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Ask RiotACT: Question on Transact VDSL2 & relinquishing the USO

Ask RiotACT

I was about to sign up to Transact’s switch to VDSL2 with VOIP but apparently that means relinquishing your home phone option AND your Universal Service Obligation telephone rights. I quite like knowing that my home phone will work when the electricity is down. I notice Foxtel’s bundle appears to offer a “copper” home phone [...]

Online ANZAC bus bookings, rise of internet an issue for the computerless

Computer transactions

I’m trying to understand the proposal people should register online in order to travel by ACTION bus to this year’s ANZAC Day ceremonies.
While numbers attending the services continue to grow, last year as the anniversary of Gallipoli might have been a high water mark not to be repeated. Of course this should not be [...]

Supernode issue causing poor internet access

By 23 February 2016 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

We have been long suffering and attempting to find a solution to our extremely poor internet access in inner Canberra.
We have been able to identify the root of our problem. A supernode on our street identified by the TransACT/iinet techo as being “stuffed” and needs a serious upgrade or (simple) replacement. The normal quick fix of [...]

Ask RiotACT: NBN providers

By 19 January 2016 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

Hi everyone, I am moving to Braddon soon and the area I am moving to is connected to NBN.
Question: Which NBN providers would you recommend?
I am currently on Optus for ADSL +. It works okay until after 8pm when everything just slows down.

Curtin ACT internet with iiNET

By 19 March 2014

So we are looking to change to iiNET for internet in Curtin.  Has anyone used the ADSL 2+ broadband service from iiNET in the suburb of Curtin and able to give an indication of reliability and speed?
We are seeking change as our current provider isn’t reaching the speeds required, but are concerned entering a new [...]

NBN 2.0: From engineer’s dream to political football

By 13 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

By Michael de Percy, University of Canberra
With unwavering confidence Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled the consultants report showing Labor’s ambitious plan to provide fibre–to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband to the vast majority of Australian households would have cost A$73 billion.
Indeed, Turnbull suggests NBN projections to date have been “extremely optimistic” with the rollout significantly slower than expected, [...]

400Gbps trail between Sydney and Canberra

By 3 December 2013

Nextgen Networks have successfully tested a 400 Gigabit link from Canberra to Sydney.
Sadly the test was simply that, and there and no current plans to make this upgrade permanent.
“We installed, commissioned, tested – and then removed – a 400 Gigabit link from Sydney to Canberra and it worked,” chief technical officer Phil Martel told an [...]

Public wifi on the airy fairy never never

By 15 November 2013

IT News has a blood curdling story on doomed-to-fail government plans have some sort of public wifi around town with no actual business plan and ignoring that phone companies are already building solid mobile data networks around town that are sustainable.
While the territory is prepared to front up an initial grant to set up the [...]

NBN buys up the TransACT fibre

By 14 November 2013

The Australian has a piece of some good use being had from the ACT’s dalliance with the TransACT fibre network as iiNet flips that part of its recent purchase to NBN Co:
THE competition regulator has given the green light to a $14 million deal that will see the NBN Co buy iiNet’s Canberra-based fibre-to-the-premises network.
The [...]

Grapevine on the fritz?

By 18 October 2013

My grapevine is now into day 3 of not working. T
he phone contact recording say they are working on it.  
Have been with them for some time and I reckon this would be the longest it has not burbled along happily. I was with Bigpond before this and don’t remember any 3 day no service. [...]

Fibre to the node

By 8 August 2013

Living the Liberal parties future of the NBN, fibre to the node, right now. My ADSL2 speed has received a major rev up with the fibre to the node which has been laid out in the inner north. One can only think how fast an actaul fibre to my house would deliver
Now all I need [...]

NBN rollout starts in Belconnen


Andrew Leigh is celebrating the start of NBN work in the Belconnen area:
Construction has commenced to bring the NBN to hundreds of households in the Belconnen area, Member for Fraser, Andrew Leigh said today.
Andrew Leigh today welcomed the release of detailed maps by NBN Co, showing where construction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) [...]

Yesterday we went live with the NBN. Here’s how it went.

By 5 April 2013

Yesterday was the long-awaited connect to the National Broadband Network day. Yay!
After being involved for years in the community campaign to get Gungahlin’s parlous internet access upgraded, it was lovely to be able to see the end result.
We’ve been paying Telstra the same price as someone in Sydney pays for an ADSL2+ service running at [...]

Robert Macklin misses a simpler time when everybody listened to him

By 21 March 2013

Professionally opinionated man Robert Macklin is raging against the modern era where everyone gets to have an opinion, and misses when he was in the privileged position of everyone having to listen to what he thought.
For example, after I joined “The Canberra Times” in 1990 and became arts editor and a columnist, it was [...]

Telstra/Bigpond in Canberra?

By 12 March 2013

Wonder if any ‘Acters can help/advise …
I have BigPond internet, which gives me a download speed of around 3.3 Mbps … on ADSL2+. It hasn’t bothered me too much until recently, as I’m definitely a light user, but when I decided a bit of catch-up TV might be nice it didn’t handle that too well [...]

And the NBN troubles for a new estate continue…

By 19 February 2013

Last month I wrote about the plight of a group of residents in a greenfields estate in Watson, who have been almost 8 months without a fixed-line phone or internet connection. You can read all about it here.
After making that post, there was a small amount of fuss kicked up:

A member of the Department of [...]

