings Group by Rioter James.
So, I turned on local tv for the first time in months last night…
Have the Vikings Clubs been running some strange variety of “We’re comfortable with gays, now” campaign under an “Everybody’s Welcome” banner for long?
Also, they’re either reaching out to [...]

Pokie swapping options on the table


Joy Burch has announced the release of a discussion paper on the trading of one armed bandits between the rapacious quasi corporate entities which used to be community clubs:
The proposed trading scheme would progress an inaugural Memorandum of Understanding signed in September 2012 between the ACT Government and ClubsACT, which outlined key commitments agreed to [...]

Clubs betting on Mr Rabbit

By 22 February 2013

The ABC has the news that even the Labor movement dominated Clubs aren’t willing to spend money on the possibility of Labor winning the next election:
Members met on Thursday afternoon to decide on whether to begin the trial organised, or delay until after the September polling date.
ClubsACT chief executive Jeff House says managers are [...]

South Coast Club Food Despair

By 17 January 2013

After spending a week near Tathra with Mrs AAM & AA kiddies I continue to despair about the quality of the food being served in many South Coast establishments, particularly RSL’s, Bowls & Golf clubs.   I know there are some places doing a great job in Tuross & Merimbula to name a couple but really a lot [...]

Operation Unite returns for the silly season

By 6 December 2012

ACT Policing today announced its participation in Operation Unite, which will commence across Australian and New Zealand this weekend (7-9 December).
Operation Unite — a multi-jurisdictional operation focusing on alcohol-related crime — aims to draw attention to the broader implications associated with alcohol misuse in public locations, including crime and anti?social behaviour.
Operational Commander Superintendent Brett Kidner [...]

Canberra Whisky Club!

By 12 October 2012

The Canberra Whisky Club has recently started meeting for monthly tastings and dinners. Monday the 15th of October marks the second Canberra Whisky Club meeting. More information can be found at, or by emailing
The Canberra Whisky Club is comprised of individuals who are keen to expand their understanding and exposure to different Whisky’s from around the world.
The [...]

When pokies meet developers with help from Labor

By 12 September 2012

Labor in the ACT has two great loves. Poker machines and real estate deals.
So it’s very exciting to see Joy Burch bring the two together along with patronage and largesse.
Nine small licensed clubs will receive grants of $15,000 each to assess the viability of their sites for residential development, ACT Minister for Gaming and Racing [...]

Clubs with pokies, can there be only one?

By 11 May 2012

Canberra’s poker machine empires masquerading as community operations are slowly coalescing:
The construction union’s Tradies Clubs, the Catholics’ Southern Cross Clubs, the Hellenic Clubs, Rugby’s Vikings and the Labor Party’s Labor Clubs.
We have no doubt once all the little clubs are swallowed up the elephants will dance.
But to facilitate the process Labor’s Joy Burch has [...]

Dunlop pokie roller loses by a nose

By 26 April 2012

ACT Policing has arrested a 19-year-old Dunlop man yesterday (Wednesday, April 25) following three thefts at Clubs across Canberra in the past month.
Police will allege the man had taken money from Clubs in the ACT region over a period of 35 days.
The man will face the ACT Magistrates Court today charged with three counts of [...]

Serial pokie den robber


ACT Policing has received information the man responsible for the aggravated robbery at the Southern Cross Club in Macquarie (Thursday, March 29) was also involved in thefts at three Canberra clubs.
The thefts occurred at the Canberra Southern Cross Club in Phillip, the Mawson Club and the Ainslie Football Club at different times over the last [...]

Greens get fair warning for liquor licensees

By 21 March 2012

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is celebrating the passage of his legislation to make life a little more predictable for Canberra’s bars:
The new law requires the Government to give pubs and clubs a minimum of three months warning before changing their annual licence fees.
“This new law is about making a practical difference for small business holders [...]

And the AHA award winners for 2012 are…

By 20 March 2012

The Australian Hotel Association (ACT Branch) had their big awards last night. While somehow are invitation got lost in the mail they have fought through their hangovers this morning to send through the media kit for the event.
And the winners are:
– John Press Award – Sasha Trpovski, HonkyTonks & Hippo Bar
– Member of the Year [...]

Greens go to bat for the publicans

By 22 February 2012

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury has announced he’s going to try and amend the liquor laws to give licensees fair warning of changes to their fees:
The amendment will require that pubs and clubs be given a minimum of three months notice if the Government plans to change their annual licence fee.
“This is a common sense change [...]

Pokies trial in Canberra …

By 23 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

With Quangers nearby ‘n all … interested to hear Rioters’ prescient thoughts on how it’s likely to go.
ED – Chief Minister Gallagher has welcomed the trial:
The ACT Government welcomes the Federal Government’s plan to tackle problem gambling which was announced on Saturday.
As part of the plan the Commonwealth has indicated its desire [...]

Opinions needed on clubs / casual eateries.

By 12 December 2011

Today is my partners and my birthday, we would like to do something nice together this week as my partner is working today. We are not especially fancy people and would like to know if there were any clubs or casual places to eat and relax that were any good food wise.
We have 2 small [...]