NBN coming to Civic

By 25 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Andrew Leigh has announced the Civic rollout of the National Broadband Network:
In around 12 months’ time, people in Civic will be able to start connecting to the National Broadband Network. The map shows that NBN fibre is being rolled out Civic, Acton and parts of Braddon which will allow more residents access to faster, affordable [...]

NBN woes for Watson residents

By 24 January 2013

The National Broadband Network is only weeks away from a rollout to around 14,000 homes in Gungahlin. It heralds a shiny-bright future of super-fast connection speeds amid promises to “transform Australia as much as the telegraph, railways and highways did for previous generations”.
But this dream has been nothing more than a nightmare for a group [...]

Coastal hazards

By 4 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

For those seeking to escape the scorching heatwave about to pound down on us by going to the coast, a couple of words of warning:
1. The bluebottles are in biblical proportions if the wind is coming in right. I took the above shot on North Broulee on New Year’s Day.
2. The reason I couldn’t share [...]

iiNet taking the day off

By 4 October 2012

The usually excellent iiNet is taking a day off from ACT service today:
Estimated Time of Commencement:
2012-10-04 09:30:50 WST
Broadband customers in the ACT may be disconnected and unable to reconnect to the Internet. Affected customers will be unable to access web sites and check email. Please be aware Netphone customers may be unable to place or [...]

ACT Greens make big Wi-Fi election promises


The ACT Greens have made election commitments to hold a one-year trial free Wi-Fi hotspots at Canberra bus interchanges and free Wi-Fi hubs in Civic. They also aim to enable at least ten buses with Wi-Fi. The trial will cost $100,000.
I can definitely see the young’uns getting excited about this one. Any thoughts?
[Photo courtesy Tom [...]

Axe starts to swing at TransACT

By 14 June 2012

The transformation of TransACT to iiNet gathers pace to the cheers of the local provider’s long suffering customers the ABC brings word that the dead wood is starting to be cleared out.
As a bonus we hear the redundant staff are going to be “absorbed” into “the ActewAGL family” on top of their redundancy payment which [...]

Transact monopolist behaviour?

By 4 June 2012

Is Transact acting as a monopolist bully by forcing their customers into new two year contracts for every minor change of service, in a market where there is limited competion and often no other choice?

TransACT allowed to upgrade its network

By 13 April 2012

IT News brings word that a down-in-the-weeds government has decided local cable network provider TransACT will be allowed to upgrade their fibre optics to VDSL2
The service provider, bought last year by iiNet for $60 million, had begun an upgrade of the 12-year-old network in Canberra in March 2009 to VDSL2, with promises of speed [...]

Belconnen Internet Providers?

By 13 April 2012

Good Day Rioters,
Simple question – What it the fastest provider in Belconnen’s North?
I currently have an ADSL 2 plan with BigPond – but they seem to take a large amount of my cash for a stack of services I don’t use. Their speed and reliability are OK – but nothing to write home about. I [...]

Does the internet still suck in Gungahlin?

By 4 April 2012

Some friends and I are looking to move in to a house together. We all study/work in either Belconnen or the City, so rentals on the north side are looking good.
One area that really appeals are the Gungahlin suburbs south of the town centre (big new houses, not far from the City/Belco, [...]

Gungahlin NBN Update meeting Tuesday night

By 13 December 2011

When: Tuesday 13th December, 2011
Where: Gunghalin Library, downstairs meeting room
The meeting will be attended by NBN Co’s head of construction and will include:
- an overview of the constructions timing and processes
- updates on the status of the 12 month build program
- Retail Service Provider and pricing updates
- updates on planned local community notification and engagement
- [...]

Wifi on Deanes

By 2 December 2011

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe has taken it on himself to congratulate Deanes Buses for installing wifi internet on their conveyances.
The service is initially being rolled out on Deane’s most common services, with an eventual rollout planned for the entire fleet.
“I commend Deane’s for being the first in ACT and NSW to implement the service,” Mr [...]

This is what the future looks like. NBN cable going down Flemington Road

By 17 November 2011

Gungahlin Al has spotted this cable being laid alongside Flemington Road and has confirmed with the workers that it is indeed for the NBN.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to .

Optus broadband signal loss Casey-Nicholls

By 23 October 2011

I wondered if Rioters had noticed any diminution of their Optus mobile broadband signal (applies  also to Virgin, Amaysim, Dodo, Exetel, various other resellers of the Optus network).
I have been with Virgin mobile BB for several weeks and after experimenting with a wok aerial and the direction it points have been getting speeds of around [...]

More NBN connections for Gungahlin

By 19 October 2011

The Chief Minister has announced the start of an expanded Gungahlin rollout for the National Broadband Network.
“It is fantastic news for the residents of Gungahlin and for Canberra that the initial NBN rollout has commenced and will expand from the 6,000 premises already commenced to 20,800 premises.
“Residents of Gungahlin will start to see the early [...]

CyberOne turn on Internet Filtering

By 4 July 2011

ZDNet report that filtering of the Interpol blacklist has begun in Canberra:
Canberra-based internet service provider (ISP) CyberOne is believed to be the first in Australia to implement voluntary internet filtering against Interpol’s “worst-of-the-worst” blacklist of child exploitation material.
Filtering was turned on this morning for the ISP’s customers connected via the TransACT hybrid-fibre coaxial (HFC) [...]

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