Would be teen blaggers grassed up by someone

By 9 December 2011

ACT Policing has arrested five men overnight after a lengthy investigation into a number of aggravated robberies in the ACT.
On Thursday (December 1) investigations conducted by members from ACT Policing’s Criminal Investigations revealed that the five men, all aged in their late teens, were planning on committing an aggravated robbery on a club in Canberra’s [...]

The billion dollar pokie turnover

By 21 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is drawing attention to just how much money goes through the pokies.
An Assembly Committee has heard that $178.9 million was lost on ACT pokies in the past financial year with more than a billion dollars cycling through the machines.
Media reports last week put the figure at $100 million, but following questioning [...]

Liquor licence fees now off to committee

By 18 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

In the ongoing war between the Australian Hotels Association and the rest of humanity the Liberals have announced that they’ve sent the vexed liquor licence fees to the untender mercies of the Justice and Community Safety Committee.
“I am glad the majority of the Assembly today backed the Canberra Liberals call for ACT Labor’s shambolic liquor [...]

Liquor fees finally released

By 9 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

With liquor licence fees due on 30 November publicans will be thrilled to hear that Simon Corbell has at last announced what they will be:
In summary the revised fee structure includes:
– A small bar trading to 2am with an occupancy loading less than 150 patrons will pay $1,911 less and a bar with less than [...]

Meat raffle tour guide in Canberra?

By 15 September 2011

I’m hoping to fill my freezer with winnings from meat raffles.
Which venues have the best odds?

Why are ACT clubs so daggy?

By 8 September 2011

Why dont the ACT clubs get with the times?
They never seem to realize that tacky decor, below average food and beverages and ambience dominated by multiple TV screens of mindless sport and racing are a big turn-off to most people – what a wasted resource they are.

Gungahlin gets a bar. Siren opens.

By 19 July 2011

CityNews brings word that Gungahlin’s getting a bar, to be named Siren, to be an alternative to the licenced clubs.
Siren, owned by Gungahlin resident Daniel Gaul, a part-owner of All Bar Nun, underwent a $1.5m fit-out to encompass a bar, restaurant and outdoor deck.
Mr Gaul said the frustration with the lack of quality [...]

Liquor licensing fee models released for discussion.


The best part of a year into the new reformed liquor licensing regime Justice and Community Safety are back to circulating an options paper for fee models.
Well done Labor and Greens for pushing the last lot through which have obviously worked so well.
But looking to windward what’s on the table here?
1 Current Model
On:/Club/General/Special: Standard Fee [...]

The RSA fiasco pushes out to 1 June 2012


As noted last October the Responsible Service of Alcohol course is a farcical exercise of minimal value.
But even that’s a bit much to organise it seems.
We’ve come into the possession of a letter from the Commissioner for Fair Trading to the Liquor Industry Association Representatives pushing the RSA requirement date out another six months.
The commencement [...]

Explosions and assaults at Erindale Vikings. It’s all good fun until…

By 30 May 2011

This in from a normally reliable source, we await comment from ACT Policing.
– Incident occurred at the dancefloor\bar indoors at Erindale Vikings (P3?) on Friday night (27 May 2011).
– Group of drunk late teens\early 20s guys setting of fireworks inside.
– Were asked to leave by Security, but did not.
– Were not escorted out immediately, as [...]

Review of the Liquor Laws kicks off


Simon Corbell’s new liquor laws are much beloved by the operators of large bars and clubs and widely despised by those who prefer their settings more intimate.
Today he’s announced a review is underway and he wants your feedback:
Mr Corbell said the focus for the review will be on the risk-based fee structure, which licensed establishments [...]

Outdoor pokies luring hopeless addicts to Quangers?

By 21 December 2010

Casino City Times has the strange news that Canberra’s licensed clubs want a tax cut because Queanbeyan has outdoor poker machines.
At these outdoor poker machines the gambling addicts can also smoke, and no doubt drink.
Apparently this is costing the locals $4.2 million which the ACT taxpayer must cough up or risk losing crappy bistros [...]

The missing heart of Canberra

By 22 October 2010

I’m a Canberran. I’m relatively new to Canberra, but in the short time I’ve been here I’ve fallen in love with it. Like most Sydneysiders, I always thought Canberra was dull, bland, boring, insipid.
But the real Canberra is wonderful! In a few short years we have enjoyed the wonderful cultural events that Canberra offers, [...]

New outdoor smoking laws from 9th December.

By 13 September 2010

I have heard a few radio adds about smoking not being allowed at outdoor restaurants in the ACT from 9th of December. As some one who has a quite severe reaction to cigarette smoke I see this as a good thing, because I’ll finally be able to sit outdoors and enjoy the sun instead of [...]

Did I hear right? Stanhope defending the pokies …

By 4 September 2010

I couldn’t believe my ears this morning – on 666, Stanhope – I’ve never heard him so animated! – on the topic of pokies.
He committed to defending the clubs and their pokies to the hilt.
Now, I have an issue with the argument that “community groups and clubs will suffer if we regulate the [...]

Can “cocktail bar” rumours about Edgars be true?

By 6 July 2010

Rumour on the seaward side of Northbourne has it that Edgars – currently closed for renovations – is going to reopen as a cocktail bar. Surely Ainslie’s demographic hasn’t reach that particular tipping point yet! (Hopefully it never will).
Can someone debunk this and ease the anxiety of a handful of “five o’clock swill” regulars?

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